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It’s been nearly two years since we last spoke to fierce NYC entertainer and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum, and now there’s so much to catch up on… from her thoughts on recent episodes of “All-Stars 3″ and the Season 10 cast announcement, to her turn as a stag actress in Yale, to her new album and video, to her release party in NYC this week…. let’s get into it again with Jiggly Caliente!

Thotyssey: Jiggly, hello again! So, you recently performed at photographer David Ayllon’s gallery show opening on Long Island. It looked like a fun kiki. David shot your recent album cover, was it on display?

It was really cool, but actually none of my pieces with David were showcased that night. David couldn’t show mine until after my album. Maybe next year [I’ll be featured] when David does another show!

This is an exciting time for you! By the way, I saw you perform with Jasmine Rice and Bootsie LeFaris during their separate shows at Pieces recently, and you look amazing! Like, you’re a completely different person then what we saw on Drag Race–not that you didn’t look amazing then! Does it, I dunno, feel different to look different?

I mean, sure, I’m in a different life space now. Drag Race was like, 7 year ago for me. I’m 37 years old; I’m a different woman now!  I’m more confident, and more aware of who I
am. Being on Drag Race was just a completely different element then when I’m on stage. Now I’m around people who I love working with, and places where it’s not a stressful situation. So yeah, I look different! I’m not gonna look as stressed or as messed up.

Plus, it’s just real easy to look gorgeous next to Bootsie and Jasmine. I mean, hello!


Burn! Have you been able to watch Jasmine and some other NYC girls on Shade: Queens of NYC?

Sadly, I did watch it. Joking! I did see Jasmine and the girls on Shade. It’s really cool to see them in a different light. But I really feel that Jasmine stole that show, she was so fucking funny. And Jada brought a tear to my eye… I never knew that about Jada, and I worked with her for so long. And Burner… oh Lord, Burner.

There were some great moments! And as far as that other drag queen show that you happened to be a part of… OMG. All-Stars 3 is kinda weird this season, isn’t it? It feels forced by the editing even more so than usual. It hasn’t been boring, but it just feels… weird! Is it just me?

I mean, the twists are what Drag Race is known for, and of course All-Stars is going to deliver the twists and turns, and the gaggy situations.  You know, I’m not really made for that type of competition, especially the kind where you can’t slap a bitch. Like, really, girl?

There were slap-a-bitch moments abound. Two episodes ago, was Shangela carrying a bit too much about that note of Thorgy’s that Trixie kept, or was Trixie being a bitch to hang that?

Honestly, I’m totally Team Shangela in that situation. That was very, very fucking messy. I mean, Trixie obviously hung that note for people to see, and Shangela was eventually gonna walk past it. Had that been me, it would’ve been a situation. I’m not a fan of fakeness. If you were friends with [Thorgy and Shangela], you wouldn’t hang up something that would be potentially hurtful to one of them. There are times when my friends don’t get along, but I wouldn’t pass along information that one of them said to the


Totally… and Milk in general was acting crazy and delusional. I was a fan of her during her turn on Season 6, but I don’t know what this delusional arrogance and general weirdness was all about on AS3Her story about stalking her boyfriend set off more than a few red flags, I think.

Everybody’s entitled to feel the way they feel about how well they do in a situation, or how well they don’t. Um, maybe she was just a little overconfident. But for her, that was her being glamorous, or her stepping it up, or whatever. But most of her [recent] modeling has not been as Milk, it’s been as her boy persona.

Let’s face it, if I’m looking for glamor on Drag Race, I’m not looking for Milk, I’m looking for Roxxxy Andrews or Trinity Taylor. And haven’t we all kinda stalked a boy?


And there are a few other things to spill T about from that episode: Shangela’s gold record look. Aja getting eliminated after not getting credit from Bebe for helping her with the dress…

I place the blame on both of them! Granted, Bebe shouldn’t have taken full custody of that outfit, cuz Aja did help her. However, if Aja had opened her mouth and said “look bitch, I made that base outfit for you and you just added the accouterments, “ then she can’t complain now.

And Shangela never said she was the second coming of Coco Chanel. And you know what? I’m in the same boat as Shangela. We pay for our outfits to get made. I’m very much that spoiled princess, I get all my stuff custom made. I’m lucky I can do my own makeup and hair!

And now for the last episode! In the challenges, Group 1 (all the eliminated queens) was clearly better! And then there was BenDeLaCreme bringing back Morgan and eliminating herself! The implication that there’s White-out in the workroom! What are your thoughts?

I do think that first group was a little bit better also, but it is Drag Race. I felt for DeLa. I understood where she was coming from. She bowed out gracefully. It was done with so much class, but still so gagworthy. What I was living for was Ru’s face. Like, “bitch, did I just lose control of my own show? What the fuck?”


So of course the age-old question: when shall Jiggly be on an All-Stars season!? Everybody wants to see you in the workroom again!

Hell no! It’s too much stress being in that workroom. Being on Drag Race, first of all, kills your feet, because you’re on heels for hours on end. If it was a different situation—like
a reality show and not a competition, then yeah, I’d be down. But I’m just not built for a competition like that… no. Then I’m gonna cry again, and they’re gonna ask about my dead mom… no!

But I do appreciate all my fans who want me to be on All-Stars. I really appreciate that you guys want me back in the workroom, but, no! I’ll be like Adore, quitting and crying.

But if there was, like, an all plus-sized girls All-Stars, that would be fun. I would ride Ginger and Latrice’s coattails through it all bitch, I swear!


Now for Season 10, we have five great and very different queens from NYC that were just announced who should all make for great TV. Each season seems to have more and more NYC girls… do you think casting has developed a pro-NYC bias? Or are NYC queens really just the best?

New York does generate the best, well-rounded queens out of anywhere, because New York City audiences are the worst and hardest to fucking please. You have to be able to make them smile, laugh, cry, live, do the finger wave and go “Yasssss” all in the same fucking number! New York City queens have the advantage because everyone here is so fucking hard to please… we have everything here, New York audiences have seen it ll. You have to gag them really hard.

I do love that casting is kinda biased for New York this year, though! I dunno. But I think it’s really cool that there are a lot of New York City queens. I’m very proud of the queens that come through New York City, no matter how far or how little they make it on this show, because most of the NY City queens are consistently working after Drag Race.

Who in the Season 10 cast are you most excited to see?

There’s three that I’m specifically excited about, because I’m biased! I’ve known them for so long; I really, really love them. Yuhua and I used to work at the Web together, so I am so excited to see what she’s gonna bring, cuz she’s fucking nuts. And then there’s Monet, who is such a sweetheart and such a talent. I’m excited to see people fall in love with her. She brings light wherever she goes. And of course there’s Aquaria, and I just want people to gag at how young and how gorgeous she is. I want to drink her blood, she’s so young and beautiful and skinny. Fuck! Her makeup skills are as good as, dare I say, Kim Chi and Roxxxy and Raven.

Also, Asia O’Hara, who’s an amazing talent. She’s a pageant queen, but so much more than that. And she’s a nutjob!  And I don’t know them, but I‘m really excited to see Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams and Monique Heart. There’s something so lovable about them, they seem like really good girls. And I’m excited about Mayhem fucking Miller–It’s about fucking time!

I’m excited for the whole cast, because that fucking commercial was gorgeous. But, was RuPaul calling us a bunch of 9s? Really? Uh-uh!


I know that besides gigging everywhere, you’ve been working on a few projects. One of them was a stage show about your time as a call girl. Is that still happening, or have you been too busy with other stuff?

I’ve been wanting to work on my one woman show, but I got sidetracked working on other projects–my album, at Yale doing a play. I want to find the time to finish it, but I can’t seem to get in gear to write my own comedy show. It’s hard! The hardest part is, it would be really funny! The experiences I had… Bianca and other people that I told them to said that I should write it, that people would see another side of me than what was shown on Drag Race. We’ll see.

Tell us about doing the play in Yale.

It was called Thunder Above, Deeps Below. It was about a trans youth and her friends
trying to make bus fare for San Francisco before winter hits Chicago. It was a great play and a great experience. It was gut-wrenching, because I had to say things that I was
unaccustomed to saying, but it was the truth about how some trans people feel. The play showed me that I could do other things: I wasn’t just comedy or a beauty girl; I was a multifaceted entertainer. I’m glad I did the role justice!

Could more acting roles be in your future?

I would love to do more acting, but I wanna focus on music right now.  My dream is to turn the play that I was in into a movie.  I would love to produce that and make that happen.


Let’s talk about your album THOT Process! When did you come up with the idea to seriously record songs?

It was right after Christmas Queens. My manager told me I should make an album because people really like my stuff on there. And then, boom, it happened!

My God, it was a taxing, taxing process. I honestly thought writing would be easier, and boy was I wrong. But I’m glad of the outcome. I managed to really be authentic, and keep it true to who I am… I don’t think my fans would want anything less.  And I wanted to show different sides of me that you didn’t get to see on Drag Race. I get to be the woman that I am now. I take ownership of my sexuality, my identity and my being,


Do you have a favorite track?

All of them are babies! But I have to say, “Fuckboi” is one of my favorites. And so is “I Don’t Give a Fuck!” That song is how I really feel about Drag Race fandom and how they treat some girls. And the fact that Sharon is on this song is amazing. We call out some people, like Pardon Moi French who still owes us $40,000.


 And how about the videos?

I’ve filmed two videos so far. “Fuckboi” came out on March 1st. It’s my debut single, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it and hear it. It’s dedicated to all these little fuckbois that need to know their place in the situation. It’s like, if you’re a top and you score some little bottom, you get a pat on the back for that. But if you’re a bottom and you have “too much sex,” or you’re a girl and you play the hooker game, you’re branded a whore or a slut.  But it’s the bottom or the girl that has the power in the situation. Without us, you can’t get a nut. We hold the key to the cookie jar!

The video is very inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha and Janet Jackson’s video for “If.” I wanted to make the video with an all Asian cast, because I felt it was my responsibility to
use my platform to showcase beautiful Asian men. And if you want to have that visibility, sometimes you have to take responsibility into your own hands.

You’ve got some release parties coming up this week.

Yeah, March 6th in Chicago, and March 8th at The Standard in the East Village. My party will be 10:00 or 11 (after the Drag Race AS3 Viewing party hosted by Bootsie and Rify Royalty), and I’m trying to get a special guest to be there.

I saw a short clip of you performing the song with live vocals. Is it fun or nerve-wracking to sing your own songs live?

It’s a little nerve-wracking, because if you don’t know the words, you’re an idiot! You can easily be like, “Oh I don’t know the words, I didn’t write it!” when you try to sing certain songs. But I DID write this! So that is a nerve-wracking. But I’m excited, because it’s fun, and it’s my own. I get to have my Janet Jackson  / Beyoncé moment.


What else is in store from you?

There are some YouTube videos of me and Ginger Minj’s cooking show Wigs in a Blanket coming out soon! I think it will be out by the end of May, hopefully before DragCon. It’s  with me and Ginger Minj, and we’re big girls and cook real food: with fat, butter, bacon, frying… the good stuff.

Sounds delicious! Ok, last question: Mean Girls: The Musical is coming out soon. if you could play any role in that, what would it be?

Do you even have to ask? I would only be Regina George. But in reality, I would probably get cast as Karen.

 Thanks, Jiggly!


Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Jiggly Caliente’s area appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and her website.

Previously: Jiggly Caliente (7.20.2016)

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