On Point With: Coco Taylor

New year, new nightlife events, new performers, and new Thotyssey On Point Interviews! Let’s kick off 2018 with Coco Taylor, aka Miss Rockbar 2017, who debuts a new weekly show in the West Village this week.

Thotyssey: Coco, happy New Year! How did you celebrate?

Coco Taylor: I went to a great dinner at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel, then to a friend’s house party in Astoria. Very low-key New Year for me!

That’s the best way to do it! Have you ever been a midtown tourist in a diaper before, watching the Times Square Ball Drop in freezing cold?

Oh no no no. This ex-Californian could never survive all that. Plus, diapers don’t fit my aesthetic.

What part of Cali are you from?

I actually grew up on a farm in Salinas, on the central coast. Steinbeck Land.

Oh, that sounds idyllic! Did you have animals?

Oh, yes. My whole family does rodeo, so we had horses and steer in addition to a menagerie of cats and dogs.

Did you ever try to ride a bull?

Only mechanical! I did the whole process to get there growing up: you start with mutton busting, which is riding a sheep. Then a calf, then a steer, and then you move on to bulls. I decided at that point I liked my teeth and ribs too much to keep riding!

A wise decision, I’m sure! So, who were your Preferred Divas growing up?

Oh, we were a very eclectic house. I was raised on Janet and Dolly, but then discovered Cher and Britney on my own in high school. I didn’t discover Broadway until college.

Were you always interested in being a performer in some fashion?

In some way, yeah. I did dance class growing up, and then went to college for theater.

When were you first exposed to drag?

Oh gosh. It must have been when I first moved to New York, a little over ten years ago. I had a friend who used to sing in Peppermint’s “Cattle Call” at Therapy when she needed rent money.

Did it occur to you then that it might be something you’d like to do, or did the idea of trying it come much later?

Much later. I worked as an actor for about four years, then moved into marketing for theater. I hadn’t performed for about six years until I got bit by the rhinestone bug.

The first time I was in drag was the last Fire Island Drag Party, two years ago. My first time performing in drag was for my birthday a year and a half ago. Then I went out to the Glam Awards last year and that inspired me to hit the ground running.

What kind of queen is Coco at this stage, for those who might not have seen you perform?

My shows are always super fun and full of surprises. I’m on the mic a lot- my inspirations are the classic queens like Coco Peru, Hedda Lettuce and Sherry Vine. I do lip syncs, get the audience involved.

Congratulations on winning Miss Rockbar 2017

Thank you!

How did you get involved with that pageant and that venue?

My New Years’ resolution last year was to really push myself in drag, and part of that was entering more competitions. My earliest hosting gigs were for Gotham Volleyball at Rockbar, and I just love it there.

What was your final number of the pageant?

We did two numbers that night, so I did a new mix of Jessie J’s “Price Tag” with the Target Lady. Then my old standard Scarlet Witch number. If Coco is one thing, she’s versatile.

Now you’ve landed yourself a new weekly show there starting Tuesday, “Miss Rockbar Presents!” What can we expect?

Oh, a grab bag of fun. I want it to be a variety show feel, so each week I’ll have a different guest. We’ll do some numbers, some games with the audience and different regular segments. Like if Carol Burnett did a drag show.

Sounds like fun, and a nice new edition to the Rockbar lineup! 

Anything else coming up for you that you wanna mention yet?

Let me get through my first show Tuesday and I’ll let you know, lol. I’ll be guesting for

Jessie James’ “Bitchin’ Brunch” on January 28th at Boots & Saddle though. We’ll see where else I pop up after that!

Okay, final question: who won New Years Eve, Mariah or Britney?

Oh, Britney. I’m a sucker for a production number and I’m kicking myself that I haven’t gotten to her show.

Someday she’ll come to YOUR show! Okay Thanks Coco!

Coco Taylor hosts “Miss Rockbar Presents” at Rockbar on Tuesday nights (9pm). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for all sceduled appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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