On Point With: Samore Love


This fun cosplay queen put her drag in the closet for a couple of years before recently returning with a vengeance: she’s debuting a brand new drag competition this week, preparing for a huge showcase in a few days, and possibly even a pageant debut next month. What the world needs now is Samore Love!

Thotyssey: Hey Samore, thanks for talking to us today! You’re always so busy… how are you doing today?

Samore Love: Aww, thank you for having me! I’m fat and tired… but hey, I’m New Yorker, lol!

Yes, that is definitely the club to join! Did Daylight Savings Time fuck your shit up?

Yes, but only because I spent that extra hour with my besties, Gin and Juice. We made up for the hour we lost last year.

Those two are always up to shenanigans!


Samore, I had no idea that you worked the door at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the East Village, Monday through Thursday! The line to get into that place is like Studio 54 every damn day. How do you keep sane?

I smoke a lot of weed! Lol, JK (but I’m not)! I love interacting with people. I’m a supervisor there during the day, and a Sassy Bouncer at night. It started as a side project, and really took off. It’s seasonal for now, but any opportunity I have to share my Love with people, I jump on it. Just ask anybody on Backpage!

What’s their best ice cream flavor?

Off menu: “American Gayngsta,” a mixture of the American Globs and the Salty Pimp – vanilla ice cream with injections of dulce de leche sprinkles, with pretzels rolled in sea salt and dipped in a chocolate shell.

Oh, my!


Gurl, I’ve known you for awhile now. We met at Old Boots & Saddle years ago when you were guest performing for someone’s show – I think Yuhua Hamasaki’s?

Yes, I’ll never forget. It was definitely Yuhua’s Friday night show… my first time ever at Boots!

How long have you been doing drag now?

Five years. I started at “Yuhua’s Drag Attack” at Suite. I took two years off for growth. and now I’m back and trying to make 2017 into my year. So many opportunities opening up this year, gotta snatch while it’s hot!

Is New York your native land?

Native, no… but defiantly home. It’s where my heart is. But if you can’t tell, by sunny disposition, I’m originally for Southern Pines, North Carolina#cuntryfish

What drew you to drag, originally?

Hindsight is always 20/20! I’ve been a drag queen my whole life. I grew up designing clothes. I spent hours studying songs, and would imagine what it would be like if I had made that song, and how I would deliver it. I also studied music videos of icons, and I took inspiration in anything from cartoons to classic rock. But growing up in the south – at least for me – these were things I just saw as who I am. It was moving to New York that the light bulb went off, and I was like, “DO DRAG.”

Were people from back home okay with your interests, and your decision to do drag?

That’s a good question – I honestly don’t know. I came here on vacation 12 years ago, and never looked back. My family are all fans, which means soooo much to me. My lil’ brother is my biggest fan, I think. And he is, like, 100% on the opposite side of the spectrum.

That’s wonderful! 


How did you begin as Samore?

Well, originally [my drag name] was a toss up between Sedusa Slytherin and Anime Cunt, but I was mamed by my drag mother Akasha Love.

It’s a small world. I worked at a hot dog stand in Grand Central, and I was just telling a guy there that I was interested in doing drag. He said his cousin was a drag queen, and we exchanged numbers and set up a meeting. I did a light interview and performed “Why Don’t You Do Right” from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Akasha loved it, and the next week we went to Suite and I did “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” which was the song I had been practicing for over 15 years as a boy in the mirror. I didn’t win that night, but I was Top 5. Once I heard the crowd scream for me, it was over. #gagaapplause


Cartoons really do play a big part in your drag! What sort of queen are you now, categorically? Like, are you a dancing queen, a singing queen, a funny-on-the-mic queen, etc?

I’ve been called the “All Around Girl.” I like that title! I’m not a dancing queen, but I can dance. I’m no comedian, but I can always make you laugh. My lip syncs are always leather pants in the summer: hot, and sticks to you!

If anything, I strive to be a looks / theme queen. I love animation and cosplay; I love nothing more then to develop concepts based off cartoon characters. Dying to do “Diamonds are Forever” as Steven Universe’s White Diamond. Or Emma Frost and Dead Jean Gray doing “Tell Him”….

Amazing! I think Steven Universe is coming back this week.

November 10th! I’m counting down the hours.

And do you watch Stranger Things?

Yes I do! I went through Season One so fast… I’m like, I’m gonna watch one episode at a time. And ima wait till I catch up on all my drama shows… How To Get Away With Murder, etc. I’m doing my DC Prime time right now: Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, etc. So no ST spoilers! although Terra’s post the other day had me shook! I was like, “they killed her!? I’m good!”

Don’t believe her evil lies! 


So, how long have you been involved with the Kraven Love Entertainment crew?

Kraven Love is actually my [drag] father…..KLE was actually founded in the two years I was on sabbatical….when I came back I joined KLE.

Cute! Let’s talk about a new weekly drag competition you’re hosting at the Evo Lounge in the Bronx, Tuesday nights, starting this week: “What’s Your Drag Queen Name,” produced by KLE.

So, “Brava Tuesdays” hosted by Jovi Yo is Evo Lounge’s premiere night for the LGBTQ community: $2 drinks and tacos, and an amazing bar / restaurant that has blessed me with My own hosting spot!

“Whats your Drag Queen Name” is an open-to-all drag competition. Each contestant gets one shot to “show me what you got.” After each contestant performs, the crowd will pick the two best to lip sync for their life. Cash prize for the winner, comped drinks for the competitors. #KISS 

However, each week we will have a wild card. This week, the last girl standing will battle me at the end for an additional prize. Of course, we will have drinking games throughout the show because, hello… let’s drink! I have also partnered up with Planned Parenthood to offer testing and safe sex information, and outreach on-site… strictly confidential, no pressure!


You will make a great competition hostess! And then on November 17th, you and Akasha will be hosting the drag showcase at Dog House Crafts & Kitchen in Chelsea: “The Rise of KLE!” Fellow Kraven Love queens Kara Sucia, Mahogany Blu Dijonae, Jahiyrah Mc Queen and Alexis Milan will perform. 

Yes! It’s the first time we will all be in the same venue at the same time .Akasha and I are so alike, yet so different; our dynamic and ability to feed off each other will be a sight in itself. Each girl is a master of her drag, and this is a show that will showcase all aspects of drag. We have The Classic Soulful Queen, The Dancing Queen, The Impersonator, The Pageant Queen, The Broadway Queen. and Theatricality. And Dog House is another amazing venue with full bar and restaurant, and immaculate service.

But before that, this Sunday, November 12th, you’ll have a full circle moment when you guest perform for Yuhua Hamasaki’s Stonewall Invasion! She must be a good Judy for you two to perform together so much.

OMG, she is life! Yuhua is like a big sister – she has watched me grow from day one, and has continued bring me up. Llike I said, I started at her “Drag Attack.” After that, she brought me to her Friday night Boots gig. When I came back from my break, she brought me over to Stonewall. This is, like, my sixth or seventh Invasion with her!

Fuuuuuun! Okay, anything else?

I’m considering [competing in] the NYC Miss Housing is Healthcare pageant as a representative of Princess Janae Place. It would be a huge step for me, and it’s worth promoting now. Homelessness is a huge problem in NYC, and the LGBTQ community. It’s something I personally struggled with when I moved here, so it’s a cause I can really get behind.

So you might be a pageant queen?

It would be my first pageant, so I’m super hesitant. But my sister Brianna Lez-brianna will be doing it, and it’s just something I feel needs recognition whether I end up competing or not

Thanks for sharing! Okay, whose team are you on for RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3?

it’s a toss up! Aja SLAYED the look for the “Meet the Queens,” so I have high hopes for her. But from Day One, Season 2, I’ve loved me some Shangela! She’s low-key inspired my lightbulb moment.

And finally, this old staple: what is the worst thing about drag for you… and what’s the best?

PADS… .for both! They make me look amazing. I cant live without them! I look like ”legs go all the way up Griffin“ without them. But I feel like I’m in SAW tryna’ race the clock to pee, and you get your arms stuck in your bra straps, and and half your tuck fell to the left… yeah, I hate that shit!

Thank you, Samore!

Samore Love will begin hosting the weekly drag competition “What’s Your Drag Queen Name” at Evo Lounge on Tuesday, November 7th (10:30pm). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for all scheduled appearances, and follow Samore on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
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