On Point With: Misty Mountains

Already a presence in the West End, Rockbar and Rebar, this relatively new queen on the scene has some big gigs coming up in the near future, including a major benefit in the West Village and Halloween parties in midtown and the Upper West Side. Behold Miss Misty Mountains!

Thotyssey: So Misty, you did the Miss Rockbar prelim this week… how did it go?

Misty Mountains: It went really well. I did two new numbers: a “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” mix and a “Coffee Talk” Mix based on the SNL skit. They loved it, so I’m moving on to the semifinals!

Yazzzz congratulations! You’re already becoming an old pro at drag pageants and contests. Do you feel yourself growing in confidence as a competitor?

Yes. I’ve always wanted be a performer since I was young, so getting on stage hasn’t ever been too frightening for me. However, the pageant world still scares me. The expectations are much higher. But, with time, I have been meeting those expectations. Plus I always want to make a good impression, because you never know who’s watching: a promoter, a bar owner, etc. Jobs can come from anywhere.

That sounds like a healthy caution! So, you’ve wanted to be a performer for a long time… where did you grow up?

I’m from Reno, Nevada. Lived there my whole life, until I moved here December 2013.

I’ve been through Reno, that’s an interesting Old School city. What was it like growing up there? 

I loved it. Of course, it’s the only thing I knew. It is has the title of being “The Biggest Little City in the World” with good reason. I could go anywhere in town and know someone. It annoyed my friends to no end. But I went to college there, and afterwards I decided to move to New York City.

Are you a gambler?

No. I saw what that life does to people, and I never wanted that life for myself. It can trap you. I like my freedom.

Good for you! So did you start drag at home, or after you got here?

I dabbled in drag on Halloween, like you do. But I never truly started doing drag till after I moved here. I thought about it a lot, prior to actually doing it. But I really got interested when I won “Bad Drag Queen” at Industry when it was hosted by Monet X Change.

How did you start developing you look and “character” in the beginning?

Well, Misty developed a Kawaii/Little Bo Peep style because of the first pageant I took part in. She loves a prairie skirt to this day. She’s evolved into more sensual looks with time. Character-wise, Misty isn’t too far away from my everyday self. She’s a little bit more forward sexually, but isn’t that the case with every drag queen?

Did it concern you in the beginning when you learned that New York already had a Misty Meaner?

Honestly… I didn’t know about Misty Meaner till I had been doing drag for about a year. I’m a little bit removed from the Brooklyn scene. But I have since met her. She’s lovely.

There’s a lot of Mist to go around! What made you decide to throw your wig into “The Ultimate Drag Pageant” at The West End… which season were you, again?

I was season 2. I think it’s on season 5 now! [Pageant host] Marti messaged me, and thought it would be a good way to really test myself. And it really was a growing experience.

In general, what have been some of your favorite experiences as a NYC queen?

I have so many. Hitting my Drag 1-Year anniversary and performing on the Pridefest Stage was probably a true highlight!

And now you have a weekly presence at Rebar.

I am doing a weekly bear event called Truck Stop on Wednesdays there!

You’ve just started something at Rockbar, right?

It’s a monthly show called “Climb Every Mountain,” and takes place every fourth Thursday of the month. It’s the first time I’ve truly been able to create a show of my own. The experience of putting it together has been very exciting.

Sunday, October 22nd is gonna be a big day for you! First, you will be serving sexy Madonna Eggs Benedict Realness to our city’s brunchgoers for a special event with Material Gurl DJ Chauncey Dandridge! It’s at Avenida Cantina, a popular hangout of pre-fame Madge and her cool VIllage friends.  

Yes! I met DJ Chauncey doing a show at Stonewall, and then we worked together at Rebar on Wednesday. He thought I’d be a good fit for the brunch. I’m excited about it, since I don’t get to do Madonna as often as I’d like. Plus I feel like the drag that I do tends to resonate with women and people of a variety of ages. The brunch crowd is typically more diverse in this regard.

I’m also happy to report that afterwards, you’ll not only be performing in but also co-hosting “Enough is Enough,” a benefit for Gays Against Guns who promote sensible gun control legislation. I’m co-producing the show with Michael Block at Boots & Saddle at 7pm! Gun control is such a thorny issue in this country. Do you have any different perspective on things coming from an aria that might be a little more gun friendly?

Well, I grew up in a household that had guns. However, my father was fully licensed to carry, and they were stored in a gun safe that was never open. Not all households have that.

The legislation regarding guns comes from an era where you had to reload after every shot, so it is archaic and needs to be reformed. The public doesn’t need semi-automatic weapons. There’s never a reason for it. There are so many school shootings that could have been avoided by having stronger gun control laws. But in a state like Nevada, it would be difficult.

It’s a complicated situation that must be addressed on the national level as soon as possible  But Sunday’s gonna be fun regardless, and productive! Are you psyched?

I am. I can’t wait! So many girls coming together for a good cause.

And looking ahead, you’ll be one of the hosts for Monica Blewinsky’s Halloween Friday kiki at the Copacabana, “Maneater!” Have you ever been in that space? It’s fun, the roof opens up!

It’s such a beautiful space. I’ve never been there when the roof is open. I absolutely love it there.

And then actual Halloween Night (Tuesday), you’ll be a host for The West End’s partyDo you have your looks ready?

I have a few ideas in the works: some already finished, some not. It’s gonna be so fun. Early on in my career, the West End is where I performed the most – so it’ll be fun to return there.

What else?

Instagram is the best  way to follow what I’m doing around town. I’m literally everywhere, so look me up!

Last question: what is your drink of choice?

Winter: Jack and Coke. Summer: Tequila and OJ.

Bottoms up! Thanks, Misty!

Misty Mountains hosts “Truck Stop Wednesdays” at Rebar (6pm) and “Climb Every Mountain” every fourth Thursday at Rockbar (7-ish pm, as part of the rotating weekly Drag-A-Thon lineup). Check Thotyssey’s calendar for other upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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