On Point With: Hannah Lou

This queen has become one of Brooklyn’s most recognizable faces – and employable DJs! Let’s keep it true with Hannah Lou!

Thotyssey: How are you today, Miss Hannah?

Hannah Lou: I’m good! Sad to see summer o its way out, though.

I hear that. How did DJing Razor 5000 go? I reckon it was epic.

I had such a good time. The performances to the people attending, all good! The outfits were STUN!

I also just talked to and Ms. Ter a little bit about Valentina’s appearance at Metropolitan Bar last week, and she said Val was pretty nice. What was your take, as you were performing with her?

Not so much performing, but was honored to be her DJ for that night, alongside my mother Horrorchata and Frankie Sharp. I didn’t get to personally converse with her, but what I did see was a genuine and sincere person… especially when she asked to speak with the crowd as soon as she arrived, and before and after her performance. Very sweet and very professional.

Her fans would be glad to hear that! 

So, these days you are DJing a lot, all over Brooklyn… and I see you even did a set at Henrietta Hudson recently. Much like Horrorchata, you’re probably DJing a lot more than you are performing lately. Is that a good thing, a bad thing, or whatevs?

It’s all a good thing. I’m so #BLESSED to be able to work and really transform these passions into a career. I get so much joy in seeing my fellow party-goers have a great time.

Being able to DJ as a drag queen has also opened up more time to be able to think about my performances a lot more. I have noticed when I do perform, there is an elevation I have brought to the stage… and that makes me so happy.

That’s definitely a good thing! So, you’ve been performing and DJing in New York/ Brooklyn now, for how long?

I’ve been doing drag for three years, and have been DJing for one year. This month would be my DJ anniversary.

Happy anniversary! 

Where’s your hometown?

I’m originally from Santa Barbara, California

Werk! Was music and performing always your thing?

No, not at all. I went to school for fashion design, and ended up with a Bachelors in Business Management. I’ve always had an interest in music, but didn’t think it would turn into something.

Wow… so did you discover drag performing when you got to NYC?

Yes. I had already been living in NYC for a year, and I convinced a friend from California to move here because it was much more fabulous than LA. He actually gave me my first start as a queen. The first week he was here, we jetted down Knickerbocker for the longest lace front shake-and-go wigs money could buy. Not to mention, I also go my hands on some of the shortest club dresses I could find.

How did you cross paths with Horrorchata and that crew?

When I started drag, I was invincible; I still think I am! That, combined with not having a job, led me to focus on getting into drag 4-5 times a week and hitting the town to every social function and gay bar there were. Those were really fun times.

I first met (my now aunt) Merrie Cherry at her drag event Dragnet. It wasn’t at first a pleasant experience, but a “Oh, look at that mess.” But I wasn’t really out to impress anyone, but to have a good time.

Fast forward to a year later, I was asked by Merrie to be the resident drag queen at her new party called Skittles at HappyFun Hideaway, where Horrorchata bartends every Friday night. That’s how I really got involved with that crew. I would say though that Merrie taught me a lot about performance, but Horrorchata is my mother and taught me how to DJ.

How did you drag name yourself?

Well, I had a few names before I settled on Hannah Lou. To be honest, my name came from my favorite lipstick from Nars Honolulu Honey, with a little adjustment to avoid copyright infringement: I changed it to “Hannah Lou Lou Honey.”

Cute! And I’ve seen you being billed as “Hannah Lit” sometimes.

Hahaha! I have a few nicknames that a few friends have given me: Hannah Lit, Hurricane Hannah, Daddy Lou…. just to name a few.

What are your DJ sets usually like? What are you into playing?

I prefer to play Latin, house and disco. Those are my favorite. I will, however, incorporate any taste of music clients want me to play without losing integrity in my own taste.

I bet that can be a tricky balance, sometimes. Do you find that there are too many DJs out there in the scene who are just being kinda generic and not taking risks?

I do. It works for them if they don’t want to take those risks for their career. It’s hard as a DJ to branch out, especially when we are constantly being told by party producers and party-goers to play certain music or requesting songs.

Kudos to you for keeping true to yourself. What have been some huge highlights for you as a queen and/or a DJ?

Well my favorite highlights are from Anastasia of Beverly Hills, hahaha! But in all honesty, some of my highlights have included traveling as a DJ for Bushwig LA and New Orleans. Also, being able to have started reoccurring weekly parties where I can recruit other talent.

Lots talk about some of those now, because there’s a lot! First off, on Sundays you DJ The Red Room at Macri Park, with Ms. Ter and Merrie! Boys in underpants are fun, right?

Haha, yes. It’s a cute little night where we watch boys in XXX videos a well as tip our gogos in jockstraps.

And once a month at Macri for fifth Fridays or Saturdays, is Girl, I’m Shook where you DJ for Alotta McGriddles and Miz Jade. I love those two, are they fun performing together?

Yes those two are a blast to work with and are so professional.

Every week on Friday nights, you’re spinning Bitch Nasty with Ickarus at the Rosemont, and usually the Saturday summer day parties as well. That’s the new cool place in town… how are you liking it?

Yes! We have Friday night and Saturday day time at The Rosemont. It’s a really cute bar, I’m liking it a lot. Having a new bar like The Rosemont allows a new group of talented queens and parties to flourish… also, It’s nice to have another gay bar in walking distance to Metropolitan and Macri Park.

Speaking of which, you were still doing Skittles with Merrie at HappyFun monthly on Friday nights for a bit, then I guess running to do your weekly night at the Rosemont before or after. And it seems like you are “double-booked” a lot…  is it insane running between gigs like that?

So insane. Actually, this month was my last Skittles. It takes a lot to be between bars on any night – especially if both gigs are at the same time. Mini Horrorwitz will be taking the residency at Skittles, and I absolutely love it.

And speaking earlier of boys in underpants, boys out of underpants are fun too… like for the ass contest at the Cakes party, which you DJ with Horrorchata &  Elizabeth James at Metro on Wednesdays! You don’t get to, like, smack them, do you?

Hahahaha, I think Liz gets to do most of the ass smacking. I often put it on Instagram live. Follow me on Instagram, where I can fill you in every week. I love the ass contest, because we are so open to any gender/race/bodies to be part of the contest.

Inclusion is a virtue that you’re probably more likely to find in BK these days, as opposed to the other gayborhoods.


Here’s an epic event coming up: two Saturday parties where we can usually find you –the Rosemont’s weekly day party Tanlines and a Latin monthly at C’Mon Everybody called Yas Mama that Horrorchata hosts – are going to join forces for an epic bash at Secret Project RobotAmor Prohibido y la Fava! That will be Saturday, August 26th! Exciting!

It’s super exciting. Both myself and Ickarus have very specific visions when we think of having a fabulous event. We aim for everyone to have fun showcasing amazing talent. Joining our visions with Horrorchata is going to make for what I would say the most current highlight of my career is going to be.

Anything else coming up for you?

I’ll be traveling to Mexico City in November to DJ, and in January to Los Angeles.

Safe and happy travels! Okay, last question: if you could name right now your next weekly or monthly party, what would the name be?

Hahahaha, I joke about this all the time. I’d definitely call is “Slurp,” but with the phonetic spelling (slərp). The sound that you make when you slurp. Hahahaha!

A good thot knows that sound all too well! Thanks, Hannah!

You can find Hannah Lou DJing weekly at Macri Park (Sundays at 10pm), Metropolitan Bar (Wednesdays at 10) and the Rosemont (Fridays at 10pm and Saturdays at 3pm). She also DJs monthly parties/shows at Macri Park (fifth Fridays or Saturdays at 10) and C’Mon Everybody (first Saturdays at 10). For more info on these nights and her other scheduled appearances, see Thotyssey’s calendar.  Follow Hannah on Facebook and Instagram.

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