On Point With: Wang Newton


This globe-trotting ladykiller and lounge lizard has been getting himself Real Known as a YouTube star and live host lately, and in September he’s gonna be co-emceeing an epic benefit/drag-a-thon/photo book release party that will blow up his star power even more. Let’s give a loud and proud “Danke Schoën” to the incomparable king, Dr. Wang Newton!

Thotyssey: Wang, greetings and thanks for chatting tonight! How’s your summer been so far?

Wang Newton: #1, baby! Taking in nature and occasional gigs. Revving up for a seriously #1 Fall Season!

Werrrrrk King! OMG, I’m eyeing some videos on your YouTube channel… you were in Cuba recently?

Yaassss! Back in April! Señor Wang style.

Did everyone there recognize you from your ginormous fame?

Well, you must understand… Cuba is a rittle bit retro, and limited exposure. They were very “Quien es??” in the beginning, but once they saw Wang perform, they were all “oh, Numero Uno Chino!”

I can totally see that! In fact, I see you’ve been to many exotic locales. Is it a lot of effort to bring the whole Wang Package to so many places?

Well, you know baby, traveling with a Wangtourage costs a pretty penny. Everyone want to travel with Daddy Wangbucks! But in near future, dreaming for network to pick up tab and create #1 travel show!

Okay, so this will seem like a crazy concept, but… imagine if Wang Newton was actually a fictional drag character, and not a real person.

Sounds like a Wacky Wangsday concept! Must saying would of course be where the #1 drag queens would be (most likely RuPaul girls, Family Gorgeous in Manchester UK), and helro– can we bumping up the drag kings preez? Would be with them “serving you” showz showz showz baby!! (Learned that from The Gays– did I using correctly?)

Ha! Well okay, let me put it another way… how long has Wang been performing?

Picture this: Halloween 2004, Philadelphia.

How would you describe Wang’s sense of style? Who are some inspirations?

Like, Bruce Lee’s swagger had jumping inside Wayne Newton’s suits, then shrunking down to Katt Williams’ size.


You’ve had a long history now as a YouTube personality… how did that all begin?

Actualry, it developed naturally. Didn’t seem like *as much* live bookings for such talents as Wang. Plus, there is much more to sense of humor and Wang’s World vision that can’t be captured just on stage. The world is a stage, you know baby?

Also, Wang ruvs the mic in hand, and the cameras ruv Wang. So much beauty and sexy in world… somebody must capturing it!

When did you start popping up around our fair city?

Was performing in NYC 2008, at Ruby Fruit and Vlada Lounge. But at that time, was still busy in Philadelphia, hosting karaoke every Wangsday at Bump Lounge! They would sending stretch Wangmosine to pick up in NYC, drive to Philly, then back again. Tiring but so worth the honor!

You host a lot of events at Brooklyn’s House of Yes. Cool place!

WAH! #bestvenueever helrooo!!! Yes, so many diverse mindblowing events. Surreal – and also perform often with Little Cinema.

What’s that?

They usually take the Tuesday spot at House of Yes. Independent production (with Modern Gypsies Productions) of remixing video+audio of old movie, then adding live theatre in the mix.

Oh, that sounds great! Do you get to mix it up with drag performers in the city a lot?

Of course, baby! Wang sometimes mixing it up with Goldie Peacock and Vigor Mortis. Merrie Cherry also asking to be part of her show last year. Also been doing an all-Gaysian drag revue with Emi Grate!

Let’s talk about that revue, A+! It’s coming to back to Bizarre on August 8th! You’ll be hosting, and there will be lots of great performers including Emi, Untitled Queen, Pearl HarborSundari, the Indian Goddess and Silk! Are you impressed with all the Asian talent in this city’s scene, or is there not enough?

Ah, is so beautiful to gather, baby! Of all Wang’s years performing, this first time Asians have been so prominent. This year, Wang also hosted the 5th Annual Asian Burlesque Extravaganza. Talk about #1 year!

Now, Wang not so good at math, but given the billions of Asians in the world + NYC being a #1 trailblazer city… you would thinking more Asian performers, right? Here’s to hoping more on the rise!


Cheers to that! Now, let’s talk about the DRAGS book, featuring eloquent photos of amazing nightlife entertainers by Gregory Kramer. You’re featured in this book!

Yassss!! So grateful for Gregory’s vision on this.

When did this shoot happen?

We shot end of last year/2016, at his studio. Gregory was so patient, and wanted the best for Wang. So kawaii!!  Even made Wang’s… best attributes… stand out .

Ha! Looks like a gorgeous collection of black-and-white photos of some very colorful people. Very eloquent!.

The book features the amazing Sasha Velour on the cover and back, plus so many new and old of New York’s finest talent. It will be available at Barnes & Noble, plus other worldwide distributors in Fall!


And the book launch, which will also function as a benefit for the Ali Forney Center and a showcase of amazing all-star queens and kings who are featured in the book–including Sasha herself–will be going down at the Highland Ballroom on September 7th. You’ll be a co-emcee for that night, sharing the hosting duties with the great Linda Simpson, and another legendary performer that you slightly remind me of: Mr. Murray Hill! 

Baby, do you know how much honor to sharing the stage with them? And for such a great cause like the Ali Forney Center? We gathering our ruv for the LGBTQ childrens who are struggling… hoping this will bring awareness and support. Out Magazine even did an article about AFC and the book. Must thanking Gregory and staff from the bottom of my wang!


Anything else coming up we should know about?

A very intriguing gig in Berkshires of Massachusetts! Friday, August 18th, Wang will play Mafia Daddy and host an old style magic vaudeville style show called Hypnosia with Heather Fisch and Amy Dawning Star!  Special weekend package rate will be available at Race Brook Lodge should an New Yorkers want a #1 getaway!

The of course is DragCon in NYC September 9th weekend. And hosting Austin International Drag Festival weekend of November 9th. Thanks to all the Wangers and Wangsexuals out there for your ruv!

Final question: What is one thing the world might not know about Wang, but should?

Sometimes it feeling like ‘Murica cannot moving past the Asian stereotypes, but be on the lookout for Wang, baby… there is more than meeting the eyeballs. *wink* and why they giving nickname “Dr.Wang”??

The Doctor is In! Thank you, Wang!


See the Thotyssey NYC calendar for Wang’s upcoming local appearances. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and check out his website.

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