On Point With: Captain of the Lost Waves


This Serenading Seadog has created quite a ripple effect on the other side of the pond, and fans all over the world are getting into his unique sound and style… and the air of mystery surrounding his identity! Thotyssey dives into the deep end with the Captain of the Lost Waves!

Thotyssey: Ahoy, Captain! How’s the summer season been treating you so

Captain Of The Lost Waves: Summer is but a wondrous excursion from the effervescent explosion of nature’s landscape where springs first virginal splashes of colour begin to dance. Parts of the Western Hemisphere tend to be cool, too cold for extended duration. I am a very close friend of the planet known as the Sun, though she is often absent without leave. Wish she’d write more and tell me where her destined movements are taking her! Though of course, I know that she hangs out in her most “concentrated of versions” on the other side of the globe… mmm….

That wacky sun! Between her and those giant squid, I’m sure your voyages can get quite harrowing.

In a nautical nod to the high seas, these lost waves are but a myriad of frequencies and vibrations one’s mode of transport can surf upon: that which is unseen, unregistered, consigned to the shadows and beyond. Private joys are often the best. Why must everything be exposed? In respect of wondrous creatures of the ocean, I believe I am need of an octogenarian secretary.


Aren’t we all! So Captain, you have had many musical high seas adventures over the centuries. How did this all begin?

I am but a vessel, a conduit which in an act of grace allows me to transform any given moment into a series of moments simultaneously. It can be a flurry of information that takes residence within my neural pathways and heart. It’s like air traffic control in here, navigating a plethora of thought sketches and wide ranging imagery. My fluctuating incarnations are witnessed within the field of awareness. I see all of those little
manifestations and create the world’s loudest yet most silent of affirmations: the
one-handed clap.

My sense of florid expressions are but a test to engage one’s attention span. Let’s call this vocabulary foreplay!

I’m really bad at foreplay! So, how would you describe this musical adventurous outfit to the uninitiated?

It’s everything it’s not… it’s as big as your imagination.

Let’s take the approach of knowing we have just parachuted into a sonic art emporium: grabbing storybooks, paintings. poetry, sketches and clothing full of sartorial elegance and panache… while paying homage to the great visionaries and writers of the past, the likes of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter & Benjamin Britten, whilst making room for the musings and magic of  Lewis Carroll a touch of Dickensian gentility from Charles himself. Mix and knead until firm, and with foundation and structure.

Sprinkle sparingly with the astounding inspired timing of Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy and the Marx Brothers. The vocal dexterity and passionate outpourings of Edith Piaf and Jaques Brel. Rest, then bake in the oven of possibilities until a taste arrives that has not been designed, but arrived at, where the desired vision is imagined as the ambiguous amalgamation of nu vaudevillian tendencies, folk opera, and a sweet dollop of black Cabaret with a modern twist…

That’s quite an interesting recipe! Your musical outfit seems tailor-made for the Steampunk movement today… how did this relationship come about?

Well, whilst the captain goes beyond any definition or genre, Steampunk itself is a very loose open community, full of creatives who value others’ own individual expression. Let’s say I was adopted as a vein of another particular strand that ticks certain boxes within the philosophy. It is tolerant and inclusive, in the way one mostly would imagine or dream things could be, yet rarely gets to experience them that way.

I love the animated artistry that is featured in your music videos. Who is/are creating these, and how hands on are you with the final product?

Thank you sir… the first video single “Another Planet” was created by a wonderful animation company known as Fettle Animation, a BAFTA award-winning company based in the wild wild west of Yorkshire, England.

The follow-up single “Danger” was executed by master puppeteer Mr. Tony Sinnet. Wherever possible, I work with unique craft people who embrace my own unlimited way of working. Truly creative people are unlimited–unlimited people can often be betrayed as scary. I see it as aligning with one’s own highest aspirations, free from the shackles of convention, and the apathetical “same old same old” approach to all things. Re-invention is key–not just for artists, but for all of us. However, I do
believe we are all artists; we just forget we are.

In regards to all work, I am always closely involved as I have certain ideas/story themes that are played out, bent, strained, contorted and shapeshifted at will. There is no definitive way something should be–we pick it, twist it and let it morph into its most pure and realised distillation.

What sort of journey do you want to take people on, musically speaking?

Time is the trick.  As a very instinctive artist, there is always a temptation to produce and release something in a speedy hive of activity… yet it always pays to sit back. Gestate, and allow the flourishing of all to come to its most caricatured fruition.

Patience is often seen as an enemy of the instinctive approach of the artist, though it truly is the finest of traits an artist can possess. It’s the difference between satisfying the insatiable urge to put oneself out there, and just digesting and taking a back seat in listening / watching your creations grow when you have actually stopped. Hence, they never stop.

But you can sculpt and remove the extraneous flab with such practice. Then you let it go! One never finds perfection; we are all but a work in progress. Our work reflects
that, too. Though we try get as near as we can!


When the debut album Hidden Gems was being created and written, firstly in my head, I yearned for it to be a behemoth of a multitude of experiences and emotions; the range of the human journey in all of her guises. May there be profundity, notions of our own truths, eccentricity, humor, self-deprecation, doubt, melancholic raptures, raw spiritual expression, and where our sense of place is open to debate.

We are but equal measures clowns and prophets… each of us engaged in the ridiculousness of our own self-importance, whilst preaching to others what is important and true for us, too. We are but a paradox, as a race in our entirety. We are both inspired and ludicrous. That’s why one should never take oneself too serious. It’s a trip, dive in and be courageous… and kind to all you meet on the way.

Where can we get your music now… and where can we see you perform next? (and in particular, will you be in the NYC area soon?)

Hidden Gems: Chapter One has received overwhelming critical acclaim, including numerous “Album of the year” nominations. The physical Limited Edition gatefold digibook with illustrations is available at the website. The album as a download is available at CDbaby.com, Amazon, etc. I’m now working with the fabulous Jimmy Star and Eileen Shapiro at World Star PR. They are certainly planning a first Captain foray
into the USA. New York would be a dream marriage, Jim…. watch this space.


Very exciting, and we look forward to seeing you! Okay, last question: if you could control an army of flying sharks, what would you do with them?

An army of flying sharks? I would name them firstly in reverse alphabetical order; so Ziggurat, Yoshi, Xenogo and Willagun. They would endorse themselves as leaders of an alternative sleigh ride. They were never noticed as much in their oceanic classes due to their being at the poor end of the vocabulary register (teaching classes are likely 72 sharks per class too, now, in the South Atlantic Ocean)! So, first empowerment duty out of the way!

I hasten to add, this wouldn’t bear any resemblance to that other journey made by a white-bearded gentleman in a red suit carrying a set of gifts within the realms of the winter season. You know what I’m talking about? Though because it’s so commercialized and starts earlier every year, I’ll not mention it by name…. that would be sacrilege in the middle of summer! The only similarity is that of my leading a team of Great Whites–the latter Tonal reference often desired by many in the aforementioned winter ceremony
synonymous with Mr. Claus!

No no no, this would be taking my sharks into areas where most would fear to travel. My team of vociferous dead squid-ink eyed beasts would terrorize those who terrorize others… and remove them with aplomb. No answering back, no quibbling, no more excuses… an evacuation of the “real sharks” on this planet would prove to be a Job on behalf of those who have no tangible voice or fraction of power.

Yo ho ho! Thanks, Captain!


Follow the Captain of the Lost Waves on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and his website.

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