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She was part of “RuPaul’s Drag Race’s” second ever double elimination early in its eighth season… but this queen has been one of the busiest and most prolific of the show’s alumni since then. Few performers can speak to the converging worlds of sci-fi cosplay and drag the way she expertly can, and if you run into her at a Con you will be blown away by her precise recreation of whatever fierce heroine or villainess she’s embodying at the time. Give a loud salute to Dax ExclamationPoint!

Thotyssey: Hi Dax! So I read the incredible story of how, during a Drag Race viewing party that you were hosting in Atlanta this May, you helped save the life of a man who was shot in the leg by using your Violet Chachki t-shirt as a tourniquet! How were you able to keep cool in that chaos?

Dax ExclamationPoint: Haha! Well first off, i wouldn’t go as far as to say I “saved a life.” I really just applied First Aid until an ambulance showed up. It didn’t take long, they got there pretty quick.

But as far as “calm” goes, I’ve always been pretty good in an emergency. If there’s a solution to a problem that I can just use my hands for, I’m pretty much fine. Also, I’ve worked in animal rescue before and in veterinary offices, so injuries don’t really scare me that much. If he’d asked me to do his taxes or help him apply for a loan to buy a house, then I would have been completely lost.

All Drag Race fans know that Season 7 winner Violet Chachki is your drag daughter. Do you get to perform with her much these days?

Violet actually relocated to New York a while ago, and has been pretty consistently touring with Dita Von Teese or with one of those Drag Race tours  (I honestly can’t remember the name cuz I’m horrible), so she’s never really in one place for too long. We’ll be doing a show here in Atlanta next month, though! It’ll be great to see her again!

Despite the fact that your tenure on Season 8 was short, you have had such a busy post-Drag Race career. What’s been a personal highlight for you since that experience of being part of the show?

Honestly, getting invited to conventions has been the best part of all of it! I think any fan or cosplayer dreeeeeeeeams of actually being invited as a guest to conventions. Flame Con and New York Comic Con were definitely the highlights for me last year!

As far as cosplayers go, you’re one of the best-known Storms out there, with some very dynamic recreations of the character’s looks over the years. How do you do those all-white eyes? Are you just painting your eyelids and closing them, or are those really thick lenses?

Haha, no I don’t paint my eyelids (I actually HATE when I see people doing that…#CosSnob) I use those mesh white-out contacts….or Photoshop, if it’s for a photo shoot.

Why do you think the X-Men movies have never gotten Storm right? She’s supposed to be this incredibly strong, fierce leader, but she’s barely memorable in the movies. Only the 90’s cartoon version was faithful to her.

Because Halle Berry was inexplicably popular in the early 2000’s, and Angela Basset turned it down. However, I am enjoying Alexandra Shipp’s portrayal. I just wish Bryan Singer wasn’t a total hack (I have very strong feelings on this subject).

What did you think of the Wonder Woman movie?

Uhhhh, that it was the best thing I’ve seen in years.

Captain Marvel, with a female protagonist, is currently being produced. Are we finally in the Golden Age of successful comic book movies with female leads?

I absolutely adore Captain Marvel, I’m very excited for the film! and I definitely hope we’re getting to a point with more female led superhero flicks/franchises. Fans have been begging for more of them ever since Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy. I personally can not wait for more development of Silver and Black. I LOOOOOVE Black Cat and Silver Sable.

And Valarian was just released… have you seen it?

I havent seen it yet. I keep hearing that its pretty, but terrible… so I’m wary.

Okay, last geeky question: are you a Game of Thrones watcher?

You’re gonna hate me, but… no. I don’t really do fantasy. I’m more of a hard sci-fi kind of person; anything with dragons is a bit of a turn-off.

What are your thoughts on this past season of Drag Race? I hear a lot of people complaining that it was mediocre, but I kinda found it thrilling. And I’d figure that winner Sasha Velour, with her magical looks and interesting reveals, would be right up your alley. 

I mean, truth: watching Drag Race after you’ve actually been in the work room makes you look at the whole thing differently. Regardless, I’m happy for the success that moving to VH1 has brought the show! As for Sasha, I think she’s a creative genius….. buuuuuuut I am and forever will be #TeamShea.

Would you come back for an All-Stars season?

Haha! That’s gonna be a hard No.

Do you think the worlds of cosplay and drag are going to be forever intertwined in the future now?

I think they always were. Drag queens have been doing character looks forever! They just didn’t always know to call it “cosplay.” But the more I travel and the more cons I go to, the more drag queens I meet that are gigantic nerds and love cosplay. Besides, once you make a costume for stage, you can just throw it on and go to a convention!

Have you ever thought of creating some sort of comic book with original characters?

I actually went to SCAD for sequential art, so I’ve definitely made up my own characters! One day, i’ll finally get around to actually finishing (and legitimately starting) a graphic novel.

Let’s talk about Flame Con, the queer answer to Comic Con (although Comic Con is pretty queer itself), returning to the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott on August 19th & 20th! You’ll be there again… I take it that you enjoyed it last year?

Yes, it was great all around! I got to meet artists and writers I’ve admired forever, and of course tons of cosplaying queers! It’s one of those cons I recommend to everyone, because so many well-known conventions generally have an LGBT+ track buuuuut they don’t tend to reeeeally devote much to it other than just to be able to say they have one. Having something that’s entirely for the community is really important. Granted, Flame Con isn’t the only all-queer convention, but it is one of my favorites!

What will you be doing there this time around?

I know I’m hosting a couple panels, and I’ll be performing… haha! I have to go back and review my contract to make sure I know exactly what I’m doing! Mostly I’m trying to nail down my costumes. It’s only a two-day Con, so I can’t bring everything.

Are you looking forward to seeing or meeting anyone specific there?

i’m really looking forward to meeting Robin Lord Taylor. I live for Gotham and his portrayal of the Penguin, so I’m gonna have to bring at least one Catwoman costume for selfie purposes alone.

Will you also be doing Drag Con New York in September?

No, unfortunately I don’t have any plans for Drag Con New York. I mean, that could all change. Drag Con is actually another of my favorite conventions. The shopping is legit. But more importantly, it’s a really good convention for networking and meeting other queens!

What else is coming up for you?

Honestly, I’m just trying to get myself ready for conventions coming up later this summer–namely Flame Con, and Dragon Con here in Atlanta. I’ll be hosting panels for both as well as cosplaying, so my main goal is to get my looks together!

Great! Final question: What would your superpower be?

Weather manipulation. Or, a telepathic command of cats. like Aquaman, but with cats…

Werk! Thank you, Dax!

Dax ExclamationPoint will host panels and perform for Flame Con at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott on August 19th and 20th. Follow Dax on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

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