On Point With: Lagoona Bloo

From out of the blue comes Lagoona Bloo, snatching up all the gigs and wowing audiences and pageant judges alike with her tightly choreographed production numbers, stunning drag looks and dynamic stage presence. Grab this mermaid by the tail while you can, cuz she’s a fast swimmer!

Thotyssey: Lagoona, hello and thanks for chatting! 

Lagoona Bloo: Hi there, and thank you for having me!

You gigged this past weekend at Albatross with Sutton Lee Seymour, and then Sunday brunch at La Pulperia with Ritzy Bitz! How did it all go?

It all went super well! I had never worked with Sutton prior to Saturday, and oh my God, she’s amazing! I had such an incredible time with her. We pulled two duets out of nowhere and the crowd was fantastic!

I’ve been working with Ritzy for a while now, and per usual we had so much fun, I love her!

Two great queens! So, you’re basically all over the place now. 

Haha, I like to think so! I’ve been trying my best.

You were just in Europe, right?

Yes I was. No work though, just vacation! I got to see Norway, Iceland, Scotland, and England. It was a beautiful trip!

Sounds amazing.

It was!

 Where’s your hometown, by the way?

I was born and raised in Prairieville, Louisiana! I moved here in 2014.

What was it like being the Queen of Prairieville?

I actually have never done drag in Louisiana! I grew up in the church–a mega church, to be exact–and my family was super involved. We went to church sometimes four times a week, and my brother and sister and I were in every church group function possible.

But I never fit in, because I was always myself. Imagine me, walking around saying I was straight, but jamming to Britney, drawing princesses and always in a bevel with a hand on my hip! I mean, I was ridiculed because I would claim to be straight!

I could go on and on, but long story short I finally came out in college when I moved away from home. So I never was a drag queen at home, but I definitely was a queen! If that makes any sense!

It sure does! Did you go to college here in NY?

Nope! Another complicated story! I started out as an opera major at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA, and I lived at home for my first year. I hated it, and decided to pursue musical theatre at NSU in Natchitoches, LA, and it was one of the best decisions of my life!

So what then brought you to New York… the stage?

Yes, but my mom is the main reason I came here. My mom lost her battle to cancer three years ago in March of 2014. After she left, it felt like I was doing her a disservice by not being in NYC and following my dream, so I started saving… and a sublet in Brooklyn literally fell in my lap! I moved here in September of that same year, and haven’t looked back! I started pursuing musical theatre, and I was pretty successful. I was working, but still unsatisfied creatively. Drag has been a saving grace. But, yeah. My mom wanted me to be here, and I’m here because of her.

That is beautiful, she would be so proud! 

Thank you.

How did you come into drag, exactly?

My drag started in theatre! In January 2016, I was competing at The West End in a singing competition called “So You Think You Can Belt!” One of the judges was Sam Carner. Sam and his writing partner Derek Gregor were working on a new musical set in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, which I of course experienced first hand. They were in dire need of a drag queen for the first workshop, and Sam approached me and asked if I was interested in auditioning.

After reading the sides and singing through the music I fell in love with the show! I booked the show and originated the role of Kiera Tightly, now known as Kay. It’s funny, because during the entire process I was asked if drag was something I would pursue, and I always said no. But I fell in love, and I couldn’t stay away! I finished the year with a national tour, and decided that drag was what I wanted to do… and I haven’t looked back yet!

How did you eventually come up with “Lagoona Bloo,” as a name and in general drag aesthetics?

Well, I’ve always loved The Little Mermaid and Britney Spears, and while in college I came across a doll series called Monster High. One of the dolls is called Lagoona Blue, and she’s the daughter of a sea monster! Even back then I thought, hmm, that’d be a cute drag name, and it stuck. Granted: my story is different–my Lagoona BLOO is a drag pop siren! Like I waked straight out of a concert in Atlantis. Definitely not the daughter of a monster, and absolutely inspired by Britney! I thought it would be a perfect combo of mermaid and pop superstar.

Brita Filter is considered your drag mom, right?

Oh yes! We stay in the water family! Brita was the first drag queen I ever saw perform in the city, and I was hooked! I’ll never forget when she started “Emotions” by Mariah Carey, and did the entire number about a bag of vibrators. I was gagged! Dead! Deceased! It was unbelievable! The entire audience was in stitches. It was hilarious.

Back then, I didn’t know I’d end up being a queen. But she made me want to be one because of her presence! You can’t help but to watch her! I’m so happy to call her my drag mom. She is constantly pushing me to better my drag, my beat, my numbers, and my attitude in general. She’s one of my greatest supporters and inspirations. I love her very much!

I had the privilege of watching you slay the Miss Lady Liberty drag competition at the Ace Hotel recently. You had a tightly choreographed number with several backup dancers, you sang a few verses and you gave fierce costume changes! It  was quite a crowd-pleaser.

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! I went to a competitive theatre and dance studio growing up, so I’m quite familiar with the production number. My favorite part about doing them now is that I get to be play director, producer, choreographer… the list goes on! I get to make all the decisions, and recreate these iconic pieces of pop culture, some of them I’ve had planned for years! I’ll never forget how much I wanted to BE Britney in “I’m a Slave 4 U” when I was 11, and I got to do it! It was a literal dream come true.

We worked so hard for both numbers at Lady Liberty, and hard work paid off!! I could not have done it without the incredible people on my team! I feel very blessed to have so many people who support me and this dream!

We were sorry to see you leave the competition, when you went to Europe… not that we blame you! But you could’ve won the whole thing… not that Rosé didn’t kill it for the ultimate win with her own choreography!

Thank you! I was a little heartbroken myself, but everything happens for a reason!  I’m a true believer in that since my mom passed. I do believe I would have been stiff competition, but I’m so happy for Rosé! She’s becoming one of my closest sisters in the city! I’m so proud of her! She deserved it!

You certainly have a lot going on now, though. First off, you continue gracing us with guest appearances everywhere, like for Vicky Boofont’s Stonewall Invasion this coming Sunday.

I’m super pumped to be joining Vicky Boofont this weekend! This will be my first Invasion ever, so I’m excited to make my debut there!

I’m also excited to be hosting an Open Mic Night every Monday night at 10pm at The West End called Callback Mondays! It’s my first weekly! And hopefully not the last!

Anything else coming up for you? I have a feeling a “stay tuned” might be your answer!

Haha! Other than guest spots, I’m hosting a FIERCE concert at The West End this Saturday called Drop it Like F. Scott! – A Night of Speakeasy Music at 10pm.

But other than that…stay tuned! I may or may not have a drag brunch in the works with my good friend Rosé, and another project that will be announced later this week!

Exciting times, congratulations!

Yes! Thank you!

Okay last question: what’s the next song, or diva, or whatever, that you might want to tackle in a future large scale production number?

Welll, there are a few on my mind! But I have to say…  for the next one I have planned, I’m sticking to my girl Britney for a huge show. But you will definitely be seeing some classic Sutton Foster and Madonna soon!

Ya betta werk bitch! Thank you, Lagoona!

Lagoona Bloo hosts Callback Mondays at the West End beginning July 24th (10pm). Check here for other future scheduled appearances. Follow Lagoona on Facebook and Instagram.

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