On Point With: DJ Lorant


Catch this Woof!-worthy mix master spinning the weekly underwear party at Rockbar, the ground zero of fetish fare Folsom Street East, and a major Pride party in Brooklyn this month. We love DJ Lorant!

Thotyssey: Hey Lorant! You just had a late night spinning with the Carry Nation for their last show of the season at Good Room. How did it go?

DJ Lorant: It was an amazing night. I felt blessed to be surrounded by so much good music thanks to everyone who was on the bill.

Did anybody play something that you were really into?

There were a lot of great tracks I had never heard before and couldn’t identify. All I did was dance when I wasn’t playing.


Where’s your hometown?

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Grew up in Palisades Park, NJ which is right by the George Washington Bridge.

Has Turkish music influenced your own tastes or material at all?

Turkish music is very percussive; so maybe that aspect of it, yes.

What music were you into in general, growing up? Or were you more of a visual artist at first?

Michael Jackson, Madonna and Marilyn Manson were all obsessions at some point early on. House music took over my life in high school.
I do love visual arts though–very much so. Stage design affected me greatly when I was a kid.


When did you begin DJing, and where?

The first time I ever played outside of my bedroom was at Stonewall when I won an open (turn)table DJ competition. I believe the next time I played to a crowd was when I opened for Danny Tenaglia at the club Vinyl. All that feels somewhat surreal now.

Big time! I think of you as being associated with  the bear/ leather daddy scene. How do you think that became your thing? Or am I wrong?

You’re not wrong. I do play at some cruisy spots like The Cock…  but there’s also a musical element to it. I like setting a vibe that makes people want to explore their fantasies, whether it is related to sex or driving on the Pacific Coast Highway.

You have an indie label, Royal Advisor RecordsAre you putting out your own stuff on there, or putting through other artists?

Both. I enjoy collaborating with different artists, so there’s also a lot of that.


What are some original tracks or mixes that you put out that you’re the most proud of?

That’s a difficult question. I’m proud of each release for different reasons. I’m very happy with my last release with The Illustrious Blacks, because they wrote an amazing pop song over my music.

Before that came out, I remixed Will Sheridan’s song “Push” for his G2R EP. It was one of the first things I made that I didn’t have some kind of creative “what if?” attached to when it was done. I knew it was ready.

And before that was “Queen Daddy” with AB Soto, which became a part of his brand.

That’s a pretty impressive list. Who’s on your wish list for a collaboration?

I’m keeping my mind and heart open.

And your certainly keeping your date card filled! First off, you’re the regular DJ for the “Rockstrap” underwear party at Rockbar, which is now weekly on Wednesdays. Does “hot ass” distract you from your DJ duties, or are you too into spinning to even notice?

Well, lucky for me, the booth at Rockbar does not face the dance floor. But I get glimpses of ass. I wouldn’t call it distracting.

It’s ambiance! 


And, this is big: you’ll be DJing the 20th Anniversary of the Folsom Street East leather/fetish street fair festival on June 18th! Will this be your first time at that rodeo?

It’ll be the second. I’ll be playing with my buddy Chauncey Dandridge. I had to play the whole day last year. As fun as it was, the 90+ degree weather kicked our asses.

That must’ve been a carry. Are you gonna be spanking somebody, or getting spanked by anyone, before or after your set?

I’m keeping my mind and heart open! I am getting leather shorts made, though… so we’ll see how I fare out. Are you going to be there?

I hope to be! I was there, like, two years ago and had an absolute blast. I should just come to see the shorts!


And Pride weekend is nearly upon us! Friday you’ll be one of the DJs in the house (and on the roof) for your friend WIll Sheridan’s blowout “Oh, Brooklyn!” at the Wythe Hotel! Lots of fun folks will be there as well, like MoMo Shade and Merrie Cherry.

It’s going to be crazy. That group of people on a roof is too good of a time to miss!


And for Pride Saturday, you’ll be spinning Bear Milk at the Deep End in Ridgewood. That’s a pretty new venue, have you been yet?

I have. The space makes for a good afterhours-type venue. The food is good, too.


What else?

I’m excited to play San Francisco for the first time at the end of July.

Awesome, congratulations!

Thank you.

Okay, last question: What’s the best piece of advice you can give a brand new DJ?

I would tell someone who’s just starting out to do his/her homework a bit. Find out where this music comes from, its history. Also, to respect the art form. If you’re going to put the word “DJ” before your name from the get-go, you better put some work into it.

Thank you, DJ!


DJ Lorant spins the “Rockstrap” weekly underwear party at Rockbar on Wednesday nights (10pm). Check here for other scheduled appearances. Follow Lorant on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, YouTube, Soundcloud. Also, his label Royal Advisor Records has a website.

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