On Point With: Miss Carriage

Actor, dancer, photographer,  porn star, and now drag queen! Get to know Miss Carriage before she competes in the Miss Lady Liberty semifinals tonight!

Thotyssey: Hey Miss Carriage! Hows your week been so far?

Miss Carriage:  Kinda shit, to be honest! Just had a break up and my heart is healing–all the better to make some baddass art!

Lord, so sorry to hear that! Breakups are awful of course, but you’re right… they can be inspiring. Is performing your primary artistic expression?

I’m a photographer, primarily! I used to be a full time dancer, but now photography is my main [pursuit].

What are you generally photographing? Figures, landscapes, etc?

Intimate portraiture and fashion.

Nice! So, where are you from, and were always an artist of some sort growing up?

I was a dancer for a very long time! I grew up in New Mexico on a ranch!

Near Roswell, right? Aliens!

Yay, aliens!

You’re a member of Strange Fruit, an Australian-based dance troupe that swing on these long poles, which looks terrifying and fascinating. What’s that like?

I still dance for that company! It’s amazing. I love heights, so it’s never really been scary.

When will you perform with them next?

I have a bunch of potential gigs! I’m not allowed to talk about them until they’re final! I know Montreal in July for sure!

And you’re a porn star to boot!

I have done porn for four years, beginning with Cockyboys and then with Men.com. Now make my own content for my personal site.

When did you first to give drag a shot?

I did drag for fun in college, and then never again until October of this past year! It’s just fun to put on a different persona and play.

 I loved your performance last week with the golden alien theme… is Miss Carriage a sci fi queen, generally?

Miss Carriage is a prosthetics queen! So, my looks always have a prosthetic element. It adds, for me, another layer of depth to the character. I want people to see a story and think, “wow, really beautiful, but also so strange.”

This week’s reveal is going to be…extreme.

Where did you learn drag makeup?

YouTube! Lots and lots of hours watching tutorials.

What do you get from drag that you don’t get from other performing genres?

Miss Carriage is a very crazy Australian character, and I think I get to channel an entirely new side of m self through her that I’d never be able to do in boy form.

I’m just happy to be able to do something I enjoy and for people to respond so well to it.

Is Miss Carriage making any other appearances?

Nope, just [the Miss Lady Liberty semifinals on April 21st at the Ace Hotel]. My schedule is pretty insane, so one night a week is plenty! I’ve only been in drag three times in about the last five years!

I’m excited that we do the live talk thing Q & A this week!

Okay, last question: what song is the soundtrack to your life?

The Cure.” Haha just kidding! but that’s my current obsession. Probably “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

Yay! Thanks, and see you on Friday!

Miss Carriage will compete in the Miss Lady Liberty semifinals at the Ace Hotel on Friday, April 21st (9pm). Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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