On Point With: Chi Chi DeVayne

Even though she sent one of our favorite NYC girls home during a lip sync challenge, this Louisiana queen won our hearts with her southern humor, fierce performances and raw honesty during Season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” And lucky for us, she’s in town this weekend! Let’s have a quick catch up with the amazing Chi Chi DeVayne.

Thotyssey: Chi Chi, hello and thank you! We’re excited to have you in NYC tonight… when was the last time you were here? 

Chi Chi Devayne: It feels like forever and a day, but I’m very glad to be back!

You had such an amazing run on RuPaul’s Drag Race last season, and became a fan favorite. Are you basically like a rockstar now in your hometown of Shreveport, LA? 

Before I dyed my hair to a normal color, it was crazy! I was constantly stopped at Wal-Mart and all my other favorite places…it was bananas.

When you watched the season, what stood out as a favorite moment for you that was aired? 

When I overcame my fear of just being who I was!

What was something you remember from taping that didn’t air that you wished the world got to see? 

I wish they aired more of the Shade Tree, it would’ve been a hoot.

Was there any unfair or inaccurate editing in what aired of you? 

None whatsoever. My edit was spot on, and so is most other people’s.

Drag Race fame comes with so much glory, but also so much drama thanks to internet trolls. Do they get under your skin? 

Yes, the Internet trolls do get under my skin. But I have learned some techniques of dealing with that… and learned how to use the block button!

Lots of us were sad to see our Brooklyn girl Thorgy Thor go after your Lip Sync for Your Life showdown with her, but few can deny that you killed “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” with that gorgeous performance. Jennifer Holliday declared that you were an official Dreamgirl afterwards, right? 

Yes she did they showed it on the finale… I am an official baby Dreamgirl!

One very true aspect of drag that you educated the world about is the expense of drag, and how not having a lot of money can hurt a queen’s ability to shine. Now that you’ve got the great gigs, and I’m guessing making good coin, has this completely elevated your drag? 

It most definitely has. A lot of people are not creative enough to make something out of paper or trash, so they need money to buy their drag. Just go through my Instagram, and you will definitely see the difference.

What’s something you really learned from your time on the show? 

I learned that I was, and is, the star that I always thought I could be, and that all you have to do is work hard and make it happen.

What’s been you’re favorite city or country that you’ve performed in since the show? 

That’s a very hard question to answer since I’ve been so many places. But I will say the farthest I’ve been is Australia, and I had lots of fun down under.

Shifting gears for a second: How worried are you about the state of the country now, as a gay man of color and as a drag queen? 

People probably are going to hate me for this answer, but I’ve never been too particular about politics. I’m a go-with-the-flow type of person.

Do you think Beyoncé was snubbed at the Grammys? And was it weird the way Adele handled it? 

I’ve never watched the Grammys; I’ve only seen what they show on social media. Beyoncé was robbed, and I thought it was a nice gesture [from Adele] since it was true.

So, you’ll be at Look Queen at Monster tonight, which is a beloved showcase for the best of NYC drag created by your season’s winner, Bob the Drag Queen! Hopefully Bob will be in town, too. Are you excited about that night–and are you and Bob still close? 

Yes, I am excited about it! And yes, me and Bob are still close. As a matter of fact we just got done touring together!

Are you gonna be anywhere else in the City this weekend? 

Unfortunately I am only in town for one day, and then it’s back home for a couple of days.

Anything else you wanna talk about, projects or gigs or things we should be looking for? 

Well, hopefully I would like to start working on a single.

Are you excited to see anyone specific turn it out on Season 9

I have to go with what I know, and I followed need Nina Brown

for years. So I’m excited to see what she is going to come up with. but I also have my eyes on Shea Coulee.

Okay last question: would you do All-Stars Season 3? 

Hell to the yes!

Chi Chi DeVayne performs at Monster for Look Queen this Sunday night (11pm). She has a website, and can be followed on Facebook, Instagram &  Twitter.

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