On Point With: Jay Roth


This former gogo boy and store manager of Nasty Pig is now serving us on a very different level, as a nurse with Callen-Lorde. In this quick interview, he’ll be spilling the dirt from those days, and letting us know about a very special holiday benefit he’ll be co-hosting this week. Let’s get it on with Jay Roth!

Thotyssey: Hi Jay! Thanks for talking to us! How’s the holiday season treating you so far?

Jay Roth: So far so good. Eating anything I want. I can do that nowadays.

So, nightlife knows you well as a sexy gogo boy and model, and as a prior store manager at Nasty Pig. But these days you are serving us in an even more important and selfless way: as a nurse for Callen-Lorde. Can you describe your role there exactly… and how much do you enjoy it?

My role varies from HIV/AIDS care, transgender care, women, men, youth… all of it, really. It’s hard to put into words how much I enjoy being a nurse here. Knowing that I’m giving back to my community is everything.

As a medical professional: PrEP, yay or nay?

Very much yay!


So, where’s your hometown, and what were you like as a kid?

Branchburg, NJ. I was busy. I was in sports, plays, band, boys, girls. I was kind of a class clown, and a little bit of a troublemaker, but I got along with everyone for the most part.

When did you come to NYC?

My whole family is from Brooklyn, so I’ve always been in and out of NYC. Officially moved here when I was 18.

And what was your introduction to the world of gogo dancing?

A dare from a friend on Fire Island. And then [nightlife promoter/producer] Daniel Nardicio fulfilling the dare.

Is being the sexy naked guy in the room that everyone wants always fun, or is/was it sometimes rote or even unpleasant?

I don’t think I ever felt like the sexy naked guy, but I definitely always tried to have fun!

Did you get to catch Vinny Vega’s gogo boy-themed episode of MTV’s True Life?

I didn’t. Sorry Vinny!


Do you still gogo on occasion?

Nah. Every now and then I get booked and then the time comes for me to get ready and I’m already in bed or I’m on the couch eating everything with my boyfriend and call out. So, anyone booking do yourself a favor and don’t even ask me anymore. I’m the worst about that now.

So, Nasty Pig! That’s like Victoria’s Secret for gays, very high end underwear and fetish gear. How long did you work for their store, and in what capacity?

Victoria’s Secret for the gays?!?! I was the manager of the brand for almost four years and I would never really call it Victoria’s Secret for the gays! It’s more like David and Fred’s Very Loud Statement for the people.

You were the “model bulge” on the box for one particular Nasty Pig underwear product! Was it weird that people were coming into the store and buying stuff with your crotch on it?

That was kind of the point. People would try and buy a different one, and I’d be like, “yea but that one’s me!” and then show my tattoo to prove it. No shame.


So, how long have you known the lovely Stephanie Stone?
Stephanie has been my Dragogo Mom for about eight years now!

You two will be hosting an event on Wednesday, December 21st that will benefit a great cause, a show and party at Easternbloc called “It’s a Chaka Khan Christmas” on Wednesday the 21st. The event will also be functioning as a “Coat Hugs” coat drive, where guests will be encouraged to drop off old coats that will be distributed to the homeless. Damn, it’s getting cold–can you imagine living on the streets without at least a warm coat this season?

I can’t imagine. I see it every day at my job, on the subway, or on the street and it breaks my heart. That’s why I started doing the coat drive last year.


Why Chaka Khan, by the way?

Why not?!

Good point. What else can we expect that night?

Other then shenanigans and Tom Foolery I hope we can all expect generosity to your neighbors. If you have any coat, old, new, not used, something your Aunt Muriel got you but you’ll never wear, PLEASE bring it to Easternbloc this Wednesday night. I will make sure it keeps someone warm and safe.


Okay, last question: what’s your New Years Resolution?

More charity!

Off to a great start. Thanks for all your good work, Jay!


Jay Roth and Stephanie Stone will co-host the “It’s a Chaka Khan Christmas” party and coat drive at Easternbloc on Wednesday, December 21st (11pm). Follow Jay on Facebook.

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