On Point With: Natalie Carrera


This Puerto Rican-born bombshell has been a regular fixture in the tri-state area for some time now.  This week, Natalie Carrera performs for the ladies at BumBum Bar in Jackson Heights, Queens, and the following week she’ll start hosting a weekly show for the boys there. Meet Natalie Carrera via Thotyssey!

Thotyssey: Thanks for talking to us on this gorgeous day today Natalie! I see you were performing at Topps Lounge (Vale Todo) in Jersey last night, how did that go?

Natalie Carrera: It was amazing! I was excited because so many of my friends and supporters came out to see me do my thing. I love working at Vale Todo, it feesl like a second home to me.  I have been working there for going on two years. I work there about once a month.  Great Latin crowd, and an amazing team that promotes this party.

So, where are you from, Natalie?

I live in New Jersey, and I’m from Puerto Rico.

I see you are a dancer. Are you classically trained?

I am a professional Latin ballroom dancer. I minored in dance in college, with a major in business management.

When did you become Natalie?

I was always Natalie [laughs].  I knew I was transgender at a young age, but I made sure that I was financially stable and completed my education before going through with my transition.  I transitioned five years ago, and at the same time changed jobs, my living situation, and many other changes.

Congratulations! And you look amazing, by the way! Do you have any beauty tips for us? 

Oh my god! Where do I begin? [laughs] Be a little bit more specific.

How about your preferred makeup products?

I would definitely say that for stage I love a variety of beauty products. My favorite highlight and contour kit is from BH Cosmetics. My favorite foundation for stage is Kevin Aucoin surreal skin enhancer. And my eyeshadow is very depending on the look I am going for. Some days I use NarsCosmetics and other days I may use Mac cosmetics. My cosmetics can range from very low mass-market cosmetics to very high-end, expensive luxury cosmetics.

Do you create your own costumes?

It’s a mix of lots of stuff I have put together myself, and things I have had custom-made.  I don’t sew, but I do have a designer that I work with in order to create visions that are beyond my crafty abilities.


So, Who are some of your idols? 

I have a few individuals that I look to for inspiration and style. Some of those are Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Selena.  My biggest idol is my mother; she has raised me to be the strong, successful, driven woman I am today.

She must be very proud! What’s your favorite number to perform?

I would say my top two numbers to do would have to be meringue numbers, and any of my many Selena numbers I do. I’m Latin, and I love to do Spanish numbers whenever possible.  I’m known in the showgirl scene as the Latin dancer, so it’s a rep I must keep.

Speaking on which, on April 22nd, you will be performing at BumBum Bar in Queens, which is mostly a lesbian bar. But then on the 27th, you are taking over for a weekly Wednesday show for the boys. How did this gig come about? Have you ever been to BumBum before?


Well, I have a huge fan/supporter base.  So I actually was referred to BumBum Bar promoter by someone who I know that enjoys my shows. The promoter was looking for a new host and performer to start up these nights, and that’s how it come to be.

Going back to the reference of lesbian vs gay nights, I perform for a wide range of audiences (straight/gay/Trans/lesbian) and I don’t see any difference in any group of individuals. I see everyone equally, because I expect the same respect from them. I’m a performer, and I’m there to entertain.  And that’s exactly what I do.


Wonderful! By the way, where else have you performed in the tri-state area? Any pageants?

I do Vale Todo, MandalaTequila 55, and Feathers in New Jersey. I do the Monster, Castro, and BumBum in NYC.  I do Perry’s and Ardiente in DC.  I do Karma in Connecticut. I do all these venues about once every month.  And no, I do not participate in pageants.

Lots of traveling! If you won an all-expense paid, month-long vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

I would love to visit Europe and explore all the beautiful cities it has to offer: educate myself, and enjoy the amazing history and culture overseas.

Do you do any other work besides performing?

On top of all the things I do in my life, I started a makeup/dance services company in 2006.  It is called Stylish Eyez. We provide services in the beauty and dance industry.  From choreography for events, to makeup for fashion shoots and girls night out.

And, what else do we need to know about Natalie Carrera?

Well, Natalie Carrera is my stage persona. My legal name is Natalie Arce. Both are two different characters and different individuals.  Natalie Carrera is a diva and a perfectionist.  She is a dancer and performer that exudes confidence and can captivate an audience.  Natalie Arce is a professional makeup artist and manager for Mac cosmetics by day, and on her afternoons off you can find her either at the gym working on her fitness and body, or with her dance company located in Jersey City, NJ, “Caribbean Soul Dancers”.  The company travels performing choreographed dances all over the US.

Thanks for the info, Natalie! We’ll see you in BumBum Bar on Friday!


Natalie Carrera will perform at BumBum Bar in Queens on Friday, April 22nd, and then every Wedensday night at BumBum starting April 27th. She frequently performs at other bars and clubs in the tri=state area, and in Washington, DC. Natalie’s cosmetics and choreography company Stylish Eyez can found at its website, and Natalie herself can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and email.

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