Podcast: Ickarus Shoots Their Arrow

Thotyssey’s Jim Silvestri and co-host Freddie Cosmo present a weekly podcast taped live at Red NY discussing NYC queer nightlife news and gossip, featuring a new interview with a dynamic insider each week.


Jim reviews Robert Garcia and Jayse VegasHelp, I’m In a Secret Relationship episode and recounts how he harassed Freddie during his DJ gig at VERS on Saturday.

Then it’s Brooklyn institution DJ Ickarus in the Thot Seat! We discuss their recent departure from the long-running show Dragnet, becoming equally iconic in Manhattan, Bushwigs past & future, their Jersey roots and how they broke into DJing & the ever-expanding  BK nightlife; DJ etiquette, the Q drama, the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards versus the Glams and this Saturday’s epic  Selena Fest!

In the news:  the last alleged “roofie murder” gang member has been arrested; Thirst closed; Ted Arenas‘ wine bar is one step closer to opening; Florida technically “bans” The Rocky Horror Show; Sasha Colby wins Drag Race.

Email: thotyssey@gmail.com


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