On Point With: Nymphia Wind

This beautiful Taiwanese dream is already making waves in Brooklyn drag, and has now won a major Manhattan competition as well: go with the flow of Nymphia Wind! [Cover photo: You Wei Chen]

Thotyssey: Hello Nymphia, thanks for chatting with us today! How was your February?

Nymphia Wind: Very busy, and it went by so quick!

You ended the month as the winner of Maddelynn Hatter’s competition at Hush, “Mother.” Was that an amazing experience?

It was so great; it was just good to have a competition to motivate me to be creative, after just moving here for five months (in December) and not having anything creative to do in terms of jobs and making clothes. So it was good reigniting the passion.

Wow, you’ve only been here for , like, half a year?

Almost seven months now. I moved from Taiwan.

Were you doing drag in Taiwan before you got here, and were you always into things like fashion and dance etc. while you were growing up there?

Yes I was, I’ve been doing drag for almost five years now. And I was always into dancing here and there… more into constructing garments and creative stuff rather than “fashion.”

What made you want to come here to New York?

Just time for a change; and I really wanted to challenge my drag. What better way then to just come to NYC?

How would you describe your looks and performances today as Nymphia?

With looks it’s definitely very yellow, and has camp references… and also very inspired by Asian culture, drawing upon my own background. With performances it varies: it depends on which venue I’m performing at, but it can range from commercial pop / stunty numbers, to camp comedy numbers, to artistic / experimental / creative performances. But mainly, I like to have a story in my performances.

You’re going to be a part of a big drag performance art show at C’mon Everybody on Saturday, March 18th called “Untitled [Flowers].”

It’s very exciting; it’s gonna be a creative, artistic show. I’m gonna make an outfit for that event that’s inspired by flowers.

Something glorious to look forward to! And this just in: on March 25, we’ll see you turning it on the 3 Dollar Bill stage for Nicky O’s tribute to Charli XCX!

Okay lastly, what’s your favorite thing about drag… and what’s your least favorite?

My fave is creating clothes and looks for drag. My least is having to sit hours doing makeup and getting dressed.

Thanks, Nymphia!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Nymphia Wind’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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