Podcast: GLAM’ed Up Brunch Bish Catrina Lovelace Is The Gothic Chair-Leaping Queen of Our Hearts


New episode of Thotyssey & Red Eye Radio’s weekly podcast Thotlight available for streaming! Freddie and Jim discuss their Valentines Day activities and chime in on the quality of Rihanna’s halftime show, while pondering everyone’s stupidity and the ugliness of a wig in the studio.

Then, in the Thot Seat: recent Glam winner for Best Brunch, Catrina Lovelace! She talks about her drag evolution that included the heydays of G Lounge and Boots & Saddle and two queens who annoyed the Hell out of her that ultimately became her best Judies, FIT life, a viral performance fail, Jax’s raw deal, an epic show Catrina can’t do anymore cuz reasons, and another epic show she’s gonna slay at Sony Hall!

In the news: turn of Face ID at the bar, Monkeypox is no longer an active epidemic, Atlantis Cruises begs you to stop filming porn there, and Offside Tavern reopens.

Email: thotyssey@gmail.com


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