Podcast: The Spiritual Awakening of Lagoona Bloo (or “Simon Cowell Can Suck It”)

Jim and Freddie enjoyed the Drag Race premiere, and Freddie shares the tea about DJing the premiere viewing party at one venue hosted by some of this season’s stars! We also discuss how the ep taught us that Jersey drag was “just okay,” and how the young cast and their new MTV home invigorated the franchise. Also, some Jackie Dupree stories and a note re: Playthingz at Playhouse!

Then the hosts are very happy to speak to one of NYC’s most Of The Moment drag queens, Stephanie’s Child member and recording artist Lagoona Bloo for her podcast debut!  Dive in to her tales of recently performing in Drag: The Musical in Hollywood and working on its cast recording, touring the country with the one and only Alaska, her challenging small town upbringing and a life-changing turn in a NYC singing competition, the massive popularity of Stephanie’s Child and their turn on two TV shows–one pitting Lagoona against a world famous host in an iconic soundbite, her own songwriting and recording process, overcoming the strangeness of not yet being a RuGirl like her SC sisters, having a spiritual awakening, hosting this year’s GLAMS, and NOT being a bitch! She also serves some very inspirational wisdom that we all need to hear.

In the news: The Eagle released some intriguing security cam footage and then removed it; the Dept of Transportation might be coming for your favorite outdoor dining shed; a Hush bartender is featured in a Times piece about non-binary workwear; a Texas queer bar’s closing is devastating for the local community; Joey Fatone’s cute & impromptu viral drag brunch performance; RIP DJ Dino Calvao.

Plus, the Top 10 Thot Dates of the Week!


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