Podcast: Where’s the tHOTlist? With Nightlife Horror Powercouple Matty Glitterati & Krys Fox

It’s a post-New Years Eve life, and Freddie & Jim catch us up on their adventures  which include a wild party and… a wedding? Also, Jim publicly addresses what happened to the tHOTlist this year. Also, how about that Rolling Stone singer list??

Next up, GLAM-nominated podcasters unite as delightful horrorshow Dirty Pillows‘ hosts Matty Glitterati & Krys Fox stop in to chat! They are a couple on and off the mic who have done their time in both nightlife and film / TV.  “Jack of All Trades” Matty talks about about his CO roots and the weirdness of Colorado Springs, acting in two cult indies, DJing at Webster Hall and running FEMME at Club Cumming while living it up in every queer scene the city had to offer for a decade (and girl, she needs a rest).  Krys catches us up with his own separate Best Photographer GLAM nom, taking part in a streaming reality competition show, and keeping up with his sexy scary spreads. There’s also lots of GLAM and horror talk!

In the news: the NYPD battle a crazy machete guy on NYE; Caroline’s Comedy Club closes (for now); insurance now covers PrEP; RIP Vivienne Westwood  & Pat Briggs. And this week’s Top 10 Events! Check out Thotyssey.com for full daily list.

Email: thotlight@redeyeny.com

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