On Point With: Jizzelle

A star of both Provincetown and New York, hilarious rock-n-roll Showgirl of the Year Jizzelle brings you the best of both worlds for a special weekend at VERS!

Thotyssey: Hello Jizzelle, thanks for chatting with us today! So are you in the holiday spirits yet?

Jizzelle: Hello! I’m running a little late to the Christmas party! I watched some holiday movies last night, so maybe that will inspire me to finally put up my tree.

Do you have a favorite holiday movie? Or is it obviously Falling For Christmas starring Lindsay Lohan, lol?

Oh man, that movie really shook up my roster. Oscar buzz? I’m gonna have to say it’s a toss up between Elf and Jim Carrey’s Grinch.

So, you do stuff in NYC and PTown primarily. Where are you usually located throughout the year?

This past summer was my first season in PTown–it was so magical that I’ve now decided it’s my summer home. So I spend my summers in Ptown, and winters in NYC. It’s good to break things up for me. I get bored easily, lol!

Where can the kids usually find you during PTown season?

Everywhere! I was part of the only all-live singing drag brunch at Pilgrim House called “Sunday Service,” guest spotting in “Anita Cocktail’s Variety Hour” at The Post Office Cabaret, one night a week with a solo concert at The Dive Bar Crown & Anchor, and every Monday night at “Showgirls” also at The Crown & Anchor where I was crowned “Showgirl of the Year” this year–which was a huge honor.

So where are you from originally, and what is your drag origin story?

I moved to NYC from Manchester, NH. Hold your applause. I remember my first time going to the local gay club at 18 and seeing a drag queen for the first time, and being terrified! I couldn’t even look at them, because I wasn’t sure what was going on. This was before Rupaul’s Drag Race, so I had no culture. After meeting the head performer and realizing how funny she was I eased up, and would then watch every show from the front row. After a few years of that, they finally threw a wig at me and told me I’d make a great performer… and the rest was history. That was almost 15 years ago.

Wow! What were some of your favorite early memories or moments performing as Jizzelle?

Well, I rose in ranks pretty quickly because I’ve always been comfortable on the stage (I grew up in theater). They would have weekly competitions for guest spots and I would win almost every time, so when I’d walk into the dressing room the other girls would jokingly say “oh great, you’re here, I might as well go home.” So it felt good to be appreciated so early. Boy, did that all change when I moved to NY!

How would you describe the sort of drag you like to serve today, as far as looks and numbers go?

I’ve been playing with a lot of images and vibes over the years, and recently I’ve felt the pull towards rock. I’ve always idolized female rockers like Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Alanis Morissette. Recently I’ve moved my drag more towards live singing, and my voice is naturally deeper and raspy… so it all just works out so perfectly.

And I believe your sisterhood the Haus of Jizzelle came about via a charity event?

It did! I wanted to do something for a co-worker who was going through a hard time, and I knew a lot of people I worked with had either played with drag or wanted to try. So I produced a charity show called “My First Time” at The Duplex, and all the proceeds went towards our co-worker’s son’s chemo. From there, we kept performing together, and the girls eventually decided to name our group the Haus of Jizzelle (unbeknownst to me).

Tell us what we can expect from “Slay Belles,” the Haus of Jizzelle holiday revue at City Winery NYC on Tuesday featuring yourself with Tara Bull, Kerrie Swanson, Sahourny Beaver and Diana Cox.

You can expect stupidity. When we all get together, it’s just ridiculous. We’re all very different, so there’s something for everyone: fart jokes, live singing, stripteases, choreography and non-stop roasting. When we’re in the same room, it’s just one long reading challenge; the library is 24 hours. This show isn’t all Christmas numbers though, so if you’re not feeling in the holiday spirit, we have something for you, too.

And then you’re performing with the one and only Tammie Brown at the Baruch Performing Arts Center on Thursday for her own holiday show.

I am! Over the summer I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, and Tammie is one of them. We bonded immediately, and she’s now a Good Judy. I joined her in her “Halloween Spooktacular,” and now in her “Holiday Sparkle” show along with Rollanda Coxx.

And this Friday begins a Crown & Anchor co-produced weekend series of events at VERS in Hell’s Kitchen that you are partaking in!

It’s gonna be crazy! The Crown is the best of the best in PTown, so if they’re teaming with VERS it’s going to be something you can’t miss.

First off, you’re there for a Marti Cummings-hosted “Lip Sync for the Crown” competition on Friday!

We have solo performers, groups, drag, non-drag all competing in a lip sync gauntlet for a vacation getaway to Ptown next summer. Also, my costar Mackenzie from Ptown is royalty so you can’t miss them!

And there will be a Sunday drag brunch at VERS as well, starring you and others!

We have four incredible performers: myself, Mackenzie, Elle Emenopé and NY’s Hanukah Lewinsky. The brunch at VERS is new this week, so you’ll wanna get in now before it becomes yet another impossible spot to get a reservation.

And then the Monday holiday show at VERS is gonna be huge!

Oh yes! The talent that they are bringing from Ptown is mind blowing. It’ll be one of the best concerts you’ve ever been to, hands down.

What else is coming up for you?

After this next weekend, a beard! I’m in talks of a weekly gig in midtown but I’m just looking for guest spots around the city and pitching my Drag Concert: Jizzelle Live! to whoever will listen.

Much to look forward to! Okay lastly: how many times do you plan to sing or perform “All I Want For Christmas” this year?

That is one song you’ll never catch me doing! Gotta keep it fresh!

Glad to hear it! Thanks, Jizzelle!

[Photo: Karen Jerzyk]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Jizzelle’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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