Podcast: BitchFest Twinner & Uncrying Cancer Showponii

Freddie & Jim review their Thanksgivings, Freddie’s kikis at Stonewall & Monster, and shows by Dina Martina (where Jim spotted a major celeb) and Thirsty Burlington. Jim also has a harrowing tale of a “violent” adventure in an “outer borough bar” to share!

Then it’s time for a fun chat with ShowPonii, a first time GLAM nominee for a category that’s returned to the awards show for the first time in years: Best Drag King! “Show” (aka “Horse”) tells us about growing up upstate, his creative inspirations and how his stunning makeup looks come to be, coming through Zavaleta’sBitchFest” as a twinner winner and a Takes the Cake finalist, being a non-crying Cancer, the realities of drag and gender in 2022 and doing shows in Brooklyn and Beacon!

Showponii sticks around for the news: an update on NYC’s scary roofie crime spree; a proposal to state-fund security in queer bars; the Q Club shooter now suspiciously identifies as non-binary; right wing media is loving that the vandalism of VERS “isn’t a hate crime”; younger nightlifers are increasingly drawn to sober and “sober curious” events;  the strange Satanic rabbit hole (and possible homophobia?) that is the Balenciaga fetish teddy bear scandal; RIP two music legends long beloved by queer fans.

And it’s time to discuss and make predictions on these GLAM categories: Best Club, Best Door Goddess  & Best Cabaret!

Email us: thotlight@redeyeny.com


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