On Point With: ShowPonii

A dynamic star of a new era of drag and a (T)winner of a recent high profile Brooklyn competition, ShowPonii has our full attention as he slays the scene with lewks and numbers.

Thotyssey: Hello ShowPonii, thanks for chatting with us today! So this past weekend you performed in “Yes Homo” at C’mon Everybody… how did it go?

ShowPonii: It was amazing, and a big bestie spiral between me, Andramada and Jay [Kay]. I think our goal was to make Mini [Horrorwitz] regret putting us all in the same cast… but then I remembered she’s just as unhinged as us.

Lol! C’mon Everybody became The Place To Be in Brooklyn post-lockdown. What is it about the space that appeals to so many folks now, do you think?

Honestly, it’s my favorite bar, period. Amazing show production aside, the staff there are so nice… and I felt right at home. I’m definitely always taken care of there (also thank you Ian for putting up with me harassing him every week behind the bar), but! I also love how warm it feels every time I walk in. I feel like I can talk to anyone and make a new friend or connection, and the staff and other performers are amazing at cultivating that community.

Belated congrats on co-winning the March season of Zavaleta’s “BitchFest” competition alongside MissMa’amShe! How did you enjoy that whole experience?

Ah yes my beloved twinner! BitchFest was the jump start I truly needed to feel creative again in drag. I had been doing a lot of gigs, and started to feel burnt out from doing the same money-making numbers, and not really proud of how I was performing in general. Then I started coming to BitchFest to support Jay [in the premiere February season] and I was feral over how much I wanted to be in it! It pushed me, and really made me look forward to creating performances that would test my own limits. That, and I honestly was not expecting to walk away with a whole new group of friends. The cast is so fun, and I was so excited every week to see what they brought!

So where are you from originally, and how did you begin as an artist?

I’m from Newburgh, which is about an hour and a half away upstate. It used to be really not queer friendly, but now there’s drag shows popping up everywhere! I actually started performing in New Paltz, which is a little further up. At the time I was trying to find a queer community–and just somewhere I could feel like I fit in–because I was starting to try and really figure out my gender identity. So of course I did that by going to a drag show, lol! From the moment I saw those queens I wanted to perform, and started coming up with ideas immediately. I’m lucky enough that some of them became my close friends and sisters, and specifically my sister Evangeline gave me my first few gigs! I was hooked on how amazing I felt, and haven’t stopped since. I think it’s mostly spite now that drives me, lol!

When did you start performing in Brooklyn, and how might you describe the ShowPonii stage and looks experience today?

Brooklyn has always been my favorite place to be since I saw my first show here years ago, which was “STR8 to DVD,” and I fell in love with the scene immediately. I wanted to perform as much as possible, but more so recently this year I’ve been lucky enough to be booked in a bunch of different shows with some of my favorite performers!

ShowPonii first and foremost is just a big fag who likes to prance around and show off, with a violent amount of hand flourishes. At least, that’s most of the time. The other half is being half-naked, rolling around in blood, pulling a surprise out of whatever hole. So honestly, you don’t really know what you’re going to get when I perform… minus a good time!

[All above slideshow photos by AJ Jordan]

Your makeup lookbook on Instagram is stellar! How did those skills develop?

Growing up I was always drawing and creating art, so it translates very easily to what I do on my face! I tend to draw out most of my more complicated faces, but honestly I just like having fun and doing whatever comes to mind!

We’re definitely in a boom of “drag kings and things” finding their place and slaying the nighltife game. We obviously still have a long way to go, but isn’t it great to see more gender diversity and types of drag on more stages?

Oh, absolutely. I am so happy to see more shows booking performers that aren’t just drag queens. Honestly, I think The Cake Boys had a huge hand in helping that with their competition! I was so happy to see the performers who competed in it were popping up all over getting booked! I definitely want to keep the momentum going, though. While it is nice to see diversity, I am getting tired of seeing one token king in a line up full of cis queens. There’s no shortage of talented drag kings in Brooklyn, and in the community, period; so don’t be shy book at least more than one, lol!

You’ll be the Resident Drag Person for DJ Leroy Brown’s “Danceteria” at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Bar on Thursday! That should be fun, right?

Oh, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to be a little gremlin running all around Metro with a stage to myself!

And then Saturday, May 14 you’ll be back at C’mon with a special “STR8 to DVD” event highlighting the Glam-nominated fashions of DJ Ten Yards! Will you be modeling as well as performing?

Yes, I will be cracking my petite little bones up and down that stage. I haven’t seen what Ten Yards has made yet, so I’m extra excited to see what he makes for me. I know it’s going to be absolutely buck!

Saturday’s actually a Two Ponii show night; after STR8, you’ll be part of a Lady Gaga edition of “Be Cute” at Littlefield!

Yes! We’re celebrating Charlene’s birthday, so it’s going to be another wild show; I may black out, I fear!

Then the following Thursday (May 19), you, Andramada and MissMa’amShe are heading up to Beacon for a show at the Happy Valley Arcade Bar! That’s near your hometown, I’m guessing.

Yes, that’s actually my monthly show that me and Andramada started! We still perform in our hometown a lot; the community we’ve cultivated with our shows has grown. It makes me so happy to be able to perform in front of friends and family, and open that space up to new local performers as well! Also, the money is real cute up there… honestly truly.

Next up, on May 26th you’ll be with The Cake Boys for their weekly show at The Q in Manhattan.

I was lucky enough to see one of their shows recently, and it made me vibrate with how excited I am for my run of it! Also, an all Latinx show is always my tea.

And at the end of the month, you’re back into competing… this time for the Mx Nobody pageant at Purgatory on May 28! Exciting!

“BitchFest” ruined me because it made me realize I am a competitive little bastard, so I am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone brings.

Is there anything else coming up?

June 1st is my show “BUCK” back upstate featuring myself, the bestie Andramada, and Zavaleta in her full gremlin glory. It’s going to be a spiral, and I can’t wait for her to see what the scene is like where we’re from!

We will look forward to that! And finally: if you’re following Drag Race, All Stars S7 is gonna premiere any minute. Whose team are you on?


Truth! Thanks, ShowPonii!

[Photo: Anthony Leo]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Showponii’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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