On Point With: Lilith Moon

The drag daughter of a popular Astoria and Brooklyn Queen who started in the biz just a short while ago, Lilith Moon already has the children spellbound and moonstruck.

Thotyssey: Greetings, Lilith! How’s September?

Lilith Moon: It’s been great pretty cute and busy! How’s yours going?

So far so good! Looking forward to the spooky season. I’m guessing by your witchy drag name that you are as well!

Of course! I have a lot of stuff planned out.

Exciting! How long have you been a drag performer now, by the way?

I’m fairly new; I started in December. So nine months!


Where’s your original hometown, and what ultimately put you on the drag path?

I was born and raised here in Jackson Heights, but I graduated high school and college in Ecuador. In college I really wanted to do it, but decided that once I came back I’ll definitely do it here. I think what put me on this path was my love for makeup, and just my career overall.

These days you’re mainly mixing it up with the Astoria gals.

I love the community and sisterhood I’ve built with the queens in Astoria… thanks to my drag mom Sherry Poppins.

Ah, I didn’t know she was your mom! How did that come to be?

I used to be a regular at her show, and one day I asked her if I could do a pop-up and she said yes. Days went on, yada yada yada, and before my show I asked her [to be my mom] and she said no, lol… that I’ll have to prove it to her. So after my first performance, she said she’d think about it. And a couple of shows later, she announced it before I performed a number… and it was so nice. It really made me happy.

You’re a work in progress of course, but how might you describe the type of drag you do today?

I would describe it as sexy, spooky and stupid. You can find me doing a burlesque number, or something with a meme involved — or sometimes both — and spitting a bit of blood for a gag.

So I see this a Friday you’ll be at Big aLICe Barrel Room in Brooklyn, as Purss’ophonie’s show guest! Is she a Judy of yours?

Oh, definitely… Purss is one of my besties. It should be a great show!

And this Saturday, you’ll be co-hosting brunch at Kween in Astoria!

Yes! we have some amazing stuff planned out, with my Tia Freeda.

What else is coming up for you?

I have a monthly show at Katch Astoria where Avant Garbage and I host a dog costume competition! This months theme is “Back to School,” it will happen September 27th!

And come October, you will be getting properly spooky.

Yes! I will be part of the cast of the shadow play of Hocus Pocus at Icon on October 22nd, with an incredible cast. It’s going to be a blast!

Extraordinary! Okay, in closing: what’s the one thing you’ve learned so far about Drag Life that’s surprised you the most?

How nice and amazing everyone can be. Always be nice to everyone, and I promise it pays off!

Thanks, Lilith!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Lilith Moon’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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