On Point With: Goldilocks

Discussing her journey as a queer indie reggaetón recording artist, her upcoming showcase and the *ahem* “deep” inspiration of her new single, it’s the always-shining Goldilocks! [Cover photo: Raquel Beauchamp]

Thotyssey: Hello Goldilocks, thanks for chatting with us today! Happy August… how’s the month treating you far?

Goldilocks: I’m having a blast so far, how about you?

I can’t complain. Well no, I can complain a little! August is a slow month for nightlife, after all. Actually, that reminds me… some time ago, you were supposed to perform at a party I was running called “Thot Mess,” along with Dragula star Erika Klash… but Covid cancelled us, and the party has yet to return! Did Covid slow a whole lot of your projects and progress down?

Yeah, Covid definitely changed the game a little bit! I had some big shows and plans lined up that got canceled… including ours, lol! But I also got to experience some new ways to entertain a crowd. I was able to perform for Amazon Music’s “Together at Home” virtual concert series, as well as for the Festival of Lights and Sound, and I put on some other fun shows online.

So I definitely feel like I learned a lot, and got to connect with a worldwide audience in a way I hadn’t been able to do before. Plus all that time in lockdown helped me make some dope music… so it’s all good. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes!

I did love the video for your very chill track “Slide My Way,” from almost a year ago now. That wasn’t your first video, right?

No, actually it’s like my third or fourth–but def one of my favorites. We had so much fun shooting that.

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you yet?

I would say it’s like a mix of reggaeton, hip hop, pop, and just vibes.

And in your videos and live performances, you always have hot dancing girls with you, lol! Where do you find these ladies… are they your friends?

The girls I dance with are my friends, and they’re amazing dancers and choreographers. They create all the dances themselves, and they’re such an integral part of my shows at this point.

So where are you form originally, and what was the sort of music that originally inspired you while growing up?

I was born and raised in Queens NY, which is where I currently live. But my family is from Asturias, Spain; I’m a first generation Spanish-American. Growing up, I listened to a mix of everything. I always loved reggaetón and rap, and rock and pop music, jazz… even country music sounds good to me sometimes, lol! I love music, all types of music. And I love learning about new music and old music I’ve never heard of.

Can’t wait to hear some Goldilocks country ditties some day!

Lol, I don’t know if I’ll ever make country music on my own ’cause it’s really far out of my comfort zone. But if someone hits me up with an idea for a collab on a country song, that sounds good to me! I’d have the verse in their inbox by tomorrow!

When did you begin recording an performing as Goldilocks, and how did that name come to you?

I started when I was about 19 years old in college. But I had been messing around with rapping and freestyling with friends for a little while by then, nameless, until the name came to me one day. You know, I heard of this lesser-known character from the DC universe named Goldilocks who had the power of persuasion, and it kinda just spoke to me. And I was blonde as a kid, so I was like… yeah, why not? I can rock that. And then it just stuck, everybody started calling me Goldi.

And Goldilocks is very much a rising star today! I’ve seen you perform a few times, mostly with the Jayse Vegas camp, and your energy is always fantastic. But what are the challenges of being a queer indie recording artist today?

I guess the challenges are that people sometimes think they won’t connect with a queer artist if they’re not queer themselves–but to be honest, all that melts away when people hear the music and see the show. Music transcends all those labels, and so do people’s souls. I think we’re all more similar than we realize, and keeping that in mind has really helped me avoid and get through some of those challenges and barriers. And also, girls like me… so that always helps, lol.

You have an upcoming new single called “Feel Good” and an accompanying release party this weekend!

Yes I do! And I encourage everyone who is hot to get a ticket for the show on Saturday, because it’s gonna be a MF party!

What can you tell us about the sound of and inspiration for the new song?

A lot of people may be surprised, but the inspiration for this song is actually and honestly an ode to the best head I ever got in my life. It’s magical, it’s breathtaking, it’s all-consuming fire. It feels gooood! I don’t know if this is a family friendly interview, but that’s the god honest truth.

People in families need good head, too!

They may need it the most.

Tell us about the release party (now that phrase has a different meaning, lol) this Saturday (6:30pm) at 3 Dollar Bill! You’ll be joined by Young Wepa and Darlin! The Band.

I’m going to do a full set–45 minutes–and I’ll be bringing a special guest with me during my set. And the other two performers are amazing–I invited them out because I really think they will mesh with the energy and get the crowd hyped. It’s gonna be a blast… no pun intended!

Anything else the children should be looking out for in the near or distant future?

Absolutely! I got two new singles dropping this summer, and a couple others on the way after that. People can pre-save “Feel Good” right now, and that’s the best place to find all my upcoming stuff… as well as my website.

Much to look forward to! Okay, in closing… who’s had the best summer bop so far (besides you of course)?

Maaaaaaan, I haven’t stopped listening to that new Drake since it came out. Catch me partying to the new Drake album with my tits out in Spain this summer!

We will definitely be there in spirit! Thanks, Goldi!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Goldilocks’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Also, check out her website.

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