On Point With: Sasha Shook

Say Hello to the Queen of Farewell Bar… the sexy Sasha Shook!

Thotyssey: How’s summer treating you so far, Sasha?

Sasha Shook: It’s going great! We started “Shook Sundays” back on Pride weekend with our best show yet, featuring my drag daughter Saint Nova, Jamie CD, and Jupiter Genesis! And I had a couple trips to Fire Island… y’know, a lot of fun gay shit!

You are mostly a Brooklyn girl these days.

I have been!

When you’re not working, what are your preferred hangout spots down there?

You can usually find me at 3 Dollar Bill, Elsewhere, Starr Bar, Farewell, and Rosemont!
And I’m a sucker for a good “Ty Tea” and “Fake Nudes.”

So where are you from originally, and what were your early interests as far as art, music, performing, fabulosity, etc?

I’m originally from Wheeling, West Virginia, actually–not Hickville, thank God, but in the northern panhandle between Pennsylvania and Ohio. I fly into Pittsburgh when I go home, just an hour away.

I really started getting into makeup, performing, etc. when I was in college at WVU and went to my first drag show; the main MC queen kinda took me under her arm as I got familiar with drag. That was my first time seeing a drag show in college, and it was just incredible. My junior year, she helped me really get into it. Then I used to be in the main show cast at Vice Versa in Morgantown, WV as one of four “Vixens.” And now it’s been five and a half years as Sasha Shook!

What brought you to New York?

I have a bachelors of science in fashion merchandising; I graduated from WVU and moved to NYC three days later! I have now been here 4.5 years.

[Photo: @skyeoadrian]

So there’s no other way to say this: there are, like, a billion queens here now in post-lockdown NYC. Is that a difficult situation to navigate?

It’s something I’ve definitely dealt with since being here. When I first moved to the City, I was doing all the open stages, etc. just to meet the girls and make my name known. It was cute and fun, but competition is stiff. I got discouraged for a bit, and took a break for a little while. I would get booked for shows here and there, but nothing truly consistent. I always knew I wanted to do my own drag brunch… I just needed somewhere to take a chance on me.

One of my friends is a DJ, and asked me to perform at her event at Farewell Bar early November. I befriended the manager, and she took that chance on me; now I’m the host and producer of Shook Sundays at Farewell. This Sunday will be our 15th show!

I have learned to stand out amongst these queens by doing what I do best: looking pretty, beating my mug, and making an energetic-but-fun mix with comedic relief! I love to make mixes that have current viral jokes, etc. which make the crowd and my peers just laugh and have fun!

[Photo: Tanner Lant]

The Haus of Shook is small (for now), but mighty.

Right now it’s just myself and my daughter Saint Nova. We always knew of each other from nightlife pre-pandemic, but summer 2020 we got super close. She was going to make her debut at Now & Then that summer, and asked me to do her makeup. I was honored, and helped her with her makeup, look, performance, etc. She’s someone I’ve always admired and have seen her potential; watching her grow has been truly astronomical. I had a Wow moment during my Pride show with her: she performed “Video Phone,” and my jaw was just on the floor. It was one of those performances where at the very end, everyone kept clapping and screaming for about a full minute. I was just so proud.

Saint Nova will rejoin you once again at Farewell this weekend, along with special guest Aldrian! Tell us a bit about this show and this venue, for those not yet in the know.

Yes! Nova actually is in every show with me; we usually bring on one or two special guests per show. It is twice a month, bi-weekly! Farewell recently opened a food window called Gunther’s, with incredible food by the “soup queen.” Drink specials, brunch-wise: bottomless mimosas, miso Bloody Marys, frozen cocktails (strawberry lemonade, and mango margarita with tajin). $5 off your tab when you spend $20 at Gunther’s. We also have a specialty queen drink menu!

For the queens, we usually do two to three numbers each (depending on how many guests) followed by drag roulette! We also do drinking games with the crowd. It’s such a fun time! Doors open at 2pm, with shows starting at 2:30pm. Tickets can be bought [here] for $5, and will be $10 at the door.

Anything else coming up for you that the children should be aware of?

Stay tuned through my Insta! Plenty of Shook Sundays, but some possible events in the works.

Got it. And lastly… All Stars 7! Whose team are you on to win?

OMG, this is a hard one! But as of right now I’m Team Raja / Trinity, with a Jaida Rising!

Thanks, Sasha!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Sasha Shook’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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