On Point With: Danity Powers

Although she’s been performing in our area and beyond for a few years now, this fierce Maryland-born queen is making 2022 the Year of Ms. Danity Diamond-Powers! [Cover photo: James Michael Avance]

Thotyssey: Hello Ms. Powers! I understand you’re a captive interviewee today!

Danity Powers: Hello Thotyssey! Thank you for having me as an interviewee on this big old bus traveling back to NYC! Oh gee, my first bus to DC from NYC on this past Monday felt like a student driver was behind the wheel (pumping on the brakes every second). My home is West Virginia with my family; I came back into town because I booked a bridal shoot with my DC modeling agency and we shot in Baltimore, MD.

So on top of being a fierce queen, you’re also a supah-model!

YAASSS! I’ve been professionally modeling for the past decade. It’s a lot of commercial modeling where I get paid to smile, laugh, and have a good time in front of the camera.

I believe you told me once that you also lived on Long Island.

Yes, I used to live on Long Island from September to December 2021. Since January, I’ve been back in NYC and currently in the Manhattan UWS, still couch-surfing until I find my perfect apartment just for me. I work beside TM Entertainment whom are based in Northport, Long Island. TM and I host a monthly brunch at Anthony’s Windows on the Lake (a wedding and event venue) in Ronkonkoma, NY. I was driving my car from Manhattan to Ronkonkoma, NY to do the brunches, and now I left “Phoenix” my Red Mazda in West Virginia… so now it’s all on the LIRR system to get to the brunch in Ronkonkoma, NY.

The Nomad Life can be a Carry!

Bouncing around can be very challenging, yet I love to travel because I did not get the chance to travel a lot when I was child. Traveling around is all a part of the rollercoaster of the journey everyone’s got to experience. I always got a suitcase packed; with all the couch-surfing, I’ve been living out of suitcase for a year now.

Tell us how you began as a creative person while growing up, and how you ultimately discovered drag and became a queen yourself.

Growing up in Montgomery County, MD I was always very flamboyant and very limber. I taught myself how to do cartwheels and simple tumbling. I thought I was so cool, I even tried to do a cartwheel off the couch… and broke my left arm in the effort (at eight years old, I tried to place my broken bone back into place, then I was off to the hospital).

I came out to my parents as bisexual when I was fourteen years-old. I followed popular musical TV shows and movies on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon–singing and dancing were my escape from the norm, and the challenges of school work. I was always on the honor roll and always spoke up for myself, especially when I got to high school. A great saying: “closed mouths don’t get fed.” I was a lead in musicals, captain of track team, school mascot, had a role in student government, and won many scholar awards.

I did not always want to do drag. When I came to NYC in 2012, my impression of drag queens was that they were big scary clowns in heels (I extremely dislike clowns). In 2015-2016, I started coming around Miz Cracker’s shows, and I saw her style of drag–which was what I liked. Then the late G Lounge had a “Drag Academy” night, and to get ready for my debut Ruby Powers (my drag mother) helped me with my wig, clothes, and heels. My friend Jaxx helped me with my music (“Grown Woman” by Beyoncé) and my makeup… thus “Coco Diamond” was born.

Months later after a beach trip, I found a wig shop that had an ombré brown-to-blonde wig named “Danity,” thus Danity Diamond was born (I loved Danity Kane). Just two years ago during the pandemic I added “Powers” to my name, which is my drag mom’s name. Danity Diamond-Powers is my full name, but it’s so long–so it’s just “Danity Powers” or “Danity D. Powers.” Since 2016 with the help of my supportive friends, family–my biological mom does drag with me as Delilah Diamond-Powers–and YouTube, now I am the queen you see here today.

Your biological Mom does drag, too!?

During the pandemic lockdown, my biological mom and I did a mini-live talk show called “Everything is Better with Prosecco.” We discussed the current Drag Race, social topics, and up-and-coming word slang. After that, I performed a couple of live performances in our basement in West Virginia. It’s been awhile since we did a show, since I worked on the beach on Fire Island last summer.

And how might you describe your own drag today?

It’s all about high energy, with beautiful moments of gymnastics and headstands. I’ve even done a headstand on top of a boat on the Potomac River in Washington, DC! My looks and numbers are going to the next level with gorgeous garments from Dolls Kill and mixes by award winning DJs like JCLEF. I am also going back to my passion of linking lyrics together with songs. For example, it could be an outgoing theme: “Boyfriend,” “High Love,” “That Bit*h,” or the actual words of one song will link with the next song, creating a story in the mix. Ooh, I’m a sucker for a great mashup and giving credit to the artists that make them!

[Photo: Jeff Eason]

So you must have seen the art and business of drag change a lot during your various stages and incarnations.

Yes, it’s allowed me to take a lot in. I just have to take everything one step at a time, to be successful while loving myself on the journey. I have a lot of experience in working events with food and beverage… now I started to produce the drag brunches in Long Island with TM Entertainment as a co-producer.

Tell us a bit about these brunch shows your hosting at Anthony’s / Windows on the Lake in Ronkonkoma, the next one being Sunday, May 15 at 12:30!

This fantastic wedding event venue is a beautiful spot along Lake Ronkonkoma. It will be our third brunch with them, and it’s mostly Long Island women who love to brunch with gorgeous drag queens. We are promoting non-stop to bring out more of the queer community to a non-queer event establishment; we started to print out flyers and post them around the malls in the surrounding areas in Long Island. It’s a fabulous drag brunch that offers group ticket sales that include delicious gourmet buffets and unlimited mimosas with a full bar available. It’s been Ruby Slay Monroe and myself, with special guests every brunch we do. We have the famous DJ Tommy Bruno on the beats and mic. We play games too, and have a great time with a fabulous view of the lake in the background for the perfect photo opportunity.

And you have a lot of guest spots coming up! On Tuesday night, you’ll be with with Kiki Ball-Change and Castrata at Pieces. And the next night, you’ll be at Monster Bar doing a number with Holly Dae (and her monthly co-host Tina Twirler).

Yes, I love all those queens! I was able to grow closer with them last year on Fire Island: Kiki and Castrata had their Saturday Brunch alongside Lagoona Bloo at the Blue Whale, and Holly was at the underwear party at the Ice Palace. I’m so excited to work with them. I was the first drag queen Kiki met in drag years and years ago, so it’s like a full circle coming together again.

Then on Sunday, May 8th (Mother’s Day) you’ll be a queen on the scene for Someone From Berlin’s popular kiki “Ultramaroon” at the Blue Midtown!

I joined the family of Ultramaroon on April 10th; Someone From Berlin and crew are some of the sweetest individuals I have met since moving back to NYC. I’m so thankful and honored to be in their family of love. If you love house music, fun individuals, and a day party, then Ultramaroon’s next party is May 8th. And don’t forget to join us for Ultramaroon’s 2022 Pride Party on Thursday, June 23rd at the DL Rooftop!

And on Saturday, May 14 you’ll be back at Pieces.

Yes! Heidi Haux and I are back together again for the “Get Happy” hour at Pieces at 5pm. Last time we clicked so well together, and she is so sweet asking me about my story… and it was such a fun show. I’ve been working on my stigma to last through the entire show and more.

You’re quite a Busy B! Anything else?

On Saturday June 4th I will be the guest of “Slay Saturdays” starring Lexington Banks and DJ 2Face at Hardware Bar. Then Saturday, June 11th, the beautiful Paige Monroe asked me me to join her at her brunch. With all these bookings, I hired an assistant–her name is Jenn, and she is absolutely fabulous and so sweet!

Have great shows! Okay, in closing: Drag Race All-Stars! We all have Drag Race fatigue after this past season, but this is no doubt a great cast. Whose team are you on for the win?

Always #TEAMMonétXChange. She helped me out a lot when I first started doing drag; she even sewed two garments for me! My biological mom and I had the chance to create a bond with Monét when she had me as her special guest at Barracuda Bar in Chelsea, before she got on RuPaul.

You’re both superstars! Thanks, Danity!

[Photo: Antone Photo]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Danity Powers’ upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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