On Point With: Mo’Riah

One half of the recent GLAM-nominated drag duo The Covergworls that emerged as a fan favorite pandemic-era act, South Carolina native Tré Way aka Mo’Riah also has a few upcoming shows of her own to slay the children with.

Thotyssey: Hello, Mo’Riah! How have you been enjoying February so far?

Mo’Riah: So far it’s been going good… have some very exciting things coming up this month!

Yay! So, you and sis Dev Doee have both been very busy with gigs, but I see now that even when you’re performing together you’re no longer going by The Covergworls. Are you phasing out the name, or are you two holding out on us?

The Covergworls are still together, and holding on for something big!

[Photo: Jeff Eason]

Were you at the Glam Awards at all last weekend?

Yes I was there, in honor of [The CoverGworls] being nominated as Best Duo.

Right! It was a great night: a huge number of POC performers were honored, some long overlooked OG folks as well. Plus, several new performers and venues who popped up during lockdown got trophies! Pretty much the only one who didn’t get an award was Thotyssey, lol!

I had a great time… just wish they started on time!

That’s asking a lot, lol!

As a solo performer in the city, how might you describe what your performances are like for anyone who’s never seen you?

A dancing queen that gives choreo with a pretty face.

That’s accurate! You’re still relatively new to drag, but what might’ve changed about the business since you started?

Nothing has really changed, but more doors are opening up for me as a solo performer!

Let’s talk about those doors! I see that you’re twirling on Super Bowl Sunday (2/13) at 3 Dollar Bill. Nicky Ottav is hosting a drag tribute to the many great halftime shows of the past decade, so many of which starred our great female pop stars: Diana Ross, Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, JLo and Shakira…. do you have a personal favorite halftime moment?

Beyoncé, of course! But also lady Gaga performance was great.

What else is coming up for you?

I have a big surprise coming sometime soon, but can’t discuss yet… and also getting my weekly show started soon this month.

Very exciting, we’ll keep our eyes on your socials! To end: now that Kornbread is sadly out of the running, who’s team are you on for Drag Race S14?

Kerri Colby and Willow Pill! And Jorgeous — can’t forget the dancing diva!

Thanks, Mo’Riah!

[Photo: Jeff Eason]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Mo’Riah’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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