On Point With: Lucas Skywalker

Currently one of Hell’s Kitchen’s most popular Sunday nights, “Hard Serve” is the product of “Drag Race” alum Dahlia Sin and this fierce host and producer. But as Lucas Skywalker reminds us, throwing a kiki this big every week is a task surmountable by only a chosen few!

Thotyssey: Hello Lucas, thanks for chatting with us today! How was your New Years Weekend?

Lucas Skywalker: Hi Thotyssey, thank you for having me. My New Years was… lit.

That’s great! Some parts of the city were dead that weekend, but others were thriving! Has this whole Omicron situation been a big burden for you and your events, or are you successfully working around it?

Yeah, so the whole Omicron surge definitely affected me negatively. I had to cancel about four gigs (both producing and hosting). But now that some weeks have passed, along with things somewhat calming down, I’m able to comfortably go back to doing all my gigs in this new year.

Are you a native New Yorker?

Yup, born and raised in the Bronx.

And what were you into growing up as far as music, fashion, art, fabulosity, etc.?

For music, I’ve always been into hip-hop, rap, pop, dancehall, R&B, and reggaeton. Though I did go through a phase during my early years in high school of only listening to alternative music. And now I would say that I’ve really opened my taste to several genres of music.

In regard to fashion, my sense of style has changed several times throughout the years. Between changing my hair style and color more times than I can count and my fashion style ranging from preppy, to athleisure, to streetwear, to wearing very revealing garments… I think I’ve found a fusion that works well for me currently.

For art, I can’t say I was into it that much as an adolescent. It wasn’t until I took a couple art classes in college and started traveling the world that I grew a love for it now. I’ve learned that art is everywhere, in different forms.

Therefore I can attribute my fabulosity to everything I’ve said above. I think what makes me fabulous is having been brave enough to make all my different, daring and interesting range of choices growing up.

[Photo: Warren Piece]

Have you modeled professionally? You definitely have a compelling edge to your look!

Yes, lol, during my early 20’s. I’ve even walked for NYFW, and have done a campaign. But I used to be extremely shy when I was younger, so I was too afraid to try to get signed, etc. However, that was a phase. I have absolutely no desire nor passion to model now. And thank you!

By the way… Are you a Star Wars geek, or is it just a Cute Name Situation?

I’m definitely a Star Wars fan for sure. Not a die hard fan, but a fan nonetheless. I used to watch all the movies with my fam as a child. But it did become a cute name situation from there!

How do you discover nightlife, and meet Dahlia Sin and Kandy Muse?

I discovered nightlife from going out with my friends, and meeting a bunch of people. But I began working in nightlife when I was approached by producers and DJs to host their parties a few years back. I’ve met both Dahlia and Kandy at the same time, through a close mutual friend of ours at a party… a couple years back as well.

So if I have my “Serve” history correct, things began with “Soft Serve” at 3 Dollar Bill, which was produced by Dahlia and a just-filmed-Drag Race Kandy. I believe that was an early Sunday thing… were you a part of that?

So I’ve never actually hosted “Soft Serve,” lol. When I was asked to host one of the parties, I was out of town so I wasn’t able to. Afterwards, Dahlia asked me in July of last year if I would want to co-produce it with her. And after producing my first event the month prior (Dumbo Pride) and realizing that I’m passionate about producing, I was excited to be a part of that.

[Photo: Jeff Eason]

So now we have “Hard Serve” weekly at The Q! This is a really hot ticket event, with popular RuGirls and other big name guests performing each time. I can’t imagine how much work goes into this!

We’re a weekly party that likes to rotate our selection of DJ’s, hosts, and performers. No one is ever a resident. Dahlia and I like to continuously keep it new and fresh. So during the planning process, Dahlia and I are always in meetings discussing who we want to staff out for that week. We make sure that the different DJs and hosts complement each other as well, and are not just grouped randomly.

For our flyer design, we like to completely change the aesthetic of our flyers bi-monthly. We also like to work with different graphic designers, depending on our vision for the new flyer. So there’s the whole creative process behind that for creating different concepts.

After that’s all done, outreach begins. We’re contacting the DJs, hosts and talent. I would say that booking hosts is the easiest part (if they’re local hosts). Booking DJs is somewhat relatively easy (depending on the DJ). Booking talent is the most challenging, in regards to RuGirls and celebrities. You have to get their manager’s point of contact email, make sure they’re available for that date, and in most cases negotiate pay. From there, it’s the promo phase. As a producer, you want to ensure that you’re staff is promoting the flyers.

And then, it’s the night of the party. Dahlia and I make sure to say hi to every single staff member that works at the club, every week. We greet the security, door person, bartenders, dancers, lighting / tech folks and managers. We work hand-in-hand with the manger(s) in making sure that the night runs smoothly between the host, DJs, and talent.

So when your friends outside the industry are like, “wow you get paid to party, sounds fun,” you must have a lot of side eye to give them!

Oh yes, lol. Most people don’t get the amount of work that goes behind it. But in all fairness, I didn’t either until I started doing it.

This weekend you’ve got double duty, actually. First off, on Saturday you’ll be a host at 3 Dollar Bill for their epic party “HER,” and that’s gonna feature Drag Race star Derrick Barry!

Mhm! It’s gonna be a fun and busy weekend.

Then on Hard Serve Sunday at The Q, Auntie Kandy returns for a twirl!

Oh yes! We’re so excited to have her be a part of the first Hard Serve of 2022!

Anything else coming up for you?

Stay tuned for a this whole other separate party that I’m currently working on!

Excitement! Okay, lastly… what are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Traveling more, living in alignment, and leveling the fuck up as an NYC nightlife producer.

Use that Force! Thanks, Lucas!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Lucas Skywalker’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Instagram.

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