On Point With: Antpuke

The founder of new kiki brand Club Carry, Doll, DJ and composer Antpuke is on the frontlines of an exciting new scene embodied largely by femme-tastic, experimental techno and hyperpop raves in Ridgewood. Let’s chat!

Thotyssey: Hello, Antpuke! Thanks for chatting with us today! You were pretty busy with gigs this past Halloween Week… how did that all go?

Antpuke: It was beautiful… so great to see all my friends booked and busy, creating space for each other, tearing it up.

You are part of this scene that’s emerging in Ridgewood now, in venues like H0l0, Nowadays and Trans-Pecos: these kinda old school rave parties, but with very modern EDM vibes like hyperpop, and very inclusive crowds. That’s got to be a very exciting thing to see happening now!

Yes, I feel it every time I leave the house… even to go to the bodega. I’m so happy to see more queer, black POC folks doing they thang… it makes me so happy.

I know you’re originally from Miami. Tell us more about yourself, and your relationship with music!

I’m Ava, I’m 22 years-old, I am the founder / curator of Club Carry. Music has always been a part of me; it’s literally saved my life and helped me find myself as the woman I am now. I started DJing when I was 15.

And how did you come up with my new favorite DJ name?

I always wondered if ants puke, since they are so little and eat so much shit.

How did you come to form Club Carry?

I first came to New York on a mini tour to play [Pauli Cakes‘ party brand] “Discakes.” Memphy and I (she’s a co-founder of Club Carry) were originally the youngest dolls in the clurb. We wanted to create something cute for other dolls we were inspired by [my indie EDM record label] New World Dysorder and all the work that they’ve been doing for the dolls. We wanted to see more dolls taking over.

Can you describe the music that you and the other Club Carry DJs like to play?

I enjoy to DJ 140+ BPM and up. I love to rage. I like to keep my DJ sets a surprise. I enjoy playing rap / techno / grabber and experimental. I really enjoy booking people who can take me somewhere away from the dance floor. I love to book people who just do the fucking thing on the decks. No rules! No bra, no panties.

I have so many questions about Club Carry’s nights, but I think I just have to experience it all for myself! Is there a big regular crowd that keeps showing up, or is it always new people?

Honestly, every event is new faces and old faces… I love it so much!

Tell us a little about “Hostile Takeover: Bloody Heels” on Thursday, November 11th at the Brooklyn Monarch!

The event on Thursday is curated by Morgan Austin. The lineup is insane; I can’t wait to see how that’s gonna unfold. They just announced a wresting performance, which is so exciting to me because I used grow up watching WWE when I was younger, lol! This is their first Hostile Takeover event; it is a subsidiary of our parent event company, TOYBOX. Morgan started Hostile Takeover to shed light on the electronic / underground music scene, and to create a safe space for POC and LGBTQIA+ musicians to share their talents!

And then the following Thursday (November 18th), it’s another big one: “Galactika” from Club Carry and Discakes, at Nowadays!

Discakes and Club Carry are new residents at Nowadays! Galactika is gonna consist of an OG Discakes rave vibe; it’s giving fast and slow BPMS in the raveship. I really want to add the spice of set design in Nowadays… our goal is to take our ravers somewhere to the future. I’m so excited to feel free to Bigafricka, then rage to Deli Girls. The DJ lineup has some of my fav DJs ever. I can’t wait for Kai the Black Angel’s set!

Is there anything else coming up for you, or anything at all you wanna plug or discuss before I ask the closer?

I’m having my Basement NYC debut on December 4th, and Club Carry and Discakes are coming to Miami to take over during Art Basel.

Amazing! Last question: what was your favorite new track or remix to play in 2021?

Honestly, “Closer” by DJ Ibon has been healing.

Thank you, Antpuke!

[Photo: Hadriel Gonzalez]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for DJ Antpuke’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram and YouTube. Stream her mixes and compositions on all available platforms.

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