On Point With: Brie Bordeaux

Hot off of showrunning this summer’s titillating “Foreplay” on Fire Island, choreographer Chris Cardelia is bringing an updated version of the hit show to Manhattan for a weekly endeavor–in the guise of gorge new queen on the scene, Brie Bordeaux! [Cover photo: Nick Gaga]

Thotyssey: Hello Brie, thanks for chatting with us tonight! I know you must be pooped after dance rehearsal.

Brie Bordeaux: Hey! I definitely am tired, but no rest for the wicked. I actually am on my way to the next rehearsal I have for the show coming up on Sunday!

How is that going?

Rehearsals this week have been going well! We have an extremely talented cast, and we are really excited to just get this up and share with the city! The show is called “Climax.” It is revisioned and revamped from the original production in Fire Island this summer called “Foreplay” (at Cherrys on the Bay). It’s is a full production show, choreographed fully and composed through. So basically, once we start, there’s no turning back. It’s high energy, sexy, and captivating.

Ah! I didn’t realize that the new show “Climax” premiering on Sunday at Playhouse Bar in the West Village was a continuation of that Fire Island show!

Yes! It’s different in ways and will continue to evolve as we go, but it was too good this summer to close a chapter on it. I created [“Foreplay”], and it has been my baby ever since… so I’m excited I have the opportunity to star in a reimagined version, and continue to expand it…. and star along side Nick Gaga, my partner in crime for this expansion.

I started creating the first version of “Foreplay” with my friend Bobby back In March, and we had [Hamilton touring star] Wonza Johnson come on board for Fire Island. It was so successful that we started expanding it this summer… and we have continued to do so. And now will continue to do so at Playhouse, with a new cast of guys and of course, Nick Gaga.

You’re a Virginia native, and you have a strong background in musical theater and choreography.

I went to school for musical theater, and have been dancing professionally since graduating.

Before ‘Foreplay,” did you have a favorite production you were involved with? And, any dream roles or productions on your wishlist?

I loved when I did KinkyBoots at the Fulton, and also backup danced for the RuPaul queens in the World Pride opening ceremony at the Barclays Center. I don’t have anything at this point set on my wishlist, but life is forever changing. Maybe one day I can create a show on a grand scale that will become my dream.

Speaking of RuPaul queens, that’s a cute pic on your ‘gram of you and Willam!

That was from the Everybody’s Talking About Jamie movie premiere at Neil Patrick Harris’s house in the Hamptons. That event was very unique, and definitely one for the books!

How did Brie come to be, by the way?

Brie came about when I did KinkyBoots. I felt I accessed a whole other aspect of performing, and it gave me a lot of confidence, and was empowering. I rolled with it, and found I can create art I never imagined as Brie.

She had a busy Halloween weekend, turning out with another RuStar, Alaska, at 3 Dollar Bill on Saturday, then Halloween Sunday proper at Playhouse.

It was a marathon, but I am so grateful I had the chance to perform at both venues. The weekend was high energy, and that’s all I can ask for! The show with Alaska was by far one of the coolest moments in drag I’ve had to date; she is a queen that I love working with, and respect immensely. I did “Death by Sex,” and it was so badass! AJ Blankenship is a genius with choreo. I love 3 Dollar Bill so much, and I love my new home Playhouse!

Anything more to say about “Climax” at Playhouse on Sunday?

I would say this is like no other drag show; it’s a theatrical experience, and I hope NYC enjoys it!

Ok Werq! And finally, the leads for the upcoming Wicked film adaptation were just announced: Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande! What are your thoughts?

Dream come true! I’ve been waiting for this to be a movie for so long. I love Ari so much… and you can never go wrong with Cynthia!

Thanks, Brie!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Brie Bordeaux’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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