On Point With: Robin Fierce

Known as one of Connecticut’s most talented and busiest queens, Robin Fierce is now slaying the game right here in New York as well!

Thotyssey: How’s your October, Robin?

Robin Fierce: So far so good… it’s officially my birthday month.

Happy birthday! Can you legally drink and vote now?

Lol, I’ve been able to legally vote for eight years now, and drink for five! And that is officially a math question on the SATs: “how old is Robin Fierce?”

It’s okay, no one can do math!

Yeah math was not my strongest subject. On Friday, I will be 26. And fun fact that I learned last week: I share a birthday with Pixie Aventura.

That’s one of our amazing new York girls! So you are a very unique case in the drag world in that you are a well-known Connecticut queen, but you’re also pretty busy these days here in NYC. Would you rather be more of one than the other (NY versus CT), or are you happy being a Two State Queen?

I am very grateful to be known in both places. I wouldn’t say I am super well-known in New York City yet, but I’m hoping to get there soon, though. And I don’t mind being a Two State Queen… the more the merrier! Let’s add all fifty states to the mix. Why not the whole globe, lol?

World dominatrix… I mean, domination.

That part!

Where are you from originally, and what were your earliest creative interests?

My main family and I are from Brooklyn, New York. We moved to Connecticut when I was five years old, and I grew up most of my life here in Connecticut. I’ve always been interested in art–when I was younger I would draw all the time, and I’ve been singing since before I can remember. Music was my first passion… probably my first love!

When did you become Robin?

I am definitely a product of Drag Race. I came out when I was about 19 going on 20. Then I started diving into queer culture, which of course involved watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. And, realizing that drag queens are like me… they are not these weird creatures. I mean… sometimes we are, lol! But they’re human just like us, and they’re artists just like me. So very soon after, I started dabbling in drag. I practiced my makeup for almost six months before I actually left the house in drag. Thus, Robin was born.

Connecticut is an interesting state to do drag: venues are very scattered in different cities, you basically need to drive to them all, and not every queer bar is necessarily a drag bar. And not every drag bar features weekly shows! What’s been your experience navigating all that?

Well, I just work when and where I can. Sometimes that’s in CT, sometimes that’s in NY, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine. Everything is all over… get in where you fit in.

Based on your name, is Beyoncé your gawdess… or is there another diva that wears that crown?

She’s part of it. I wanted my last name to depict what my drag would be, more then basing it on Beyoncé. But, I’d say her and Mariah are my top divas.

What are your live performances like?

I mean, they range. I lip sync, I sing, I do high energy, ballads and comedy. So it really depends on they day… but it’s always a good time.

Speaking earlier of Pixie, you are co-hosting her New York Hardware show “Drag Swap” every Tuesday in October. How is that going?

Well! I’ve only done one so far; this week will be the second week. I love working with Pixie–watching her perform and host is a lot of fun. I feel like I learn a lot from watching her as well. I mean, I love hosting and performing… I do it often. Being around queens like Pixie is not only fun, it sharpens you.

Another gig you’re doing here in New York: The Countess Mascara’s drag brunch at Lunella in Little Italy, on Halloween Sunday!

Yeah, the brunches with Countess are always a good time. This is going to be a slightly bigger cast then she usually has–there’s, like, five of us! So it’s going to be a lovely show, dahling! I can’t wait to see what everyone brings on the 31st!

And tell us a bit about your Connecticut drag! That weekly show at Troupe is called “Candyland.”

It’s my one woman show; it’s about and hour / hour and a half of me performing and playing games with the audience!

Have a great birthday and great shows! And at last: what’s your favorite Halloween candy?

I do love a Twix. Right or left, I don’t have a preference… lol!

Thanks, Robin!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Robin Fierce’s area appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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