On Point With: Eli Escobar

An iconic NYC nightlife champion, “Tiki Disco” co-founder Eli Escobar reflects on his long and storied career as a club DJ and recording artist while preparing to spin for several exciting events in a rapidly evolving nightlife scene. Thotyssey: Hello Eli, thanks for chatting with us today! I know you’re in the middle of aContinue reading “On Point With: Eli Escobar”

Wednesday (8.4.2021)

WEDNESDAY (8.4.2021) Your daily guide to New York nightlife. UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Jacklynn Hyde (8pm) IDENTITY: Karaoke (8pm) HELL’S KITCHEN XOXO: Jacqueline Dupree, Kenya Keepup, DJ Waly & Vinny Vega (6pm) THE Q: “Juicy” standup comedy night hosted by Dave Mizzoni (7pm);[1st Fl] Pianist James Oblak (8pm);[2nd Fl] DJ Stilleto (9pm);[3rd Fl] Lagoona Bloo & The BlooContinue reading “Wednesday (8.4.2021)”

Tuesday (8.3.2021)

TUESDAY (8.3.2021) Your daily guide to NYC nightlife programming. UPTOWN / BRONX SUITE: Karaoke feat. Victoria Chase (6pm) ALIBI: Janae SaisQuoi with Julie J (8pm) IDENTITY: “Latin & Urban night” feat. DJ Max Damian (10pm) HELL’S KITCHEN XOXO: “Level Up” geeky name night hosted by Thotyssey & Shane Cherry (8pm) THE Q: [1st Fl] Gloria Swansong asContinue reading “Tuesday (8.3.2021)”

Monday (8.2.2021)

MONDAY (8.2.2021) Your daily guide to New York City nightlife programming. UPTOWN / BRONX IDENTITY: Ladies Night (8pm) TOOLBOX: Bingo feat. Phoebe Jeebies (9pm) HELL’S KITCHEN HARDWARE: “Broadway Mondays” feat. VJ OhRicky playing musical clips (6pm);Jacklynn Hyde & Holly Box-Springs (9pm) 410 W 47TH ST: “SCUM: Gush Mondays” (6pm) XOXO: Karaoke hosted by Victoria Chase (8pm) THE Q: [1st Floor] TimContinue reading “Monday (8.2.2021)”

Sunday (8.1.2021)

SUNDAY (8.1.2021) Your daily guide to New York and New Jersey nightlife programming, plus online nightlife-based programming (EST). UPTOWN / BRONX CECIL STEAKHOUSE: Brunch feat. Kelly KaBoom & Stormi Von G (2pm) HARLEM NIGHTS: “Sundaze” (7pm) ALIBI: “Sin Sunday” gogo boys (9pm) SUITE: Karaoke hosted by Victoria Chase (9pm) LAMBDA LOUNGE: DJ Mr Ivory SnowContinue reading “Sunday (8.1.2021)”

On Point With: Davide Laffe

A true auteur of nightlife photography, Davide Laffe has snapped essential shots of all the fabulous children from coast to coast–not to mention a number of stars from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and beyond. Currently he’s in New York for a few more weeks; let’s try and get into his frame while we can before heContinue reading “On Point With: Davide Laffe”