Bar Babe of the Month: Juan at GYM Bar

He’s a staple at one of our favorite sports bars, but we all wanna see more of Juan!

Bar(s) that I work at: GYM Sportsbar at 167 8th Ave, Chelsea

How long I’ve worked there: I was in between jobs and said I could do this for 6 months! 16 years later…

What are my shifts: Tuesdays through Fridays!

What makes this bar great: It has insanely strong drinks, a welcoming atmosphere for all, and the best staff and regulars!

Best drink I make: I have coworkers who won’t drink Margaritas unless I make ‘em

I love it when customers: are polite.

I hate it when customers: are impatient, angry elves.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: drunk rugby player ran through the glass wall to our outdoor patio.

Other places I’ve worked: before bartending, I worked at a film production company that shot commercials only of food and hand models.

My hometown: Hoboken, NJ

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: love traveling, cooking, and “Mario-Kart”

Single or Taken: Taken

Who/what turns me on: Tom Hardy

Favorite music: house music all night long, and Mexican rancheras with a bottle of tequila!

Favorite movie or TV show: Coming to America and The Good Wife / The Good Fight

Favorite drag queen: Shequida

My drag name would be: for my Spanish speakers, Debora Melano (😜)

Favorite gogo boy: I’ll defer to my coworker Diego Guevara, he’s well-versed

Favorite DJ: Honey Dijon

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m in my 40s and still don’t have a driver’s license–best co-pilot (until I pass out)

Follow me on: Instagram

Tip me at: tipping in person is sexy, but if you feel so inclined: Venmo @Juan-Bonilla-7

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