Bar Babe of the Week: Diego at Club Feathers & GYM Bar


Keeping it real, and real hot, on both sides of the river: Diego of Club Feathers, GYM Bar and Rockbar’s Travesura Saturdays!

Bar that I work at: Feathers (River Edge, NJ), GYM BarRockbar (I host a once-a-month party)

How long I’ve worked there: Almost 12 years at Feathers; Almost 4 years at GYM

What are my shifts: Wednesday & Thursday at Feathers, Saturday, Sunday & Monday at GYM

What makes this bar great: The employees [at both bars]. They are like family, and the customers who we’ve known for years and are family as well.

Best drink I make: Peach Long Island… YUM

I love it when customers: TIP! LOL, when they say “thank you, you’re a great bartender.”

I hate it when customers: They don’t tip lol when customers get upset at the other customers if they accidentally bump into them. There’s no need to get upset.

Craziest thing I’ve seen here: Nothing shocks me anymore, lol. I’ve seen it all.

Other places I’ve worked: El Morocco on 145th & Broadway for 5 years,
Castro on Dyckman for four years uptown.

My hometown: Cali, Colombia

Stuff I do when I’m not bartending: I’m at the gym… I feel guilty if I don’t go.

Single or Taken: Happily taken, never more in love than I am with an amazing person.

Who/what turns me on: My boyfriend, honestly. I am so turned on by him!

Favorite music: Pop and vocal house, big Janet Jackson fan, and 90’s/2000’s Diva house music

Favorite movie or TV show: Grey’s Anatomy… I’m a big cry baby, lol

Favorite drag queen: Harmonica Sunbeam–she’s a living legend. so freakin’ funny!

My drag name would be: Mango Perez

Favorite gogo boy: Too many! I can’t say, ‘cause I’ll hurt their feelings, lol!

Favorite DJ: DJ Tita, DJ John Rizzo and DJ Alex Mendez

Other stuff you need to know about me: I’m a big softy with a heart of gold, and a Whore Past!

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