On Point With: Miss Bussy

Having fled her hometown to become Bushwick’s fierce Miss Bussy, this young queen is making her mark while keeping it real.

Thotyssey: How was your weekend, Miss Bussy?

Miss Bussy: Amazing! I went on a road trip with the gworlsz (Angelique Stevens, Liz B. N., Civilization and Ruby Slay Monroe) for our brunch “The City Girls,” which was my first time debuting my drag in Pennsylvania–or outside of NYC in general.

What are drag audiences like out of the city, at least in this case?

The energy was amazing! So loving. Lets just say they don’t believe in $1 bills when it comes to tippin’.

That’s what we like to hear! Meanwhile, things are picking up here in NYC post-lockdown. Have you been enjoying the local gigging, or just kiki-ing, around the city this past summer?

During the lockdown, I actually became more intimate with my drag. There was a point where my job closed down, unemployment was not coming, and my rent was due. My good sis Islaya helped me do some online shows to help me out. Needless to say, bills were paid. Since then, I made a promise to myself that I will go out and go just as hard for myself and for my gals.

Love that! So where are you from originally, and what kind of things were you into while growing up as far as music, performance, fashion, etc?

I was born in Long Island and was raised in East New York. I remember being, like, nine years old and MTV actually played music videos at the time. So every morning before school, I was watching Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

My personal fashion has always been grunge growing up, ’til now. I wanted to be cool so bad–I would go to school and cut my jeans with little safety scissors, so my mom wouldn’t be able to stop me. In high school, I had them raccoon eyes. I just loved things that were different, and made you question things, as a child!

How did you ultimately discover drag and become Miss Bussy?

I never had a great relationship with my parents. When I moved out at 20 to Bushwick, I felt so free. After a while, I started to ask myself… what was next? I would start putting myself in a negative space. I started to watch Drag Race, and I would forget about all my worries and would be so happy. So I decided fuck it, I want to make people feel the way I do when I watch drag. So I took all my insecurities, threw some thick padding on her, did her makeup… and thus Miss Bussy was born! A relatable, ratchet Brooklyn gal.

What’s your favorite number to do these days?

Currently, I’ve been gagging the children with my “WAP” number. But if I don’t wanna break a sweat in the summer heat, I’ll a lil quick “Did It On ‘Em” moment.

So not too long ago, there was a Brooklyn Scene and a Manhattan Scene in regards to drag, and the girls more or less stayed in their lanes. But it seems post-Covid that this line has definitely blurred; all queens are performing wherever they can! That’s a good thing, right?

Honestly, since doing drag I never really understood the “scenes.” Nor can I say I was ever a part of one. Doing “Production,” I was in the city. My own bingo was in Brooklyn, and soon I’ll have a weekly with my gals in PA. I think if the Gurlz are still worried about scenes and lanes after this quarantine… chiiilleee, hang that shit up and put it away.

Absolutely! What’s that bingo in Brooklyn you just mentioned?

“Bussy Bingo” was actually co-hosted with Islaya before the pandemic struck. However, you might be able to play bingo with us again real soon. Stay tuned!

Tell us about your current Drag Race viewing party… that’s at Footlight?

Its actually not in the actual Footlight bar. That bar closed down; they turned into a hosting space. The bar that this event is hosted in isn’t really a gay / queer bar. However, they have a space in the back that we use, and it’s so cute! I love hosting and talking at the mic. It allows me to be more intimate with my audience, and helps them understand me. Being the only working QPOC who does drag there [has its] challenging moments–however, those moments always motivate me and make my passion for drag burn more!

Werq! Did you have any thoughts on the last ep of Drag Race? Many are calling Scarlet’s elimination over, say, Jan, to be controversial and shady!

I mean honestly, the whole season been shady! Track record and report card don’t seem to exist, it feels like. Honestly, if there was a time for Jan to go home, the latest episode was it, mawma.

That may be so! Well, we’re still holding out for this “Game Within a Game” payoff; maybe there will be some RuDemptions!

Is there anything else we should mention?

Yes! First of all, thank you so much. This was super cute! And secondly, always support your queens! And if you are a queen, still support your queens!

Preach! And thank you, Miss Bussy!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Miss Bussy’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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