On Point With: Soo Intoit

The Southern born drag queen, DJ and mix maker came into their own in Brooklyn nightlife thanks in part to several recent high profile Pride gigs. These days, everyone is into Soo Intoit!

Thotyssey: Hello Soo, thanks for chatting with us today! How was your Pride month?

Soo Intoit: It went surprisingly well! I was booked more than ever (of course, haha), and I’m just hoping the momentum continues.

Just looking back at some of your June gigs: there was “Hole Pics” at 3 Dollar Bill on the 20th, that MTHR TRSA hosts.

“Hole Pics” was everything! I’ve been in that show (either main or open set) since the beginning, and to be doing it for a seated audience in a huge venue with a real stage and lighting–iconic.

TRSA and the recurring cast members of that show… are those your Judys in the scene?

I would definitely say MTHR TRSA is a very close friend of mine; she knows a lot about me, and were always talking, lol. But I’ve definitely been friends with Cherry, Maya, Baby Love, and She’Knead for a while too. I think was my first time meeting Willie, surprisingly!

Another cool show you did was “Bloody Mary” on Pride weekend at H0L0 in Ridgewood. Putin’s least favorite punk act Pussy Riot performed!

Yeah! It was major. She went right before me, so it was cool to be like “Wow, I’m sharing a stage with someone major.” A wild experience–even being on the flyer with a name like that! Needless to say it sold out, and the energy was really cute all night.

So these days, you’re a DJ and a drag performer as well?

I would primarily consider myself a DJ at this point, but I also do drag performance, yes. I’ve been performing longer and have done it more in real life, so more people may know about that within the drag scene.

Where are you from originally, and what was your background growing up as far as musical or artistic influences and interests?

I’m originally from South Carolina, but I’ve been here since January 2019. Needless to say, I needed out of the South… lol.

My music and artistic taste was eeeeverywhere, but I’ve always been really excited by fast-paced, experimental, and/or electronic music, which I think you hear in my sound now. Aesthetically, I’ve found my strongest influence from my background is internet culture; I grew up on the internet (as I needed to to realize there was more to the world), and it continues to inform my work.

But in terms of a creative background, I actually did design growing up. I created jewelry and eventually clothing (which I still do); I never had any theatre or musical experience, like a lot of my peers.

How did Soo Intoit eventually become conceived?

The name is a pun on people saying “Oh my god, I’m so into it” in response to things. At one point I was like “Oh, nice to meet you, I’m Soo Intoit” as a corny joke and it just kind of stuck. I chose the spelling based on Korean conventions and the model Soo-Joo Park. And I finally performed because people weren’t performing the songs I wanted them to, so I had to.

Like what?

Well, the first song I ever performed was “Fer Sure” by The Medic Droid, a Scene anthem. The second was “Shoes” by Kelly, the iconic viral YouTube video. Like I said, the internet raised me, haha. But I think I depended on these funnier song choices because I wanted them to be so nostalgic; it didn’t matter if I really nailed my performance, if that makes sense.

But as I got more confident as a performer, I started performing the more serious music I was into, but wasn’t seeing anyone else do. I performed ”Vanity” by Arca, some SOPHIE, Mykki Blanco, Björk x Fever Ray, etc. I wanted to bring the music I truly loved to life, and I continue to do that now. I DJ and perform with some of the same tracks now, actually.

Let’s talk about what’s coming up for you! First up, this just in… you’ll be DJing for Junior Mintt’s show “In Living Color” at 3DB on Wednesday, July 7th!

Oh, yeah! I’m excited for that one.

And you’ll be back at 3DB once again on Monday, July 12th for “Brain Freeze,” a party / show from Lucia Fuchsia and Chase Runaway!

Its a drag and techno party at 3 Dollar Bill, featuring Aja and Dahlia Sin as headlining drag talent, but my friend Sterling Tull is giving shows too. And I cant wait to see what they have in store. My sis Antpuke is also DJing, and anyone who hears her sets should consider themselves blessed! She’s a genius. Overall, it’s just a really strong bill I’m proud to be part of!

Anything else coming up for you, gigs or projects?

A rave on the 10th, and I’m DJing for a night at Happyfun Hideaway on the 18th! The rave flyer will be coming soon; details are still TBD.

Okay work! Last question: All Stars 6! Whose team are you on… if anyone’s, lol?

So I haven’t watched Drag Race in years, lol! Season 10 was the last one I watched. I had to look up the promo images, but based on those alone (because I don’t know half of these queens, lol) Id say A’keria!

Thank you! Soo long, Soo!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Soo Intoit’s upcoming appearances, and follow them on Instagram and Soundcloud.

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