On Point With: The Blair Bitch

Known for her refined social media drag looks as well as her turn at being a Cosmo Queen, this stunner is also a capable performer as well. And now thanks to a new Brooklyn brunch, we’ve got more chances to see The Blair Bitch turn it out!

Thotyssey: Happy Pride Month, Blair! How is it treating you so far?

The Blair Bitch: It’s off to a good start! Definitely a different vibe than years past– partially because of the pandemic, and partially because Pride in general has progressively grown each year… in a corporate sense. But also, I see so many kids with Pride gear on, and that warms my heart to see. It means parents are preaching equality in their homes. I just hope the equality they’re teaching isn’t limited to white cisgender gays!

Yes, the times they are a changin’! And after a year and a half, it looks like Covid is mostly in our rear view now (knock on wood). What was your whole lockdown situation like? Were you able to do any drag during that time?

For the first few months of lockdown I was super isolated, and stayed in my apartment in Brooklyn. I didn’t see my family for a whole year, which was strange. I only saw my roommate for quite a while at the beginning. Since then, I have moved in with my partner and started some other jobs to pay the bills!

I did some drags here and there in 2020; it was nice to get back to doing drag for play and fun, because that’s where it all began for me. I was just playing dress up, and acting a fool! I wasn’t paid for drag for an entire year, which was… not thrilling. But I was still flexing my creative bone through my apartment: decorating, planning future drag looks from scratch, visual art, etc.

Where are you from originally, and what were you into growing up that led to your future fabulosity?

Nashville, TN! My mom did some professional theatre when I was young. I always loved going, so I started doing school and community theatre in elementary school and continued in theatre through college. I’ve been playing with clothes and such since I was itty bitty, so that combined with performing made me destined for drag! Fun fact: I once scalped a puppet–I had to have the closest thing I could manage to a wig! I would also use the fresh mop heads before ours needed to be changed, which was honestly quite the look! Maybe I’ll bring it back.

I “officially” started drag my junior year of college about four years ago, and haven’t looked back since! I was so eager to be polished and pretty when I started that I’d do my makeup almost every day, and post new looks to Insta daily. But I just don’t have the time or coin to keep that up!

I think I must’ve seen one of your earliest performances! It was for a Gay Against Guns benefit in 2017 that Thotyssey co-produced with Michael Block at Boots & Saddle (RIP). You did an anti-Trump number, if I recall.

Oh my gosh, yes! I think about that number a lot. I did “F**k You” by Lily Allen, and I had a bunch of T***p photos that I tore up, chewed and spit out. I wanted to light one on fire, but it would’ve been against fire codes for sure!

How might you describe your style of drag today for the uninitiated, as far as looks and numbers go?

I stand by what I’ve always said / considered myself, which is a chameleon of drag! While I often lean towards the “fierce glam” side of drag, I love an avant-garde look, a clown moment, etc. Part of the reason behind my drag name is that I look like a bitch, but I promise that the bitchiness is (usually) limited to my face!

I take the same chameleon approach to my numbers! I like to mix it up and give a little pop, some Broadway, some drama, sometimes a weird performance art-style Bjork song… who knows! The only expectation I want from people coming to my show(s) is that the drag will be great, and that there will be a little something for everyone!

Also regarding your name: are you Team Heather from The Blair Witch Project, or was she too annoying, lol?

Haha! Too annoying! But that scene with her all up in the camera is iconic. I credit that as the inspiration for all the terrible selfies that parents take from the wrong angle.

You were a Cosmo Queen a few years ago… amazing!

Yes! That was super fun!

How did that happen? Did Cosmo contact you out of the blue, or did you “apply?”

I found out a few days before the shoot, and I owe it to my good friend who knows everyone and put my name in the right ears, and told me who to contact! Not sure if there’s a more standard procedure or not, lol!

So the future of NYC nightlife looks unusually bright in this moment, or at least the possibilities are more exciting than they’ve been in awhile. What are your hopes for the future, as far as the biz goes?

Gigs! Believe it or not, my new bi-weekly brunch at Paloma’s BK is my first show that I host and run! In the past I’ve done other peoples gigs, hosted at parties and did a bunch of guest spots, so it’s super nice to have something consistent that I have total creative control of! For the future I hope the gigs keep growing, and I’d love to lock down a solo show on a weeknight! I’d also love to produce a party. Lots of new venues popping up and new parties, so if anyone needs a gorgeous, funny, beautiful, silly, stunning bitch… look no further! And maybe I’ll try to get on that drag show one day… what’s it called? Goofballs Tag Chase?

That’s the ticket! Tell us more about “The Blair Brunch” at Palomas BK, the bi-weekly affair which returns this Sunday (1pm)! What’s it all about, and what are the joys of being a Brunch Bitch?

Yes! The Blair Brunch is a classic drag brunch. Bottomless mimosas / sangria, and the food is great (authentic Mexican cuisine). They have a lovely stage in the back, which is not as common as some may think for a drag show in NYC. I rotate the guest queens, so it’s a little different each week. (Also shoutout to Zavaleta, who hosts Sunday brunch on the first and third Sunday of each month… I am the second and fourth Sundays). You get a little bit of everything at The Blair Brunch: classic drag numbers, mixes, games, and even some comedy! I’m all about audience participation, so you are often more than just a viewer at my brunch.

Also, we will be doing a bigger moment for Pride on the 27th–so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that promo, and I am already taking reservations for that via my Insta DM’s or email!

Is there anything else to alert the children about?

I’ve got some exciting things coming up that I can’t quite disclose yet, but keep an eye on my socials for announcements!

We shall! Okay, lastly: All Stars 6! Whose team are you on?

Hmm… it’s hard to say. Such an interesting group of queens! My top three that I’m most excited for are Sonique, Trinity K. Bonet, and Akeria!

Thanks, Blair!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for The Blair Bitch’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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