On Point With: Bermuda

This sharp, edgy beauty has been a fixture of The Rosemont for more than a minute, and at last she now has a weekly showcase there to call her own. She’s the exotic fashionista named after a cat (sort of), Bermuda!

Thotyssey: Hello Bermuda! How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

Bermuda: Hey hey! It was chill… took some time to see my girls. Just regular stuff, lol. Took some time to start preparing for Pride Month, and whatnot.

Did you try to do any digital drag at all during the long lockdown?

I did one or two things way back when it started, but I was mainly helping my sis Magenta film a few music videos.

Nice! The Rosemont bar sisterhood is pretty tight, I imagine.

I’d say so, yeah! They’ve known me for years, and I was always welcomed and supported. Since I recently got my Thursdays there (my first weekly), I’ve had a really good turnout; part of the reason, I’d say, is because of the family / intimate connection that a lot of the regulars and staff have there. It’s always been super cute, and since my show started I’ve seen not only faces I wanted / expected to see, but new ones as well as old ones. So I’m like… yeah, there’s a sisterhood for sure, lol.

I’m gonna ask more about the new show in a bit, but first we should discuss the origin story. Are you a New York native? And, were you always into performing, music, fashion, etc?

I’m from the Bronx. I always had interests in the arts in general, so after majoring in fashion for a few years I also did a few modeling gigs for New York Fashion Week (when I was underage). When Magenta came out, she basically took me with her… and so I was immediately into the whole drag moment here in Brooklyn. But I’ve been doing drag since I was, like, fifteen.

I knew you had to be a model… you have very striking features!

Ah, thank you!

How did you choose your drag name?

It came from a stray cat that was mistakenly named “Vermuda” (obviously confusing it for “Bermuda”). And after that whole thing was laughed off, I had basically decided that “Bermuda” had enough mystery behind it to be flexible enough to match my many moods and personalities.

And it felt safe. I feel like I’m always growing, or having some sort of “rebirth” moment… and I didn’t wanna feel limited to a name. I feel like what you name yourself has potential to sort of pigeonhole you in this box that can stunt your growth, or stop you from seeing yourself as you are… if that makes any sense, lol!

Oh, absolutely! What do you want to serve the children with, as far as your looks and performances go?

I’m tryna be that girl, like the HBIC–definitely an alpha. A strong, empowering, black female with a hint of a bitchy, Regina George / “It Girl” type from all the high school movies, with exaggerated wardrobes to reflect all of these necessary emotions and reactions we all have to this world we have to live in. But in a subliminal way, I guess–in an attempt to be “relatable,” but in a rather comedic / ironic, uplifting way.

So 3 Dollar Bill and the Rosemont are in full swing, C’mon Everybody and Metropolitan have just reopened, hopefully Macri Park will soon follow suit… and now we have Pink Metal and Good Judy as two newer venues! This is an exciting time for Brooklyn drag, right?

Totally! And it feels like a new wave of girls (including myself), so I’m excited to see who’s gonna go hard. This summer feels like it’s gonna be crazy.

Yaz! Tell us more about “Chaotica,” your exciting new Thursday night affair at Rosemont that premiered last week. What’s the vibe?

It’s been super fun! The crowd has been fabulous, it’s been packed as hell each week. “Chaotica” officially started last week, but I had been at Rosie for weeks prior simmering it up. I do a lot of rap, but my music taste varies; in honor of the name being an obvious spoof off of Chromatica, I’ve done some of my favorite Gaga songs.

So honestly, each week is gonna be it’s own thing! I’m too all over the place to stick to one thing, ya know. So I’m like, one week it might be “hot girl,” the next week I might be feeling like doing Anita Baker… then the next Drake, lol! Like, I’m literally crazy; last week I did “Fade” by Kanye. My looks are just as wild, in the sense of I will literally look like a different person every week, lol!

Anything else to add?

I’m here! Lol!

You certainly are! Lastly: Drag Race All Stars 6! Whose team are you on?

Okay, so obviously Soniqueeeee. And for some reason, I feel like Trinity K and Silky are gonna give it.

Most likely! Thanks, Bermuda!

[Photo: Jay Kay]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Bermuda’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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