On Point With: Robin Rose Quartz

A recent competition winner and relative newcomer to NYC, this Texas-born Titaness has been tearing up all the brunches and socially distanced gigs here. Thotyssey basks in the crimson light of Ruby Rose Quartz!

Thotyssey: Hello Robin! How is this Rainy May Day treating you?

Robin Rose Quartz: Howdy! I don’t mind the rain these days, since we get to perform inside now. How are you!?

I’m well, thank you! And yes, indoor performing has been a much missed return to form. Isn’t it great to have good drag lighting back, for one thing!?

Absolutely. Not to mention having an actual stage instead of strutting and bucking on the sidewalk, lol!

Facts! So you’re one of these great newer queens that became go-to guest girls during Our Covid Year outdoor shows. Did you get to experience enough of what New York nightlife was like pre-pandemic?

I was very fortunate to visit New York a couple times pre-pandemic, and fell in love. I made some amazing friends who really helped introduce me to the scene–shoutout to Caitlin Tepper, Freya Wray, Vicky DeVille and Rify Royalty.

You’ve done several installments of Janelle No. 5’s “Are You The Next Drag Diva?” competition at Aura Cocina in Brooklyn–congrats for winning last week! What were your first gigs here?

I started off performing at Holly Dae’s “Open Call” competition at The Ritz and picking up other gigs here and there. I really enjoyed working with people like Holly, Jasmine Rice LaBeija, Rify and so many more.

Where are you from originally, and how long have you been Robin?

I’m originally from the Hill Country area of Texas, and grew up in and outside of Austin. And Robin has been with me for a little over three years!

What inspired you to do drag originally?

My officially-unofficial drag mom “Jezebel” pushed me into drag in Austin. I just had all these creative ideas for performances and costumes and makeup that were just sitting and dying, so I wanted to bring them to life! I ended up competing and winning a competition called “Drag Class” hosted by Sabel Scities (also a New Yorker), and the rest is history.

And what was gigging in Texas like?

A blast! Amazing brunches, great nightlife. Austin really has a little bit of everything when it comes to drag: glamour, pageant, horror, alternative… you name it, and it’s there.

How might you describe Robin’s aesthetic and performing style today?

Robin is the Colorful Saturday Morning Cartoon Character of drag. She is high energy, artistic, fashionable, conceptual, and funny (if I may say so, lol). I love kicking and twirling to upbeat songs, but also going slow and telling a story every now and again.

That’s just what the city needs right now! In fact on Friday, you’ll be with Lucia Fuchsia and Chase Runaway at Our Wicked Lady for their new weekly show “Rainbow!”

Correct! I’ve never performed there before–so it’ll be fun to put another pin in the performance map, so to say lol!

And then on Sunday you’ll guest for a Mother’s Day drag brunch in Astoria’s Savage Sicko with Zeta Jones and Gigi Cutina. Brunch is great for socially distant queens these days!

That’s right! Drag brunches seemed to be the most logical response to the pandemic because it checked a lot of the “precautionary boxes” like being seated, having food, etc. But the day that I can take off these plastic shield doohickeys, I’ll be dancing in the street, honey!

Savage Sicko is an amazing Vegan-Latin fusion restaurant in Astoria with an amazing staff that takes such good care of us. And you can find Gigi, Zeta and I there every other Sunday! I serve as the maître d’, but the girls always let me throw in a number or two.

Then the following weekend, it’s two more brunches! First on Saturday, May 15th, it’s a return to Aura Cocina with Janelle–this time for her brunch show “Shut Up Bitch.” Then on Sunday the 16th, you’ll do “Boozy Drag Brunch” at John Doe in Murray Hill, hosted by AriaJae.

Yes! My good sis AriaJae–who is someone I became very close with at Janelle’s “Are You The Next Diva”–is hosting with performances from me, Ruby Slay Monroe and Yaga Tigerlily (all super talented divas).

Have great shows! Okay lastly… what is one important fact that everyone needs to know about Robin Rosè Quartz right this second?

Hmmmm, let’s see: I came here with a purpose and a dream to make a name for myself and to exist and belong in NYC–so know that I am driven, motivated, hard-working, and I never giving up!

Thank you, Robin!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Robin Rose Quartz’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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