On Point With: The Taurex

Brooklyn has a brand new title holder: the first ever reigning Mx. Metal, aka fierce young queen The Taurex!

Thotyssey: Hello Taurex! Thanks for chatting today! So Friday night you were with Lucia Fuchsia and Chase Runaway as they hosted the Drag Race finale viewing party in Brooklyn’s Our Wicked Lady! How was the crowd?

The Taurex: The crowd was really, really nice. Everyone that was there was there to have a good time, to celebrate some high drag, and witness the crowning of America’s Next Drag Superstar!

And the winner is… Symone, with Kandy Muse coming in second! What are your thoughts?

Ahh! I’m so excited! Like, everyone did so well, and I feel as though it was very much anybody’s game–and you can tell these bitches were here to play one last time for the crown. With these particular two, I don’t think I ever thought it would have even possibly been Kandy and Symone in the top two together, and the fact that it happened blew my mind. As a fan of both of their drag–and as a drag artist of color–seeing that was really nice.

Yes! And now that five minutes have passed (lol), are you ready for Drag Race Down Under?

Can I be honest? I have been so wrapped up in what’s been happening here in this lovely place we call “home,” I haven’t nearly given Drag Race Down Under the amount of attention I’ve given to other seasons. But of course, I’ll watch it when it starts airing.

Speaking of competition winners, you’ve had a big win yourself recently: the first ever cycle winner of Mx Metal, hosted at Now & Then by Lucia and Chase! That was several weeks of themed challenges that had you competing against some great new queens. How did you enjoy that whole process, and how great was that win?

The process was a lot of fun for me as someone who likes a good show, who likes to put on a good show, and as someone who loves a good competition. The win was really nice because I put in a lot of effort and work to get that, so the fact that I did really just cemented it–like, “Bitch, I know what I do, I know what I can do, and you’re all gonna know it, too.”

Well before we continue, we’d better get to the origin story! Where are you from, and what were your early creative interests that may have ultimate put you on this Drag Path?

I’m born and raised in New York City, BX up! I’ve always been that stereotypical theatrical, musical kid. I’ve loved performing since I was a child, and originally wanted to be a performer very a la Broadway, as most gays! When I was in school I had a few little self-esteem and confidence issues, and at that point I had already been watching Drag Race for entertainment for a little bit–so I learned how to fill in my brows, then started playing around with eyeshadow. Then in college [in South Carolina], we had two gay bars that we would go to that would have shows, and by then I had definitely fallen in love with drag and became friends with the queens that performed. I had these queens to look up to, South Carolina queens like Gouda Judy, Bloody Mary, Anaya DeVore, and Ebony Would, who looked at me and saw potential and were always nice to me. And then one night I just said “Fuck it,” and went and participated in a little newcomer show–didn’t win, but was still grateful for the experience.

And to think that was two years ago now; it’s so crazy to realize that, like, I’ve been working my ass off to get to what I want. That’s something that I really value in myself. If that sounds conceited…

That’s the only way to be successful in this biz! What’s the origin of your drag name?

Well, out of drag I’m a Taurus; my birthday is next week, actually! And I changed the “s” to an “x” because I thought it was cool, and it gave me a little bit of an edge–plus, it’s something that you’ll remember.

Happy birthday! And how might you describe what “type” of drag you like to do, as far as both your looks and your numbers?

My drag is very day to day–however I’m emoting when I’m sitting at my station, takes its place on my face. Whether I’m feeling more masc or femme, or both, or neither… it’s very “for the moment.” As for my performances: I like to have fun, I like to tell stories, I like to listen and I like to think about things. I always think, “how can I perform this? What can I say with this? What does this say?” I come up with the concept of the story and how I wanna portray it, and then I take it to the floor… and whatever happens, happens.

We look forward to all the tales you’ll tell in the coming months! But first, you will be returning to Now & Then for the second cycle premiere of Mx Metal on Tuesday–this time as a guest judge! What might your best advice be now for a queen competing in this?

One thing that I tell anyone who tells me that they wanna start doing drag, or who’s working towards anything, is to remember to have fun. Because once it’s not fun anymore, it shows… and if you’re not having fun, neither are the people watching you. Stay true to you, trust yourself to do your drag… and learn to have a good poker face when bitches try to get under your skin.

All truths told! Is there anything you want to close with here?

Follow The Taurux on a journey of drag and life on Instagram, drink lots of water, and wear your masks!

Thank you, Taurex!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for The Taurex’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Instagram.

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