On Point With: Mystique Summers

Bitch! She’s from Chicago, she’s the lovely dancing jewel of Texas and a true digital diva, she’s OG “Drag Race” Season 2 royalty with lots to say about the franchise, and she’ll whoop your ass while giving you your whole life… the magical Mystique Summers!

Thotyssey: Hello Mystique, thanks so much for talking to us today! How is your April treating you so far?

Mystique Summers: So far it feel like the year is almost over, lol! Can’t wait for the masks to go away.

You’re in Texas now. How are you finding people behaving through very confusing masking and social distance policies there?

Lol, this is Texas! No one’s really listening to social distance. Hell, it’s like we never closed!

I imagine that as both a professional makeup artist and a live performer, Covid has greatly affected your livelihood, even if the governor and some businesses ignored social distance. What motivated you to stay positive and hopeful during the worst of Covid?

Well, just playing in more skincare and makeup always puts a smile on my face. Helping people with those via Zoom or Facebook Live is amazing.

Thanks to your famous catchphrase, we all know you’re originally from Chicago! I was wondering what were some of the interests and inspirations you had while growing up that ultimately motivated you to become a queen? And, are you a trained dancer?

Lol, trained dancer… naw! Inspiration was X-Men (the 90s cartoon) and music. Also, sunrise and sunsets are so pretty for makeup ideas.

How would you describe the original drag scene you came up in?

Mostly pageantry: big hair, pads and jewelry.

You’re part of TV history as a Season 2 cast member of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which was a lot bigger in all ways than the first season and a sign of things to come from that show. It was already a cult hit before you got there, but were you aware that it was getting even bigger and more popular while you were filming?

Lol no, I never thought it would grow into the beast it is now! Can I get a back pay for “Bitch, I’m from Chicago?” Lol!

We didn’t get to see quite as much of you on Drag Race S2 as we all would’ve liked, but do you have a favorite and least favorite moment from filming?

Favorite was the cast and crew; least was giving up control… and having to ask to use the restroom!

Your epic clash with Morgan McMichaels in that Untucked was Reality TV Gold, but it’s almost uncomfortable to watch now because you would just NEVER see the queens go at it like that today. I’d guess the main reason for that is fear of fan backlash on social media. Does that fight still seem like a big moment to you today, or do you barely remember it?

I remember it, lol! And even now, why should anyone hold their tongue or act a certain way because of the fandom?

Do you keep in touch with Morgan, after all that?

We text, like, once a week. That’s my bish!

You’ve openly campaigned to return to the show for an All-Stars Season or a guest judge cameo, and there isn’t a fan alive who wouldn’t want to see that! What can we do to make World of Wonder bring us more Mystique?

Maybe sleep with a producer, lol!

You look so different now compared to your time on the show, thanks to a dramatic weight loss glow up among other things! When that change was first happening, were fans not believing that you were You?

When I went into #teamkatemoss (lol) there were so many rumors about me–like I was on drugs, or I was becoming a woman. I’m like, someone can’t get healthy?

The Chicago queens have come out strong against the racism in their local scene, and many POC queens from Drag Race have come forward with their gross treatment by an often racist fanbase. Was this an experience you shared with them?

I really never had that hardcore experience like they dealing with now… but it’s easy to be a Keyboard Warrior.

You have been serving some really fierce digital numbers this past lockdown year, watched by thousands of fans across the globe. Was it a challenge to learn all those tech production skills… and in a way, did being on TV prepare you for that type of platform?

Lol, naw! I have a degree in visual communion, so that helped a lot. Plus, I’m all about performing without a lot of music video edits–so what people see on video, that’s what they can expect in real life.

We can now see you serve it up weekly on The Boston-based Twitch channel The Serve Network! You’ve become a fixture of their weekly Serve Monday night showcase, hosted by Violencia Exclamation Point, Neon Calypso and Coleslaw. This coming week marks Served Mondays’ one year anniversary!

Those shows are so much fun–it’s just like being backstage in a club, just having fun and being stupid, lol!

Right before this virtual anniversary, on Sunday April 18 you’ll also be appearing in another digital showcase: “Blegends: Cult Classic Superstars Brunch,” benefiting New York’s Ali Forney Center! Thee Suburbia and her POC Drag Art Collective will be presenting this night. That should be amazing!

Not should be… it will be!

Have amazing shows! And finally: what has been a song that you performed, or wanted to perform, during this crazy last year that really sums up the whole year for you?

It has to be “So Am I” by Ava Max–that jam speaks and touches my soul.

Thank you, Mystique!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Mystique Summers’ area and digital appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and PS4 (@mystiquesummers). Also, follow her makeup / skincare blog persona on Instagram.

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