On Point With: Chicky Gorgina

This lovely Venezuelan-born performer became a queen in New York, and in 2020 was known to many as the digital darling of a popular Zoom event. Now that the city is pulling through quarantine, Chicky Gorgina (we’ll show you how exactly to pronounce that, if you don’t already know!) is back in the flesh–with her very own brunch in a true Queens gayborhood!

Thotyssey: Hello Chicky, happy April! How has 2021 been treating you so far?

Chicky Gorgina: It’s been treating me well. I started performing again, working on some projects… so things are looking up.

Yay! They certainly are for most of us thanks to nice weather, a heavy vaccine rollout and incremental returns to normalcy! But many people are still misbehaving with no masks and bad social distancing all over; don’t you just wanna smack those folks?

I just want us to get back to normal as quick as possible, and for everyone to do their part. When I go out, I wear my masks and social distance. I just hope people can get their act together.

Meeee too!

You’re originally from Venezuela!

I’m born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; the country I knew back then was beautiful, vibrant and happy. I was raised by three women, who taught me when you work hard, your dreams can come true. When the current government came to power, everything changed… and those dreams became further away. That’s when I decided to move to the U.S.

That must’ve been a very difficult and scary decision! Was learning English very challenging, or did you already have a foundation?

I thought I had a foundation, lol! But when I came here, I realized that everything I learned wasn’t correct–and I had relearn everything. I really started pushing myself to learn when I met my boyfriend in 2018. I said to myself, “I know I’m a cute Latin boy, but you’re going to have to communicate with this boy,” lol. I’m still taking classes, but I’ve come a long way.

It’s pretty close to perfect now! When did you start drag?

I started here when I met one of my boyfriend’s best friends, DJ John Marto. I said how much I loved Drag Race, and drag in general. John and my boyfriend encouraged me to do it, and I entered my first competition in 2018 at The Ritz–“Open Call“–and it was just a journey from there. [I had to learn] new skills like makeup and sewing, but it’s what I love.

Is there a story behind how your drag name came to you?

Oh yes, are you ready for this? So “Chicky” means ‘small” in Spanish, and when I was coming up with it my boyfriend said “you need a fierce last name to stand out,” and he said Gorgeous. But “gorgeous” was too simple, so it evolved into “Gorgina”–like gorgeous vagina.

Lol, I love that!

How would you describe Chicky today, as far as your look, stage presence, favorite numbers, etc?

Chicky is a Venezuelan Goddess. She is based off of the perfect Miss Universe woman, so she tries to be nice with everyone. She can be a little sassy, but you’re never going to see her acting out of that character. She likes to dance, bring joy to the people, and make them laugh. My favorite numbers are obviously my Latin numbers, but also when I get super creative with my mixes and my reveals / props. You’re never going to expect that she is going to reveal from a skirt into a jacket! She’s a box of surprises, not just a beauty queen Miss Venezuela.

Do you think actual drag pageantry might be in your future?

I don’t know. I’m based on the concept of pageantry, but I don’t see myself as a pageant queen per se. I’m a competitive queen for sure, but who knows… we shall see!

Time will tell! So I believe you were part of Steve Sidewalk’s weekly Gay College Tuesdays at The Ritz, and then when Covid hit you were a regular fixture of the virtual Zoom edition of that party.

I was more part of the virtual one; I did a couple of guest spots at The Ritz one.

What was the whole digital drag experience like for you?

Virtual was cool; I learned to dance in the small space of my drag room, I got creative with lighting and sets. I never wore heels because you couldn’t see them, lol! So it was a different experience all around, but still fun to perform for people during lockdown.

And now that things are opening up again, you’ve gotten yourself your very own weekly brunch gig, in an unlikely yet thriving neighborhood: Forest Hills, Queens! That’s actually a big gayborhood, but not much by way of gay entertainment since the long ago closing of Breadstix and Pride Lounge. Tell us more about your Low Key Saturday brunch!

I was contacted by one of the managers to perform at his birthday there; a week later they told me they loved my performances and wanted me back for brunch. Low Key is a beautiful lounge with a great outdoor space where the brunch happens: great food, fun vibes, and something different every week. Bella Noche and I do rotating weeks–there’s performances, bingo, something to keep the people entertained for four hours. Every week so far has been sold out!

What’s your favorite brunch item there?

Their chicken and waffles is amazing. And my boyfriend had the Filet Mignon Benedict, and I tasted it and it was really good as well.

Anything else coming up for you?

I have something new coming soon that I can’t talk about just yet, but keep a look out on my socials for announcements. I’m also coming back with more Spanglish videos on my YouTube channel, and I’m back with a new photo series on my Instagram soon.

Exciting! To conclude, what country in the world still needs its own Drag Race?

I’m excited for Spain that’s coming out, but I would also love to see Drag Race Brazil. They have so many talented queens and are very creative.

That would be amazing! Thanks, Chicky!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Chicky Gorgina’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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