On Point With: Eddie Wayne

Texas native Stevin is well-known to many in nightlife as a popular bar staffer and the producer of several fun kikis for bears and other folks across the city. But Stevin’s alter ego Eddie Wayne has been dropping chill soundscapes with fun visuals for a moment now… the latest of each might just get him the eyes and ears that’ll take him… higher. [Cover photo: Tom B]

Thotyssey: Hello Eddie! Thanks for chatting with us this lovely Pandemic Weekend! So, Rockbar has reopened to 35% indoor capacity this month… have you tended bar there yet since the reopening?

Eddie Wayne: Yes I have. It’s been interesting, but good.

Are folks behaving themselves for the most part, or is that all a Carry?

Everyone has been respectful of the rules while they are inside. People only have their masks off while sitting at a table, and when going to the restroom masks are on… and we definitely enforce that.

[Photo: Tom B]

That’s good to know! New Yorkers really are the classiest folks in the country. By the way, how long have you been with Rockbar now?

Shit… almost a decade at this point.

Amazing! And of course, that bar must’ve changed so much since it opened.

Hell yeah! In so many ways.

Eddie is your stage name–alternately, you’re Stevin. Do you ever feel like a superhero (or villain) having a duel identity?

LMAO! No, not at all! My stage name means a lot to me… but it is a way to escape.

That’s a good segue into our origin story! Where are you from originally, and was music and performance always a part of your life?

Originally from Texas born and raised. Music has always been around me, and I’ve always loved music; I get that from my mom and father, and the friends that I met around. I used to perform in church mostly as a kid. Then sports took over my life… but music always stayed with me.

What was your life in sports like?

I played basketball my whole life, and it was everything to me. I was gonna go overseas after college and play, but got hurt and stopped… and decided to focus on coaching. Then I got into nightlife and music, like I always wanted.

What was your entrance into the world of NYC nightlife like?

I was already working at Rockbar at the time, but brother Will Sheridan immersed me into all of what it is. That ended up having a snowball effect, and I found my own way from there. It turned into being something that I already knew it was gonna be–full of creative individuals like myself that I wanted to be around.

You hosted a few bear-centric events in the city, many with Will. Are the bears basically your tribe?

No, I have no tribe… I am pretty much a chameleon. But the bear community I definitely am a part of–I can’t deny that. I have hosted a lot of events, like Volume and The Phunktion at Rockbar, and also “Friday on Friday” with my boy Dezi 5. My biggest party was The HEFT–that was nuts. When we get back to life after this pandemic is over, we definitely will be making a return with some dope individuals.

Can’t wait! When did you start recording and performing music as Eddie?

I have lost track of time, but I started performing as Eddie Wayne at Hot Fruit at Metropolitan.

How would you describe your sound to the uninitiated?

My music is me. I am influenced mostly by hip hop and R&B, but have been known to do whatever a beat gives me. I love all genres, so my sound reflects that. I am the spawn of CeeLo Green and Drake, lol!

A recent track that I love, “Gooniez,” has a very smooth, chill vibe. Is that a personal fave from your own discography?

Yeah, but my favorite songs people still have to get ready for. They are already in the chamber to be shot out into the world.

Instant Connection” is your new single, and it’s got an amazingly fun video directed by Catalin Stelian: it’s super “smokey,” lol! What was your experience like filming that?

Man, that was an amazing time… and that big ass joint in the video was no fake! I was high AF after that was done, lol! And at the end when I ate that bowl of food, I was hungry AF… so that was an extreme, genuine moment.

That joint is definitely a sight to behold, as is the rest of the clip! The song is a vibe, and it’s available on all applicable platforms for anyone who wants to hear. What else might you be working on?

The album will be put later this year. But until then, I have visuals and some dope ass singles coming out. Everyone be ready for what’s coming!

We can’t wait! Okay, in closing, let’s address the music tea of the moment: what was Tekashi 6ix9ine doing in Lil Nas X’s DMs?

Trynna find what’s at the end of the rainbow, hahaha!

Thanks, Eddie!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Eddie Wayne’s upcoming appearances, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Download or stream his music at Amazon, Apple, Spotify, etc.

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