On Point With: Viruscella

This young, enigmatic entity makes for a captivating digital drag performer: virulent vixen and Child of the Spring, Viruscella!

Thotyssey: Hello Viruscella, how are you? Are we happy that Valentines Day is here?

Viruscella: I’m happy, but honestly it’s not because of Valentine’s–it’s because I made it back home in time to start our convo!

We’re in crazy times! What have been the best and worst moments of quarantine for you?

I think the best has been having so much alone time at home. It’s allowed me to work on so many personal projects (mostly artistic / creative and experimental). Through these, I’ve gained experience doing things I had never done before, and gained new skills.

The worst has been that it has destroyed my financial independence. I became unemployed, and lost some gigs I had lined up… so whatever debt I had before has now dramatically increased. I’m grateful to the universe for granting me unemployment assistance, and for the generosity of friends and family–both of which have been immensely helpful, and saved me from going 100% cuckoo.

I hear that! You have been going by “Viruscella” for some time, but is it weird now to have a virus-related name nowadays, in the shadow of Covid?

I gotta say–the nerve of it to try to give me a bad rep! But just so everyone knows, I’m not related to the Coronas. I babysat Covid once, (that’s how I got the antibody), but my kinda virus doesn’t cause the same symptoms. I’m more like Lamberto Bava’s Demons, but with a little bit less of blood and gore.

Actually, what precisely do folks call you, like, in passing?

My full name is Viruscella Quinoa Salmonella, but I’m happy with Viruscella, Virus, V… hell, even Vermicelli! One time during a competition, the host was troubled by the pronunciation of and struggling with my name. We practiced it together, chant-like; he announced me as “Grizelda.” I almost laughed the foam off my ass!

How did Viruscella come into being… and who is she, exactly?

Viruscella is an enigma and an anomaly. I was born on April 30th of 2017. I’m a fun loving individual. I also love gifts, performing, over-accessorizing, dancing freestyle, wearing masks (except the ones we are forced to wear in public these days), playing with dolls, dressing like a slut, having snacks, glowing under blacklights, being photographed, going on shopping sprees at 99 cent stores, and making new friends. I may seem creepy at times, but I’m super friendly. And I’m a hater of the expression “less is more.” Whoever came up with that expression needs to go out more, seriously!

We’ve seen Viruscella perform in guest spots and competitions pre-Covid, but nowadays we’re very likely to watch her serving full digital numbers onscreen. How do you enjoy virtual performance?

I kinda love / hate it. I love it because I get to do it both for myself: posting on the IG or for other people’s shows (shout-outs to Ellipsis Queen, Glitter Macabre, Abraham Cult Leader and Le Peep) and designing my sets and playing with lights and other props and special effects. But I hate having to deal with the audio engineering and going live, because if you mess up there’s no turning back!

Have you had a favorite number that you’ve done, either on stage or on screen?

Hmm, that’s a tricky one. Some of my favorites I’ve performed live at different venues, and the results are never the same in terms of my flow and the audience’s response. But if I had to narrow it down to one, I’d say… three is better, because I like multiples! So my answer is performing “The Most Wonderful Girl” by Lords of Acid, “Leech Wife” by Rasputina, and “Shy Girl” by Stacey Q. They’re all very different, but they allow me to channel my feminine energy and to portray myself in ways that I ultimately adore.

You’ve been a recurring cast member of Ellipsis’ “Children of the Spring” shows on Twitch. How did you hook up with this motley crew?

I met Ellipsis–it seems like aeons ago, while I was working in retail as a sales associate and she came in to shop. We got into the topic of drag, so we had that in common, but at the time I had never performed on stage. Ellipsis ran the show “Wepa Wednesdays” at the time and invited me to check it out, so I did. And before I knew it, my cherry exploded and I was performing at Wepa.

Half a year later Wepa became history, but I kept in touch with Ellipsis because I knew that wasn’t gonna be the end. So when she came up with Children of the Night in 2019 at the P.I.T., I propagated into all the shows. Then came quarantine, but social distancing does nothing against my virulence. As a matter of fact, I’m building my set right now for the next Children of the Spring episode “I Hate Love” [Monday, February 15th at 9:30pm on Twitch] which I’m gonna start shooting tonight at the witching hour if all goes as planned.

I love that Ellipsis gathers talent from all over the place. There’s several of us that have been featured in most of the episodes, yet there’s always a diversity of new faces. It’s great that Ellipsis gives newcomers a go at the craft in her shows . I think that is very important for our community.

The iconic Untitled Queen will be joining you all as well. Looking forward to Monday’s show!

Any thoughts on this last episode of Drag Race? Our local beauty Olivia Lux got her second win in a row!

I’m super happy to hear Olivia has had two wins! She has always been very nice to me, and given me positive feedback about the shows she’s seen me do. Plus, I admire the pristine quality of her looks and the overall elegance she exudes. I’m rooting for her, that’s for sure!

And finally: inspired by recent Marvel hit show WandaVision, what sitcom would you like to be trapped in?

You know, the Marvel Universe is something I’m very much unfamiliar with, and I honestly have never heard of WandaVision. But if I were to be trapped in a sitcom, it would have to be Strangers With Candy… because I’d definitely have plenty of “good times!”

Thanks you, V!

[Photo: Monica Felix]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Viruscella’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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