On Point With: Harumy Doll

Serving sexiness and sass, “energy and drama,” Mexican born Jersey Girl Harumy Doll is warming up our frigid quarantines with sickening shows.

Thotyssey: Hello Harumy! Thanks for chatting today! So how’s your whole quarantine life treating you?

Harumy Doll: Hey baby! Actually pretty good! Can’t complain.

I know you just got home home from your day job; where are you working these days?

I actually work at a bank!

Executive realness! I bet you miss doing drag as much as you used to pre-Covid.

Oh yes! I miss the stage, I miss death-dropping all over the floor like crazy. Getting used to online shows is a little different, but cute!

Have you been able to do a lot of those?

When the quarantine was in full force, yes–I would do a show mostly every Saturday! But then I went back to work. But slowly getting back at it again.

So you’re originally from Mexico?

Yes, that’s right! I’m from Puebla, Mexico.

And you were active in nightlife there?

Oh yeah! I would be in every event back in Mexico: Mothers Days, Valentines, 5 de Mayo… every event. I would not miss one! I would always sign up to perform.

When did you become Harumy?

Two years ago. She was actually born in a competition, which I lost (sad face)… but I won on the third time!

Congratulations! How did the name come to you?

I actually had a different name that only a few friends knew. But then I met this friend of a friend: this tall, beautiful and really fun girl. Her and I clicked right away. Then I found out she was lesbian, and when she told me her name I fell in love with it on the spot–it sounds cute, just like me! And fun fact: it also means “beauty” [in Japanese], which describes me 100%!

How would you describe yourself as a queen today?

Harumy Doll is like a piñata full of surprises! The looks I serve are mostly for me, to be able to move in them when I’m performing. Why? Because I love dancing, and giving all my energy on stage. I love using all the stage, so the least I wear the better. But don’t get me wrong–Harumy can also dress up when the time is needed. I love mixing my Mexican roots with American. So if you come to a Harumy show, you’ll get energy and drama!

Who do you consider your good sisters on NYC?

OMG! You gonna get me in trouble, cuz I love everybody. But, good, good sisters? Hibiscus, Inita D and Digna. I look up a lot to these bitches, and they had helped me a lot developing Harumy into a better artist. Ohhh… and how can I forgot my good sis Skrawberry? Love that bitch.

Several of you girls appeared together recently on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

OMG Yes! Honestly, it was an amazing experience! I can’t thank enough my mother Sucia for the opportunity. But let me tell you seriously, it was an amazing experience recording the show: performing for the cameras and the Housewives of NJ and getting drunk with them, having cameras all over me, having an assistant asking me if I needed anything… it was a lot of fun!

That sounds wild! Which brings us to that other fabulous lady show: Drag Race! How are you liking this 13th season, and who are you rooting for?

I love this season! It has a crazy twist that is making all the gays crazy, and I’m here for it! And I’m so rooting for Kandy Muse, Symone and Tamisha Iman–those are my top three! Bitches are killing it.

You will be performing live and in-person, giving socially distant shows with Digna and Detoxx Busti-ae, in the Ritz’s backyard this Friday for a viewing party of Drag Race’s next episode. Fun!

Oh, really fun! You have three pretty girls there this Friday, what else can you ask for, right? The Ritz is the place to be at this Friday, for sure!


Anything else coming up for you?

There are a few projects coming up for Harumy that I wish I can speak about, but sadly I can’t. You’ll see soon!

We look forward to hearing more! On a side note, we are all so glad there is no more Trump: now we can undo many of his bad decisions pertaining to Mexico, like building the stupid wall and hopefully reuniting those children at the border with their families.

For sure ! And OMG, he’s on another level of crazy! Honestly, the whole Trump presidency I felt scared because I am a DACA recipient; as we saw, he messed a lot with the Dreamers. But thank God he’s out now so, I feel relief and with more hope! Talking about this topic: I actually work with organization MTRNJ that helps undocumented people–and also Dreamers like me–feel safe in the US. I did an interview with Telemundo when we found out that Trump couldn’t cancel DACA. I use my voice for others that can’t.

That’s amazing! Okay last question… who would you love to see live in concert post-vaccine first, as soon as you are able to?

OMG, I’m such a Lady Gaga fan, so for sure Gaga. And Natalia Jimenez–them two!

Thank you, Harumy!

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Harumy Doll’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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