On Point With: Poise’N Envy

This Massachusetts farmgirl turned Jersey drag queen has been making her digital presence gorgeously known during lockdown. Courtesy of two Kylie kikis, an Insta look book, a bit of OnlyFans titillation and a turn on Twitch, Poise’N Envy will be keeping it mean and green for the near and foreseeable future!

Thotyssey: Hello, Poise! First thing’s first: Drag Race! We finally had our first Sashay of the season–and while it wasn’t exactly a surprise, I don’t think we’ve seen a First Girl To Leave do so in such a gorgeous lewk!

Poise’N Envy: I haven’t been keeping up with the season, personally. In fact, the last season I watched beginning to end without skipping an episode was All Stars 2! I enjoy seeing what the queens bring, but I don’t usually commit myself to watching each episode. I have been watching Pit Stop and other episode reactions online, though. I have to say that upon learning more about the twist, I think this format really helps everyone get a chance to shine–even if they go home first. Too often, someone goes home and they end up being the “who are you again?” It’s unfortunate, because all the performers which make it on the show are deserving in their own way and deserve some time to showcase who they are, and why they deserved to make it onto the show.

In terms of whether or not I agree [with the first elimination], it isn’t my call… but you have to take into consideration runway and maxi-challenge, and determine what percentage each affects your final thought process for who is the bottom of the week. But I do agree with who lost the lip sync; she wasn’t able to move in her gown, unfortunately, and it was a very clear winner because of that.

You have been keeping busy during the pandemic lockdown with some really gorgeous Insta content and digital performances.

I have been keeping busy! I’m lucky where I have a circle of techy friends, as well as myself, that have stuck it out and committed to creating as much digital content together as we can. We are sort of a triple threat: myself, Kandi Dishe, and Niki Luparelli. We work together regularly, and all have our individual strengths… and we share them together to create some really fun content.

As much as I miss performing live, I have been able to polish my craft more than ever, and create performances I have never been able to do live! It’s really exciting to enter this new realm of drag. Plus, I don’t have to get padded or corseted for every show, which my body is very thankful for!

You were originally a Massachusetts queen but have since become a Jersey Girl, right?

That is correct! I started performing post-university in Worcester, but recently moved in with my boyfriend in New Brunswick. However, my hometown is in Hardwick, MA. It’s a small farming town I lived and grew up in.

That’s sounds like a great place to come of age! Were always into performing, art, general fabulosity, etc. as a kid in Hardwick?

Let’s just say no one was surprised when I came out! All jokes aside, I always love art and performing. I was active in theater for all of high school, and played violin in the school orchestra from third grade up until I graduated high school. But while I always loved art, I was also very physical. I worked on a couple of farms in the area, so I grew up really appreciative of nature and the hard work it takes to grow, raise, and produce food and materials.

That must instill a lot of discipline! Do you have, like, a green thumb and a lot of plants around your house today?

I don’t currently have any plants; my apartment is rather small, and Bobby and I are still finding decor to add to our apartment. But back in MA, I had a couple tomato plants and some potted herbs I used for cooking. I also used to go plant shopping with my roommate’s Mom throughout the summer. It’s a bit tough to do now because of the size of the new place, but I hope to add some things in the future.

Plants also remind me of your namesake.

Good observation! I’ve always been a massive Batman fan, and as a kid I watched Batman and Robin more than almost any other film. Specifically, I would replay the absolutely ridiculous Poison Ivy entrance scene at the botanical party. Later in life when I met my friend Jay, we decided to start drag together–and because of our love of the Harley and Ivy relationship, we built our drag off of those characters and their relationship. And from there, Poise’N Envy and Harley Queen were born. Together, Harley and I make up the Worcester City Sirens, based off the Gotham Sirens.

I did have a couple variations of the name though! It started as Poise and Envy, but people thought it was two people. Then Poise N. Envy, but people couldn’t say it. And then I dumbed it down to Poise’N Envy… but people still call me Poison Ivy. But that’s fine.

What’s Worcester drag like?

Worcester is interesting for drag because we only have one gay bar, so all my performing in the city was at straight venues and normally in straight events or non-typical drag events. I co-hosted with Niki a lot during here big parties around Halloween and other times of the year, and hosted a karaoke night at a hookah lounge for a really long time before passing it on to Harley. Because of that, I feel like the scene is integrated differently than other cities. Thankfully, I’ve been able to perform in plenty of queer safe spaces thanks to friends in Boston and Providence. And I’ve performed in parts of NYC a couple times as well. I’d say I mostly performed in Boston and Worcester, though.

Where did you get to perform in NYC?

With Ritzy Bitz in her drag brunch, and with my close friend Emi Grate in “Get Your Panties in a Brunch” and another show [at The Rosemont that Emi] produced.

How might you describe yourself today to the uninitiated, as far as your drag aesthetic and the types of numbers you do?

I’m a kooky femme fatale. I love to dress myself in pinup inspired looks, but perform like a fool! I also have a deep love of pop culture and horror, which is apparent in a lot of my numbers. I’d say I have around 4 to 5 special numbers that I perform as often as I can! I have multiple Richard Simmons inspired numbers which range from 80s tracks to modern music, and even a holiday medley. I also perform a couple of fun “kill my husband” numbers, including one inspired by Lorena Bobbitt. Then I do a Dobby-sock burlesque. My most well-known live number is probably my Samara from The Ring parody. I almost always perform comedy, but they range from just good old fun to darker, twisted humor.

You’re gonna have two digital opportunities to slay us these last few days of January, care of Kylie Minogue! First up is Majenta with a J’s “Full Spin” via Twitch on Tuesday, which features queens performing the entirety of Ms. Minogue’s latest album DISCO! Majenta’s a great Boston queen.

I adore Majenta! Majenta competed and won in a competition I was also a part of, although she won the cycle prior to my own: the Boston Drag Gauntlet, produced by Kandi Dishe and friends. I got to know Majenta through her work on Drag Gauntlet after she won. I’m super excited to perform with her again on the digital stage; this is actually going to be my third time being featured on “Full Spin” (my first was Madonna’s Confessions, and then Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors). I actually recommended DISCO as a future “Full Spin,” and after other people did the same Majenta asked me to join the show. So I’m not saying I am the reason the show is happening, but I’m not saying I’m not, lol!


Amazing! And Friday the 29th is “Kyliemania,” courtesy of Michael Block, starring yourself and many great queens paying tribute to the diva on Zoom. That should also make for a fine Kylie kiki!

Yes! Michael reached out to me, knowing I adore Kylie and asked if I wanted to send in a number. It’s going to be such a fun time. I did another show with Michael a while back: “Elation.”


You also have a weekly presence on Niki Luparelli’s Twitch.

Yes! Twitch has been an exciting new space for people to perform on. Niki, Kandi and I produce a weekly show titled “Boozy News” [Wednesdays at 7pm EST] where we get drunk and talk about weird and wacky, absolutely true news from around the globe. It’s a lot of fun, and helps me stay less homesick. I also help Niki on a number of her other shows, and make a lot of the posters she uses for events. Kandi is like a tech god, and runs the streams and deals with all the stuff Niki and I are unable to do ourselves.

I recently started my own journey on Twitch as well. I’m not entirely certain where it’ll go, but I’ve really been into video game streaming. I just need to find a couple days a week that I can easily work into my weekly schedule to stream and game more, so I can get my hours up on Twitch.


And I understand you’ve been a thirst trap over on another site! My readers are quite parched, I’m sure!

Haha, I bet! Listen, I had to make money somehow… that was a bit more steady than digital gigs. So I did what any self-respecting homosexual would do: sell my body on the internet. I’m the on both OnlyFans and naughty Twitter.

I can hear subscribe buttons being clicked all over town! Lastly, Gaga’s golden bird brooch at the inauguration: everything, or WTF?

I like the brooch! But the hair was like she walked off the set of The Sound of Music. So if that was her goal, then good for her. I will say I loved the red skirt, but only because it forced people to stay six feet away from her; it was a power move. But the true standout that day was Michelle Obama. Like, she really did that.

Couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Poise!

Check out Thotyssey’s calendar for Poise’N Envy’s upcoming appearances, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (drag and adult content), YouTube, Twitch and OnlyFans. Buy her merch on Threadless.

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