On Point With: Loris

This Swiss succubus first entered our dreams and nightmares as an OG “Dragula” Season 1 contestant, showcasing both a demonic darkness and a rainbow pixie vibrancy that made her compelling. And despite quarantine, she’s had an unusually productive October 2020: firstly in a return to form as part of “Dragula’s” praised Halloween special, and now as a breakthrough musical artist alongside “RuPaul’s Drag Race” darling Honey Davenport! [Cover Photo: Davide Laffe]

Thotyssey: Hello, Loris! So, quarantine has been a bitch for most, but you’ve had a pretty productive October!

Loris: Yes, it’s been a bitch for us all. But I’m the type of person who really thrives in an environment where I can be creative. And if there’s one thing this pandemic has succeeded at, it’s giving me plenty of time and space to be creative!

That’s the best possible outcome! ConDragulations on the success of the Dragula: Resurrection Halloween special on Shudder; it’s gotten rave reviews! How did you enjoy doing it… and when did you find out you were taking part?

I found out a few months ago that we would be filming the special. It was a very challenging experience, but the opportunity to showcase my artistry and a glimpse of my life on such a major platform was one I couldn’t miss out on!

Was it all very stressful and complicated to film Resurrection with all the Covid restrictions?

The crew was really well prepared to film under these unique circumstances. They had masks on at all times, and only small groups of people were allowed in a room at any given time. The hardest part for me was not getting to hug and kiss everyone all the time.

You are one of the original Dragula girls, back from when the horror drag competition debuted as a YouTube show. It’s played such an important role in how the world sees different types of drag. Did the special feel like a big upgrade in any way from your original run?

It was absolutely an upgrade! The film quality, the professionalism from everyone involved and the time / skill we had to work on these looks all felt like a huge step up from Season 1. But for those who haven’t seen it, Season 1 is a cult classic, and still (in my opinion) the best season to date!

So your monstrous looks often stand out in the horror drag crowd–instead of using the standard darker creature palettes, you’re often very vivid and colorful, like you’ve just stepped out of a video game or an anime. What sort of influences inspire your looks, do you think?

I’m very inspired by surrealist art, lots of anime and manga styles, and honestly just cartoon villains in general. I grew up thinking they were always the coolest characters, and what do you know? Now I became one.

Lol! You are actually a native of Switzerland–Loris is your birth name! This is probably a very broad question, but what’s it like to grow up Swiss?

It’s a surprisingly conservative country, with very traditional values. Being an oddball like myself, I knew from a very early age that I didn’t fit in with a lot of the traditional values and lifestyles I saw around me. But I still love to visit; I have family there, and it is truly an incomparably beautiful country.

I understand that your mom was a burlesquer.

Well, she aspired to be! Her numbers a lot of the time never made it to stage, they were just for us to evaluate. But seeing that kind of passion and love my mom had for the stage in those performances made me want to show her that if we apply ourselves, anyone is deserving and capable of a big stage to make their dreams come to life.

Do you have an all time favorite thing to do onstage?

I definitely am a stunt queen. Being that I’m not the greatest dancer, I usually am known for doing something outrageous and unexpected every time I hit the stage. I can do handstands, deathdrops, splits… or shoot sparks off my chest with an industrial grinder!

And did you have a favorite moment from your whole time on Dragula?

Definitely winning the wrestling challenge, because I won.

Are you still close with your fellow Dragula darlings?

I am very close with all the ghouls from Resurrection! We actually have a group chat on Instagram where we all talk shit and gas each other up!

I also know Drag Race S11 winner Yvie Oddly is a Judy of yours as well… she shit talked the Dragula girls on Twitter at one point, but it was all in good fun.

Yes, nothing but love for my stoner queen, Yvie! We’ve smoked many a blunt together.

Was it through Yvie that you met her S11 costar Honey Davenport?

No it was actually through mutual friend Davide Laffe! He suggested me as a makeup artist for Honey for the finale of Season 11, and we just vibed!

[Photo: Parker Burr]

You two just performed together for the DragFor.Fans digital Halloween show… how fun was that?

Super fun! We love to support that platform, partially because of all the cool events they put on!

And you and Honey just released a brand new single and video… “Freaky Planet!” Such a fun clip… was this your first go at music?

It is my first official musical release as a drag artist, and there are many more to come! The track is produced by my brother, Curtis Volkle, and he and I will be working closely together to create more musical magic. Hopefully Honey and I will also collaborate more in the future, because she is such a professional and talented artist!

What else might be coming up for you?

I’m starting some YouTube content on my own channel. I’ll be starting with makeup tutorials, but plan to do a bunch of different types of videos in the future! I’m also looking forward to travel more as things start to open again across the world. Once it’s safe, of course!

Amazing! Okay, last question: if you could direct your own Dragula death scene, how would you go out?

Hmm, this is a good question! If it could be anything I wanted, I would direct it so that I drop off the top of the Eiffel Tower after a decadent meal at Le Jules Verne! We would shoot on set in Paris for a weekend. It would be great!

Magnifique! Thanks, Loris!

[Photo: Davide Laffe]

Check Thotyssey’s calendar for Loris’ upcoming appearances, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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