Monday (3.16.2020)

Bars, nightclubs and non-delivery restaurants in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are scheduled to entirely close tonight at 8pm in observance of the mandated social distancing to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. It is therefore unlikely that any major live events will be happening this evening. Although an 8 week closure of tri-state venues has been theorized, no definite time table has been given. Thotyssey will of course update our readers as soon as any definitive information regarding reopenings is established.

In the meantime, we will post daily live-streamed events and link to newly released webisodes, podcasts, DJ mixes, etc. Frankly, we’re not entirely sure what this daily column will look like moving forward, so bear with us as we “try stuff.”



  • Yuhua Hamasaki “Bootleg Opinions Ep. 12.3” Yuhua reviews the looks from the latest ep. of Drag Race.



See Also: Drag For Fans, for exclusive drag-driven content.

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