No More Thotyssey Live Listings (For Now)

And so it goes… As of Tuesday March 17, all New York City bars and nightclubs are to close in response official efforts to contain and combat the coronavirus outbreak. When this measure passes, Thotyssey will then solely promote online contact while continuing to conduct On Point Interviews. We all must prepare for the very likely possibility that the face of nightlife will not be the same when this crisis passes. But NYC queer nightlife has proven to be pretty damn durable over the decades. We survived pre-Stonewall oppression, we survived AIDS, we survived Alig and Giuliani and iPhones and Grindr and Friday night Drag Race viewing parties. We will be back and we will be mighty.

Thotyssey will also make an effort to promote resources we can all access during this down period. Hang in there!

One thought on “No More Thotyssey Live Listings (For Now)

  1. Marti’s already mentioned some programming they’ll do streamed – drag shows, and story hour. Would love love love this site to catalog anyone’s plans to do so along with their venmo/paypal so we can tip.


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