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250. Crimson Kitty

[Photo: Chris Sorensen]
The Cult of Crimson continues to worship their goddess across the globe! These days, you can most likely catch the fiery feline’s unfiltered and unpredictable performances while she’s hosting Club Cumming’s FEMME party several Fridays a year, or appearing at venues like Rockbar and Stonewall. And earlier in 2019, she was the city’s first hyperqueen to host her own weekly show–Meow Mix Mondays at The Vault.

249. Coby Koehl

[Photo: Jason King]
Graced with our scene’s most beautiful voice, Coby has a long history as a club singer and was even a protege of Boy George himself. Few experiences are quite as transcendent as getting lost in your feelings while listening to him sing–and you can do just that every month thanks to his residency at Broadway Comedy Club’s theater, 53 Above.

248. Kamilla Kockman

[Photo: Nick Gaga]
The lovely newest addition to the Haus of Assassins drag family slays all her own, and this summer co-headlined her first weekly show at Cherry’s alongside Tammy Spanx and sister Assassin Kimmi Moore.

247. Jessica Rose

[Photo: Thomas Evans]
The young Orlando native helped pioneer the current Long Island drag resurgence. Now relocated to Brooklyn, the terrifically trampy Ms. Rose produces monthly “Garden of Evil” showcases at Gold Sounds which brings together queens from LI, BK and beyond.

246. Vix


A young musical theater actor who is often cast in productions locally or touring, Vix has still found time to be one of drag’s brightest new stars. When she’s in town, catch her co-costing karaoke on Mondays with Lauren Ordair at Boxers Chelsea.

245.  Goldenchild & DJ Save A Horse


Also known as Wiley Gaby and Christopher Gilkey respectively, the heart-wrenching queer country troubadour and the bartender-turned-DJ joined forced in early 2019 to create “Whose Boots,” a monthly (second Mondays) country music party incorporating live performances at Metropolitan Bar that Brooklyn didn’t know it needed as badly as it did.

244. Brenda

[Photo: Jessye Herrell]
With her reputation rapidly growing as one of Brooklyn’s funniest, smartest and craziest performers since her recent introduction to the scene, it’s no wonder that Brenda brought the coveted Mx. Nobody crown home in September. And while she’s currently giving life all over the borough, you could catch her hosting a Rosemont show Tuesdays with co-host MTHR TRSA while preparing an original cabaret that she’ll soon premiere at The Gradient.

243. Nancy NoGood


A former drag daughter of Dusty Ray Bottoms, Nancy has the aesthetic of a monster punk rocker and the stage presence of a sharp standup comic. She can be found hosting two polar opposite monthly gigs: the edgy campfest with switching themes Names & Faces currently at Pine Box Rock Shop, and a standup and variety revue at Broadway Comedy Club called Thoroughly Gay Wednesdays.

242. AndrogyNY


Combining the best attributes of drag queen and gogo boy, this dynamic performer won over Fire Island audiences this summer as an Ice Palace Pool Show attraction. Off season, he can be found bartending at Bedlam or hosting the monthly sexcapade CALIBR at ReBar.

241. Flippe Kikee


Bringing the Kikee to karaoke hosting in the Village for some time, songbird Flippe has been residing at The Phoenix on Wednesday nights for a whole year now.

240. Cicatrix & Godiva Romance


Mother Godiva is a dancing fashionista who’s been turning it out for a minute now; daughter Cicatrix is a wily monstress of the Southern Gothic variety, originally from the house of Stacy Layne Matthews. Together they host “Queen Bee” at Vodka Soda Bottoms Up on Monday nights, where participants drunkenly attempt to spell words between the queens’ performances.

239. King Ivy


A tough-as-nails dancing drag queen since her very early teens, the artist formerly known as Ivy Ferriya hosted a popular drag revue at Bizarre Bushwick called “The House Down Boots” near the end of 2018. Ivy moved the show to 3 Dollar Bill when Bizarre closed, and has recently given shows at the new Kings in Jackson Heights and Sall in Hell’s Kitchen.

238. Mary Con

[Photo: Jamil Moreno]
The glowup with this queen is quite real since she began drag in 2018. Two Bushwigs and tons of bar gigs later, Mary is fan favorite among The Rosemont’s roster of performers.

237. Victoria Chase


Although she’s Brooklyn-based and can be found in that borough’s Xstasy Lounge every Sunday, Victoria is best known as the favorite karaoke hostess of Jackson Heights in Queens County (at the sadly soon-to-close Club Evolution on Wednesdays and Fridays, and True Colors Bar on Thursdays).  She was, therefore, the best possible person to produce a long-form karaoke competition that spanned nearly all the queer venues in Queens, and promises that the next tournament will be even bigger and better.

236. DD Fuego


A relative newcomer known for her colorful looks and funny drag mixes, Mexico-born DD is one of three queens hosting “Woman Crush Wednesdays” at Hardware, and a regular guest performer for shows at Pieces Bar as well.

235. Matt Knife


The showrunner and founder of Homo Erectus–a long-lasting burlesque troupe that still packs them in monthly at Stonewall–also made for a fun American Horror Story: 1984 viewing party host at Rockbar this year.

234. Sapphira Cristal


Our newly crowned Miss’d America may currently be a resident of Philly, but this highly entertaining and sunny queen performs here often enough (particularly in Pieces with Heidi Haux and Industry with Holly Box-Springs) that she might as well still be a New Yorker. And we’re definitely here for that!

233. God Complex

[Photo: John Novotny]
Winner of the Best Drag King brick at this year’s Brooklyn Nightlife Awards, GP is actually a pretty versatile performer who explores both genre and gender on the stage. With their trademark devil horns working their way into nearly every look, they raise monthly hell as part of Brooklyn’s nuttiest, artsiest drag show, “Unforgivable Emotional Carnivore” at The Vault.

232. Jacqueline Dupree

[Photo: Eric C. James]
The veteran karaoke hostess continues her long reign at The Toolbox, while regularly giving fully live-sung shows at Stonewall and Vodka Soda Bottoms Up.

231. MoMo Shade


Hey, where did our Mo go? For several years a revered dancer and hostess in Brooklyn and later Manhattan as well, the Haus of Aja’s second-in-command seems to have gone MIA since around September–not long after it was announced that the Haus was dissolved. Well, according to some sources she’s been performing in bars since she was 13 (!), so maybe it’s time for a well-deserved break. But here’s hoping that the magnificent MoMo returns to us as soon as she’s able. [Update: she just resurfaced at Metro on the last Friday of November!]

230. Rhiannon Nichelle


The current reigning Miss Cheer New York and 2018’s Miss Barracuda, the riotous Rhiannon recently rang like a bell through the night to snatch up Vodka Soda Bottoms Up’s Wednesday karaoke host spot. She’s living proof that a beard does not have to get in the way of a truly beautiful beat. We love to love her!

229. Nick Gaga


Lady Gaga’s number one NYC drag impersonator continues to host The Ritz’s busiest nights. She additionally appears to be an increasingly talented artist behind the camera, taking several gorgeous shots of herself and her sisters among the Haus of Assassins while even filming the lush video for sis Kimmi Moore’s latest single.

228. Danny J


New York’s go-to gogo bear (and last year’s Mr. New York Unlimited Bear) Dan Jiménez is also the face and host of Rockbar’s sexy rock music-driven monthly, Rock the Rockbar.

227. Michael Block & Lindsey Kay

[Photo: Anuj Goyal, edited by Thotyssey] 
Together, they are the creative production force behind Astoria’s challenging and beloved drag competition Iconic at Icon Bar, which completed its massive third cycle this autumn. Separately: Michael hosts the podcast Block Talk (where he interviews his friends amongst Astoria’s ever-expanding drag scene) and runs the website Theater in the Now, while Lindsey is the “Get Shit Done Girl” of drag (she helps queens find and create showcases for their talent) and just directed a drag-starred play based on her own life, Three Tall Queens, at The Duplex.

226. Porsche

[Photo: Jason Sapp]
The legendary vocal impersonator had the latest of many successful runs at the Ice Palace this year, and gave several off-season appearances in various Long Island venues and Stonewall.

225. Vic Sin

[Photo: Kenny Rodriguez]
The globe-trotting burlesquer (who just embarked on a London tour) has moved his popular monthly sexy variety revue “Sinner’s Kit Kat Cabaret” from the now-closed Bizarre to The Vault. You can also catch Vic performing in drag and burlesque venues all over the city, and also bartending at Happyfun Hideaway.

224. Haireola Grande

[Photo: Robert Riese]
Albatross Bar’s Sunday bingo hostess and Miss Rockbar finalist brings a much needed fur factor to Astoria drag.

223. Zavaleta, Virginia Thicc & Blue


Emerging from the weekly competition shows, Maddelynn Hatter’s fierce new trio of daughters  perform with her regularly at The Ritz, The Rosemont and Macri Park. Already able to serve haunting drama as easily as sultry kiki and gagging choreo, the threesome are gals to look out for in 2020.

222. The Brolesque Boys


It’s common knowledge that promoter / producer Daniel Nardicio is the Trade Whisperer of New York, recruiting the most beautiful men in town to host his parties, tend his bars or basically just stand there and be gawked at. So really, why not just get them all naked and performing together? Thus the Brolesque Boys were born, serving obviously popular shows at Bedlam and Cherry’s this year. But let it be known that these boys are serving full choreo and not just money shots. And in clothes, they are doing big things: Valton toured with Kinkyboots, Mariano is a film art director, Richard and Bobby co-produced the Miss Hell’s Kitchen benefit for HIV treatment, and Taylor holds a public office.

221. Yasmin Delano

[Photo: Stella D’oro]
She slayed so many of the weekly competition shows time and again that venues gave her W-9’s at the end of the fiscal year, so it’s about time that this dexterous showgirl started getting shows of her own. And in 2019, that’s precisely what she got: as a co-host of mentor Tina Burner’s Saturday happy hour show at Hardware, and rotating guest host of Boxers Washington Heights’ party later that night. Yasmin also continues to guest perform for all the biggest Manhattan shows, and headlines the “Light Up The Night” shows periodically at Mercury Lounge.

220. Ragamuffin


One of Brooklyn’s most respected “old school” performers–she of the frighteningly intricate beats and beautifully bizarre stage antics–went into self-imposed exile this summer. If you’re jonesing for Raga, she’s still hosting Monday night bingo at The Cauldron in Lower Manhattan.

219. Kiki Ball-Change


Miss Coco Peru’s hilarious drag daughter did her mother proud by winning a recent round of the Ultimate Drag Pageant at The West End, which earned her a now-popular weekly Thursday show at that venue. These days, she’s also got a Saturday night gig featuring her live piano-accompanied vocals at Don’t Tell Mama.

218. R0zegld


When electroclash musical duo Jen Urban & The Box called it quits this year, the titular Jen reinvented herself as R0zegld and is set to put out new music with a new sound shortly. Meanwhile, she continues to DJ karaoke at Macri Park and produces live music shows both there (the monthly “Torch” along with co-producer Danielle Cardona) and at Eris Evolution (the periodical improv “jam” fest “Bonafide Cypher” co-produced by Senerio). Jen also premiered some new tunes at GiantFest in August.

217. Ariel Versace


After relocating from Philly to Jersey a few years ago, Ariel limited her live appearances mostly to a (popular) monthly revue at the VERA Bar & Grill in Cherry Hill. Her startling makeup skills, colorful looks and bubbly personality made her YouTube famous, which opened the doors for her to join the cast of Drag Race Season 11. It wasn’t a long run on air for Ariel, but she got to have a notable “drama moment” surrounding missing wigs and has since been touring and promoting her new single.

216. Skye Walker


Wanna do drag? Maybe start the way Luke Fontana did: bartend at Hardware and Pieces and learn from the masters of the field! In just about a year, Skye emerged as a cosplay savant, won the the Miss Barracuda 2019 crown, became one of three young co-hosts of Hardware’s “Woman Crush Wednesdays” and even hosts her own “show” on the gaming network Twitch.

215. Baby Love


Brooklyn loves Baby Love! The hilarious enfant terrible and high fashion Honey Boo Boo with chest hair has quickly earned a spot as one of the gayborhood’s most gagworthy performers, giving frequent shows at The Rosemont and The Vault. She’s also the star of DJ Jon ALi’s monthly at SoHo House.

214.  Juicy Liu & Kari Kerning


The dancing comedy showgirl and the Empress of FX remain the two queens we’ve wanted to see hosting weekly shows in Manhattan for the past few years now. But our best chance to see them these days, given their busy day jobs, is select Monday nights at Industry where they serve as part of Tina Burner’s rotating guest cast  of “SHOWS.”

213. T-Boy


Where were you when you realized that T-Boy grew hair!? Whatevs, nothing looks bad on this steadfast DJ and industrial rock musician. These days he’s back in his element: the East Village, where at The Phoenix he DJs the Saturday night partly and shows by Ari Kiki, Alotta McGriddles and company. You can also find him in the booth on Thursdays for Kizha Carr’s show at Boxers Washington Heights, and frequently for Friday night FEMME at Club Cumming (also in the EV).

212. Audrey Phoenix

[Photo: Alec Toro]
With a growing array of sunny looks and funny numbers–including a live-sung rendition of Shaggy that’s the last thing you’d expect to roll out of such a pretty little lady–Audrey is a welcome addition to the NYC drag experience. Having won Season 2 of Iconic, she frequently performs in Astoria’s Icon and Albatross, and co-hosts a brunch at the Maizal restaurant in the same hood with Patsy InDecline and Ducky Sheaboi. Bonus: she’s a killer graphic designer!

211. Zenobia

[Photo: MTHR TRSA]
After a long period of traveling and / or exile, the sweet-yet-ferocious DJ and dance performer returned to Brooklyn for shows upon shows in autumn. We screamed when we saw Zenobia suddenly pop up on an episode of POSE this summer as a dominatrix, sharing dialog with Dominique Jackson herself.

210. Leggoh LaBeija


The bitch-tracking ball emcee has been helping to keep the vital underground scene alive for some time now. And while the legendary son of the House of LaBeija can be found at several events where the children are serving vogue, your best chance to catch him in all his glory is at 3 Dollar Bill on Monday nights where he hosts the “weekly ball mini-series” OTA.

209. GYM Sportsbar


The sportiest sports bar in gay Manhattan boasts one of the city’s most loyal clienteles–literally people who do not go to any other bar in the city save maybe the Eagle. And while it is surely keeping the tradition of the muscle queen and bear scenes of Chelsea alive, it now boasts a weekly drag presence as well: Ari Kiki, who hosts a Friday happy hour karaoke in the basement.

208. Miz Diamond Wigfall


Her West End show “Sure Did, Sure Did” is one of that venue’s danciest nights, and child actor-turned-rainbow witch Diamond busted out her fiercest moves while leading a choreographed group number for the incredible dance benefit showcase Night of Life at Sony Hall.

207. Crystal Hart & Gassy Bordeaux


Two of last year’s newest Brooklyn queens joined forces in 2019 to present “The Last Drag Show on Earth,” which despite the title is actually monthly at The Vault. Themed around a different hypothetically world-ending disaster each time, it gives you all the B-movie feels you ever wanted in a drag show. And while Gassy has moved to DC (she’s still been commuting here for this show), Crystal is a door queen for several parties and the host of a solo monthly at Rockbar.

206. Olivia Lux

[Photo: Kimmy Sumony]
Fairly new to New York’s drag scene, this gorgeous Renaissance Woman quickly conquered the weekly competitions and earned the respect of her peers. She co-hosted the bi-monthly “Production” at Club Cumming with Novaczar, where besides lip synching for your life she showcased dancing, singing, acting and playing piano. Olivia is also a regular performer in Jersey City’s Six 26.

205. Prada G. Major

[Photo: Jax Koyote]
Herself being an institution among NYC dance queens, Prada’s always highly anticipated “Don’t M.S. With Major” annual benefit for the National M.S. Society (she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago) went down for the fifth installment in November… but not without a hitch or two this time around. After the first venue she selected abruptly closed on her, Prada scrambled to relocate the benefit. She wound up back at Stonewall where it was held last year, and where she still hosts a monthly show of her own. 2019’s benefit was well-received and actually super successful, but Prada thinks it might be her last. We’ll see!

204. Chola Spears


Britney’s trashy cousin from Latina Outer Space (and a Miss Rockbar finalist), who often wears a tutu as a top, Chola is never not funny and bizarre. See for yourself on select Monday nights at Icon… and be very prepared for the Chola Takeover of 2020.

203. Lilith LeFae


Our lovely penultimate Miss Boots & Saddle is still going strong, co-hosting a popular Sunday night show at Macri Park and performing in venues across the borough like Metropolitan, The Vault and The Graham. You can also see her do “Queerpong” at The Phoenix each Thursday with Misty Meaner and Mocha Lite, and after ending her longrunning show at Rockbar she’ll still pop up for a Manhattan guest spot in venues like Hardware and ReBar.

202. Jon ALi


Music blogger, Billboard playlist maker, producer, DJ, InstaThot: 2019 is the Age of ALi. Catch Jon in the DJ booth for Hardware’s Sunday night drag shows, and spinning epic monthly or “whenever” parties with his gurl Baby Love at The Vault and SoHo House.

201. Janelle No. 5

[Photo: Nicholas Needham]
The final recruit of the now-defunct Haus of Aja is currently representing a new squad, the DollHaus, with Kandy Muse and Dahlia Sin. Also the co-hostess with Kandy of Pieces’ “Queen 4 Queen” Monday night happy hour show, gorgeous Janelle is one of the first non-Drag Race girls to be a Cosmo Queen.

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